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23 of the Prettiest Purple Perennials Easy to Grow!

Beautify your garden with some purple perennials. If a long, stretched field of lavenders is an attraction, any garden with purple flowers can have the same effect regardless of the space. Even just the sidewalks and pathways around your house leave an eye-catching view to your visitors and any bypassers.

What’s good about purple perennials is that they do not require replanting. This can help you save effort, time and money. There’s definitely more than just the appearance of purple flower perennial plants that give you a reason to choose them.

Furthermore, purple is a unique color of plants. It is soothing and pleasing to the eyes. In a psychological and symbolic sense, this can help clear minds and calm the soul.

Here’s a list of pretty purple perennials you can choose depending on the type of soil, recommended USDA zone and landscape plan of your space.

23 of the Prettiest Purple Perennials

1. Anemone

Purple Perennials Anemone
via Pixabay

Anemone is a perennial plant that has different variants. One of the popular species are the purple flower producing ones. They typically thrive well in rich, moist and slightly acid soil. These are early spring bloomers that grow from 5 cm to 15 cm in height.

2. Aster

Purple Perennials Aster
via Pixabay

For summer blooms, Aster is a good option. This type of plant is full of long, purple, daisy-like petals. A single stem produces clusters of beautiful flowers that can surely add charm and encourage fresh air in the surroundings. This perennial works well in fertile moist, well-drained soil.

3. Baptisia

Purple Perennials Baptisia

If you are looking for something that requires little maintenance, Baptisia should be on your list. This perennial plant has a unique charm to offer with its lupine-like spikes, pea-shaped stems and butterfly winged flowers.

And, yes the flower heads are purple in color. This needs full sun for better bloom, which starts in late spring up to the first weeks of summer.

4. Bellflower

Purple Perennials Bellflower
via Pixabay

Also known as Campanula, Bellflower is undeniably a beautiful flowering plant. The bluish purple flowers bloom during summer usually in cool regions.

You must know that this kind of plant has different botanical structure as far as growing is concerned, depending on the species of course. Some grow in mound forms, while others can be groundcovers. But for the flowers to stand out, choose the tall plant species of this.

5. Bergenia

Purple Perennials Bergenia
via Pxhere

Bergenia has a magenta or pinkish purple color rather than a bluish or violet one. This plant produces a cluster of purple perennials flowers.

They appear from spring to summer and showcase their five-petalled heads. Moreover, for best growth and abundance, this should be planted in humus-rich, moist and well-drained soil.

6. Blazing Star

Purple Perennials Blazing Star
via Pixabay

One of the purple perennials that grow in racemes is the Blazing Star (Liatris). The dense tufts of narrow, grass-like, basal-looking leaves and feathery spiky flower heads are jaw-dropping.

It has a bizarre but very pretty look perfect to enhance any garden. This plant needs a lot of sunlight and thrives in any soil condition.

7. Boltonia

Add more purple perennials to your garden with this summer blooming plant. Boltonia makes a great flowering bush as it can grow from 2 feet to 5 feet with a width of about 4 feet. This does require a much wider space or a lengthy side.

8. Chrysanthemum

Purple Perennials Chrysanthemum
via Pixabay

Chrysanthemum is one of the easiest and commonly grown purple perennials. This mound bloomer provides beauty with its showy multiple-layered petals and daisy-like flowers.

9. Daylily

Purple Perennials Daylily
via Pixabay

There is no doubt that Daylilies are stunning flowers. In fact, it is among the popular flowers given as bouquets. This plant produces trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom like stars with their long tongue-shaped petals.

It is also a good choice as it blooms in different seasons, as long as it has sufficient sunlight and grown in humus-rich, well-drained soil.

10. Delphinium

Purple Perennials Delphinium
via Pxhere

Grow Delphinium as high as 3 feet to 4 feet. By the time of their blooming season, you’d enjoy their beautiful purple perennials that appear on top of tall stalks. A single raceme consists of a dozen of flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

11. Geranium

Purple Perennials Geranium
via Pxhere

Cranesbill, which is a common name that refers to Geranium, is another beautiful perennial you can grow. The dainty purple flower has a heart-shaped petal that creates a star-like look. It blooms from spring to summer.

