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Top 13 Gorgeous Red Leaf Plants for House

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Red leaf plants are always decorative objects which can create a fresh and attractive atmosphere around us. The shape and striking color can drag our attention.

The varieties of patterns these elegant red plants add grace to the corner or wall you choose to keep it. Many plants purify the air inside a room and are necessary for places with high pollution rates.

Are you planning to add a glamorous look to your house, or office? Red color leaf plants for houses are tall in demand for decorative purposes. Let’s learn about 13 red color leaf plants for the house.

13 Gorgeous Red Leaf Plants

1. Poinsettia

Poinsettia Red Leaf Plants
via Pixabay

The plant Poinsettia is a perfect Christmas decoration plant with shiny bright red leaves. Poinsettia leaves can be used as home decor in many ways during Christmas or any other ceremony. Poinsettia can be used in the best ways to make your home look extraordinary.

You can keep bunches of Poinsettia in plant pots, decorate the Christmas tree with Poinsettia leaves, Mix them with garlands to get stunning greenery and color explosion, etc.

Poinsettia leaves can also be used to lay a decorated wreath. This plant requires bright light to grow ideally with a temperature requirement of 18-24° C.

2. Coleus

Coleus Red Leaf Plants
via Pxhere

With a botanical name Solenostemon, Coleus is a pretty home decor plant to make your day good. Coleus plants come in different shapes and sizes with the attractive coloring of red and magenta.

You can bring this to your home for decoration purposes, not only home decor but also you can add them to your beautiful garden collection, and they will stand out from others in the group.

Create a coleus bunch in the middle of light-colored leafy plants, and their vibrant look will make it more impressive. The soil is not an issue for this plant, but drainage is sure.

Coleus grows in both rich and poor soil texture, but the drainage problem of this plant is the one to be kept in mind while planting it. Also, pinching helps the plant to have a denser growth and good branching.

3. Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema is also called the Chinese Evergreen plant. Red Aglaonema are most suitable for household purposes, but as the name suggests, its red varieties are the most famous ones, which can be used as a decorative plant anywhere.

This plant is one of the best plants to grow inside the home easily. With its stunning red beauty and red-green foliage this plant is highly demanding.

The red-green foliage and sometimes the light tone of pinkish texture. Colorful Aglaonema plants could grow between 10-30 cm long and nearly 5-10 cm wide.

4. Angel Wings

The botanical name Caladium ‘Red Flash’ contains leaves with green shaded edges and red and pinkish veins. Angel wings are heart-shaped leafy plants suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations. But they also come in various colors, such as white because it was named angel wings.

The angel wing Begonia plants contain red patches over green leaves. These are houseplants that you can decorate your home for standard regular days, not any occasion.

The came begonias are one of the most accessible Angel wings varieties to grow indoors. They mostly grow in bright indirect light conditions and temperatures having moderate value.

5. Red Age Dracaena

Red Age Dracaena Most suitable for interior decoration, they look amazing if kept in a beautifully designed pot. With the botanical name Dracaena Marginata ‘Red Edge’, these plants have slim blades of leaves with reddish edge linings and green surface color.

If kept under sunlight for an extended period, the red color takes over the green to become more vibrant. Apart from decorative purposes, this plant can also clean the indoor air up to a large extent.

In regions with high pollution rates, if you have a closed room or office, you can keep this plant to clean the air and improve its quality.

In fact, Red age Dracaena is among the top 10 air-cleaning plants in the list of NASA. So now you can trust its quality for sure and bring one or many to your home immediately.

6. Ti Plant

Ti Plant Red Leaf Plants
via Pixabay

Ti plant has reddish burgundy shades and looks more dominant over the greenish parts. The new growth on these plants appears in pinkish hues.

The caring process of this plant needs attention. It should be kept away from direct sunlight, and proper water is necessary for its growth.

You can combine these plants with other flowering or non-flowering plants to create a stunning, eye-catchy display.

These plants also have some traditional importance in few Asian Nations and pacific islands. A proper draining potting soil is necessary to plant these plants in a pot.

7. Pencil Cactus

Pencil Cactus Red Leaf Plants
via Flickr

Pencil cactus can give your interior a stunning, crazy, spiky peek. It can grow up to a height of 5 feet. The pencil cactus mostly has green foliage on them, but the reddish color appears his plant can grow up to a height of 5 feet.

The pencil cactus mostly has green foliage, but the reddish color appears if kept in a small container under direct sunlight.

As it is euphoria, they release a white latex sap when the plant gets injured. These can be used as the perfect decorative materials as its cactus-styled long branches look pretty with a combination of green and red shades.

The nickname ‘sticks of fire’ gets justified due to its orange, yellow and reddish shades under direct sunlight.

