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Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls And Jade: 4 Key Differences

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Pothos plants are one of the most well-known indoor plants, affordable, beautiful, and durable under any condition. They are ideal for decorating in the bathroom, office, and living room.

However, most users are confused about the differences between Pothos N Joy vs Pearl and Jade because they come from the same family and share some similarities. 

As a result, this article shows you some main differences between them to help you choose the suitable types to meet your needs. Moreover, we offer you helpful tips to care for your plants to prolong their shelf life.  

Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls And Jade
Pothos N Joy (Left) Vs Pearls And Jade (Right) via Reddit

Overview Of Pothos N Joy And Pearls And Jade

What is Pothos N Joy?

Pothos N Joy Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls And Jade 2
Pothos N Joy via Reddit

Pothos N Joy is a cultivar of the well-known houseplant species Epipremnum aureum and variation of the stunning Marble Queen Pothos. This shining trailing plant has fabulous marble foliage, producing an eye-catching appearance.

Specifically, it has variegated, extensive, and oval-shaped leaves that are more cream-colored than green with a peaked tip with streaks of white or yellow. 

Because of the deep variegation, growing Pothos N Joy in low humidity and indirect sunlight is best. Besides, this plant is considered as having originated in the Society Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

In general, plants from those places are dense tropical plants, sprawling groundcover, and Pothos N Joy is no exception. 

In addition, Pothos N Joy features long vines that reach up to 30 feet long in its natural habitat. When the plants have long vines, it is ideal for stretching across a wall or climbing up a gate. Nevertheless, as houseplants, the vines usually don’t grow too long. They can grow up to 7 feet.

What are Pearls and Jade?

Pearls and Jade Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls And Jade
Pearls and Jade Pothos via Reddit

If you prefer variegated plants, Pearls and Jade are excellent choices to decorate any rooms in your house. This plant comes from the pothos family and is a well-known pothos cultivar since it is straightforward to grow and care for. 

Furthermore, the foliage is noticeable and bright. Specifically, the leaves possess streaks of bright white and green in fascinating irregular patterns. This plant also has small heart-shaped leaves with splotches of white streaking across the top and bottom of their tiny wrinkled leaves. 

On the other hand, Pearls and Jade is a product of mutation-selection from the Marble Queen cultivar, which the University of Florida developed. It is also called a money plant, purifying the air and thriving in low humidity and light conditions. 

4 Main Differences Between Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls And Jade

Although both plants are all descended from Marble Queen and are easy to care for and manage, they share specific features to meet different needs. Therefore, let’s check out some primary differences between Pothos N Joy vs Pearls and Jade spar to find the appropriate choice by yourself.

1. Color of leaves

One of the most prominent features to distinguish between the two plants is the foliage color. Specifically, when the Pothos N Joy grows more mature, it has more extensive blocks of green and white or stripes that are chaotically interwoven, yet the border between them is obvious. 

Besides, the upper side’s foliage is prone to possess a whiter background with different green shades. This variety is generally dark green and pure white though the white can turn a little creamy.

In addition, the leaves can change to dark green and a yellow-green combination under low humidity and light conditions.

Meanwhile, the Pearls and Jade has a combination of white, green, and a few splotches of gray coloration. It also possesses big whitish and green stripes, yet the white part of the foliage usually features tiny green spots, creating irregular patterns.

Moreover, the green is brighter green rather than dark. Hence, the light part is not often pure white, yet more often light yellow or light gray. 

2. Texture and leaf size

Although both plants are small and suitable for putting in any room, the leaf size comparison is another significant difference.

As for indoor plants, the leaves of Pothos N Joy can grow up from 5 to 7 feet, while Pearls and Jade can grow up to 3 feet. This point helps you to distinguish those plants and decorate them in appropriate places in your house. 

On the other hand, the leaf size may change depending on factors such as temperature, sunlight, humidity, care, growing conditions, and more. The texture of the leaves also facilitates the process when differentiating both plants.

