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Redecorating Your Garden | How to Add Some Style?

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Once you have finished making the interior of your home look spectacular, it is time to move on to the exterior.

Many people put off doing their garden for years. It is a lot of work and can be very labor-intensive and repetitive.

Gardens are needy!

However, maintaining them becomes much easier once you get them in good shape.

Then you can invite friends and family around to modestly show off. If you struggle with where to start decorating your garden, this article has a few ideas.

Let’s begin!

Redecorating Your Garden
Redecorating your garden—Image via Unsplash

Redecorating Your Garden | Get the Lawn Looking Tidy!

If you look out your window and see a shaggy, messy garden, it will immediately make your whole property look abandoned.

This can be easily rectified by mowing your lawn and cutting it into the right shape.

You can get your garden right on track by mowing what shape you want your garden to be. You can then start planning different flowers and plants at desired locations and then decide where all your decorations will go.

Just make sure you have the right tools and work ethic before you get started. 

Borders and Fences

No matter your garden size, you will have a border or fence to define where your property ends and your neighbor begins.

These are often the biggest aspect of your garden and will attract the eye straight away.

Many people tend to just have plain brown fences but that is not the only option.

You could put it on a block wall—a block wall contractor in Phoenix would be able to design you a stylish yet functional wall that will not only make your garden more attractive but also mark out your property.

It will make your garden stand out!

White wooden fence near green trees during daytime
White wooden fence near green trees during daytime—Image via Unsplash

Think About Trees

Trees are a great starting point for any garden.

They will help give you a place of shade and can help you construct leisure areas in your space. They can also cover up a less attractive aspect of your garden. Not only this, but they will also add a natural habitat to your garden, which will attract colorful and tuneful birds.

Trees don’t always have to be huge either—some are small to mid-sized and can go in any garden.

Green grass field with trees
Green grass field with trees—Image via Unsplash

Paving Stones

You should have a walkway and route through your garden.

One of the most stylish options is to have paving stones going through it. You can choose to go for a French country look using white and grey laid stones or a more modern and sleek design by choosing black and silver rocks.

Contrast the colors with your flowers and fencing, and you can make a truly attractive back garden space.

Brown brick pathway
Brown brick pathway—Image via Unsplash

Think About a Theme

When you are thinking of decorating your home, you should try and tie it all together with an overarching theme.

The style of your tables and chairs should be as cohesive as you can make them with your other decorations and the materials around the garden. For example, oak should go with oak, and traditional furnishings should be in an area with traditional decorations.

Otherwise, your garden will look like a mishmash of different styles.

Unless that is what you are going for…

Look at this garden as the owner tried to emulate the beautiful old courtyards in Guatemala
Look at this garden as the owner tried to emulate the beautiful old courtyards in Guatemala—Image via Jan Canty


This is one of the most important things for any garden.

Your garden can be one of the most romantic places in your home, especially when the light starts to go down. The moon’s glow can be paired excellently with well-placed and well-thought-out spotlights or light furnishings.

You can think about hanging outdoor lanterns from the boughs of trees. Or you could use streetlight-style lamps to help add atmosphere to your patios or pathways.

You can even coordinate these with your home’s exterior walls.

Photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights photo
Photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights photo—Image via Unsplash

Living Walls

One way you can add a natural look to your garden is to add a living wall to it.

A botanical backdrop can fill up blank space in your garden and replace that boring old brown fence.

Also, you could try and treat it like a feature wall in your garden. This means that you do not need to put effort into making all your fences and walls into living ones but just one that will really make it stand out.

You can fix an area in your garden that you would like to have as a slightly more overgrown area.

Green plants decorated on a wall
Green plants decorated on a wall—Image via Unsplash

Using Mirrors to Create Space

This is a trick that many people tend to do at home.

However, this is not just the case indoors; it can work in your garden as well.

Adding a mirror to your garden is a great way to add depth and space to your backyard. You should pick a design for a mirror that is shaped like a window. This will give the impression of portals and fill up the garden with a mystical air.

As well as this, mirrors can be used to lighten darker corners in your garden.

A beautiful mirror reflecting lanterns hanging in a garden 678x1024 1
A beautiful mirror reflecting lanterns hanging in a garden—Image via Pexels

Using Rose Arches

No one has ever said that there are too many roses in a garden.

If you want to incorporate ideas creatively, you may want to add an archway to drape roses across and cascade blooms beautifully. It will add height and an architectural design to your garden.

You can also use it to segregate areas in your garden.

Walking through a botanical link between two areas can really denote a change in atmosphere.

One thing to note is that if you want to go for this route, you must maintain it.

Empty hallway
Empty hallway—Image via Unsplash

That’s all!


There is no way around it!

It will be a massive hassle and chore to get your garden to where you want it to be stylistically.

However, the reward and payoff are well worth it when you have your friends and family round to yours, and they remark on how much they love it.

I hope you like today’s article.

If yes, make sure to share it with your friends and family.

Happy gardening!