8. Croton

Croton Red Leaf Plants

The botanical name Codiaeum Variegatum. This plant comes in various colors but ‘Bush on fire’ variety of crotons and the mammy plant has red leaves on them.

Sensitive to dry soil, these plants have mixed shades of red and green colors. The croton leaves have Scarlet orange, greenish, and a few yellowish hues on them.

The reddish tone appears on the mammy and Bush on fire. In wilder parts of the world, the crotons grow up to 10 feet in height.

But these are also homegrown plants that you can add to your garden display or interior display. In warm and humid summers, these plants can play the role of a beautiful landscape part outdoors.

9. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia Red Leaf Plants

With a similar botanical name (red Begonia or red kiss) to its original name that is Rex Begonia, this plant has green and reddish shades of leaves. The red foliage on the leaves also comes with black borders on the edges and patches in the middle.

Partial sunlight is suitable for this plant which helps it to retain its actual color. The black color looks stunning on its red foliage, making it eye-catchy and suitable for decorative purposes. Well-drained soil is the main requirement for this plant to grow.

If the leaves of this plant started to wilt, then there might be few issues behind it. Those issues include poor drainage of soil or lack of proper sunlight, or even humidity variations may be the reason.

Apart from the issues, these plants are suitable for keeping as decorative stuff under not-so-intense sunlight.

10. Heuchera

The other name of Heuchera is ‘forever red’, this plant can achieve a height of 7-8 inches. This has blooming milky white flowers with vibrant red leaves having shades of burgundy on them. The red foliage with milky white flowers coming out of pinkish buds.

These can add up to your collection of garden decors with proper care, including moist soil for growth. There are color variations among Heuchera plants. The leaves can be of burgundy, lime, to even deep purple. More colors mean your garden will have some highly contrasting effects.

Cooler temperatures can help your heuchera retain its red color and will make it deeper. So you must not expose the plant much to direct sunlight. It is an excellent plant to be kept at your home to enrich its beauty.

11. Red Veined Nerve Plant

Red Veined Nerve Plant Red Leaf Plants
via Pixabay

As the name sounds, the plant has vein structures in deep reddish shades on green foliage. Having the botanical name Fittonia verschaffeltii, this plant has stunning attractive designs made in red shades. These shades make It a perfect decorative plant that you can add to your collection of plants.

For a growth profile, you must not keep the plant under direct sunlight. A bit of acidic soil is preferable for the growth of this plant. Dark green foliage with a combination of red stripes of vein structures gives it a beautiful look, and you can consider it as an addition to your plant army.

If the plant is kept under direct sunlight with intense heat, its leaves will burn and become Browning in color. Anyways you can use its beauty to decorate your home by keeping these in pots and placing them in different parts of the room.

12. Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant Best Terrarium Plants for Your Home

Polka dot plants are used for decorative purposes, these don’t require much sunlight to grow, and they can grow easily under shades.

With the botanical name Hypoestes Phyllostachys, these plants are suitable for small pot plantings. But to retain its original dark reddish spots, you must expose it to sunlight once in a while.

Different varieties of Polka dot plants include Camina, Confetti, Pink brocade, splash series, etc. When flowering takes place on the Polka dot plant, It begins to go dormant. So for the long life of this plant, Cut off the flowers in the beginning stages of blooming.

Now, if we talk about the decorative part again, then this plant is an attention-seeking plant. The leaves tend to attract eyes towards them. So due to its reddish spots, you can consider it as another red plant for home decor.

13. Japanese Barberry

Japanese Barberry Red Leaf Plants
via Pixabay

Japanese Barberry also known as Berberis thunbergii ‘Red Chief’, Japanese Barberry is generally an outdoor plant. But this plant is also referred to as a household plant due to its tolerance to shade. You can experiment with it growing indoors.

The red color of this plant is achieved by placing it in a well-lit place. This shrub can reach a height of nearly seven feet or more. This shrub’s design and color can vary depending upon the soil type and few other factors.

The stems of this plant are reddish when young and greyish when old. The interior decoration is much more attractive when this plant is added to it.

The bunches of reddish shades at a place look beautiful. Not only reddish leaves, but these plants also grow reddish fruits.

Exposure to sunlight at times is a thing to be taken care of as it helps to keep that dark red color intact. So you can count on it while planning the decoration of your house with some beautiful plantations.

Bottom Line

After knowing about the above plants, you must not wait to add some of them to your gardening or decoration list.

The red color is a vibrant color having the ability to attract the eyes of people easily. You may not find the color as glossy as found in the lipstick shades, but plants shine more than that.

May it be Christmas or Decorating a new garden, may it be home decor or purifying air quality indoors, these plants can do it all.

Take care of these plants in the best way to avoid fading that shiny color. Leaves are sensitive parts and need proper attention. You can get a beautiful interior or exterior; I hope so now.