For instance, the leaves of Pearls and Jade have a paper-like feel and density to them. Meanwhile, Pothos N Joy’s leaves are glossy and leathery to highlight your kitchen effortlessly. The petiole also comes with a smooth texture. 

3. Growth conditions

Both plants share a pretty similar feature towards growth conditions. Nevertheless, Pothos N Joy can survive various lighting requirements while its counterpart is less durable.

On the other hand, direct and too much light can quickly sear the leaves of Pearls and Jade. Thus, it is advisable to place them in low-light and low-humidity conditions. 

In addition, both easy-to-grow plants love moisture. However, Pearls and Jade are more resilient with overwatering circumstances. Besides, it is best to have a fixed schedule to water your plants frequently and properly to help them grow stronger.

4. Shape and structure

When it comes to structure and shape, both plants have different characteristics. Pothos N Joy has more extensive and oval-shaped leaves, while Pearls and Jade highlight heart-shaped leaves. 

Regarding branching features, Pothos N Joy’s center makes up clusters of short new shoots. It also trails branches and becomes short with age. Besides, Pothos N Joy is a free branching with a horizontal branch’s length of around 9 cm. 

Each lateral branch has about 10 leaves when Pothos N Joy turns 22 weeks. The plant’s petiole’s length is about 5 cm, and the diameter is approximately 0.2 cm. 

On the contrary, with Pearls and Jade, you can realize prominently grooved petioles. Furthermore, it produces a beautiful channel or furrow between them. Noticeably, the texture of every petiole possesses a slender look with a smooth surface. 

In addition, the leaf tip is sharp, while the spot where the leaf petiole is linked to the leaf is incised into the leaf blade. Thus, all elements create the leaf heart-shaped.

Pothos N Joy Vs Pearls And Jade: Which Suits You Better?

Although there are some differences between both plants, choosing suitable indoor plants depends on your interest and growth conditions. However, here are some valuable tips to help you narrow down your choice. 

In general, Pothos N Joy is an ideal option if you are a beginner to plant care and don’t have enough endurance to settle your plant in some places.

Moreover, it is perfect for busy users since this plant can grow strongly without constant watering and thrive in different spaces with low-light conditions, such as office spaces, bedrooms, and apartments. 

On the other hand, it is best to select Pearls and Jade if you prefer aesthetics, thanks to its stylish and heart-shaped appearance. Furthermore, this low-maintenance plant is highly sturdy and eye-catching, which you can place in various places to highlight the spaces. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are the leaves of Pearls and Jade turning yellow?

Many reasons can make the leaves turn yellow. However, one of the common causes is improper soil moisture, including overwatering. Therefore, it is best to water your plants when the top 20% of the soil is dry.

Besides, dry soil and too low humidity can cause Pearls and Jade’s leaves to brown, followed by entirely yellowing or browning. The yellow leaves can also appear under very low light conditions.

Finally, pests and diseases are troublesome factors that influence weak plants. Specifically, sap-sucking bugs, such as spider mites, mealybugs, and lace bugs, can threaten leaf development and drain the moisture plant.

If you don’t kill these pests immediately, they increase and quickly move all along the frond parts. 

  1. Are coffee grounds good for Pothos plants?

Yes, coffee grounds are excellent supplements for growing Pothos plants. They provide nitrogen, a vital factor in the growth and protection of your indoor plants.

Besides, coffee grounds can keep the Ph level balanced thanks to their acidity when the soil turns basic for different metal oxides. They also make the soil acidic, which improves overall health and stimulates the rapid growth of your plant.

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We hope you can choose the most appropriate pothos plants by yourself with this thorough Pothos N Joy vs Pearls and Jade comparison. Of course, selecting a suitable option depends on your style and purpose.

Generally, both plants can purify the air, while Pearls and Jade upgrade your space with heart-shaped leaves. For newbies, Pothos N Joy helps you to practice caring groundcover plants effectively. 

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to share the post with everyone to learn more helpful tips for growing and caring for these indoor plants.