12. Iris

Purple Perennials Iris
via Pxhere

Iris has very pretty flowers featuring bluish purple color with a yellow part in the middle. This summer bloomer grows in tall stems. This flowering plant may need more space to create a field of mesmerizing beauty. This requires full sunlight with an adequate amount of water.

13. Lavender

Purple Perennials Lavender
via Pixabay

Among the easiest to guess purple perennials is the lavender. While France may have one of the largest fields of this beautiful flowering plant, you can easily grow them within your garden as long as the soil is poor, well-drained. In addition to its pretty tall clustered flowers, this has a nice, relaxing fragrance.

14. Millenium Flowering Onion

Purple Perennials Millenium Flowering Onion

You definitely don’t want to miss having Millenium Flowering Onion in your garden. With its captivating perfect round, ball-shaped cluster of flowers, your landscape can attract more attention. This flowering grass-like plant blooms in the middle of summer.

15. Monkshood

Purple Perennials Monkshood
via Pixabay

Similar to lavender in growth structure, Monkshood can grow as tall as 3 feet with a span of 2 feet wide. This plant produces flowers with five petals that stand in a thin stem. It grows best in full sun, and later blooms in late summer through autumn.

16. Phlox

Purple Perennials Phlox
via Pixabay

Another easily grown perennial flower is Phlox. This is available in bluish and reddish purple. Some species are bi-colored as well.

With its small, five-petalled flowers, it’s a great foliage to surround your patio. It only grows from 6 inches to 1 feet. This spring bloomers need drained, slightly acid or alkaline soil.

17. Salvia (Sage)

Purple Perennials Salvia Sage
via Pixabay

If you want to enhance your landscape with purple blooms but also get ornamental and medicinal benefits, Salvia is an excellent choice.

This plant features four-sided stems with full leaves and spikes of tubular, two-lipped purple flowers. Its foliage certainly adds beauty to any garden, especially during summer where flowers begin blooming.

18. Sedum

Purple Perennials Sedum
via Pxhere

Sedum is a plant that produces a cluster of tiny but multiple flower heads. It naturally blooms in late summer to fall. This needs full sunlight but can also tolerate partial shady areas.

19. Thalictrum

Purple Perennials Thalictrum
via Pixabay

Thalictrum, which is otherwise known as Meadow Rue, is among the low maintenance purple perennials you may consider. It has thin stalk-like stems consisting of wedge-shaped toothed leaves and fuzzy puffy flowers. This thrives best in full sunlight.

20. Tradescantia

Purple Perennials Tradescantia
via Pxhere

Tradescantia comes in a grass-like foliage that surely makes a suitable place to any garden. It has upright stem flowers, each with three petals and countable yellow stamens. The purple flowers are dainty but cute to look at. This plant needs full sunlight and moist, well-drained soil.

21. Tulips

Purple Perennials Tulips
via Pixabay

Tulips are among the most popularly voted beautiful flowers in the world. The pretty flowers of this plant can obviously add instant beauty to any garden or landscape. While there are different colors available to choose from, purple is not a bad option at all.

22. Verbena

Purple Perennials Verbena
via Pixabay

For warmer climate regions, Verbena is one of the best purple perennials you can grow. It typically tolerates humidity and heat. From summer to mid-fall, this plant produces a spike of funnel-shaped purple flowers through its four-sided stems.

23. Veronica

Purple Perennials Veronica
via Pxhere

From the sidewalks to the front pathways, Veronica is a great option to plant and grow. It is a perennial flowering plant that blooms in late spring to summer.


From the daintiest to the largest flowers, purple perennials are excellent choices anyone can grow and make a more beautiful, attention-driving surroundings. These flowers listed above give you more freedom on which ones that help you achieve your garden goals.