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Top 10 Rose Alternative Flowers

Roses are believed to be the most elegant flower. From personal to religious purposes, it has been loved by everyone. When roses give you an everyday look, some flowers will offer a unique glance. These are not only the rose alternative flowers but also look more beautiful.

All these flowers, being an alternative to roses, also look pretty similar to roses. With different color combinations and petals, the arrangement gives a remarkable impression.

The aroma, texture, and look of these flowers are far more beautiful than roses. You will be stunned at the variations of flowers that exist which can replace a traditional rose flower.

Let’s have a look!

Rose Alternative Flowers

1. Ranunculus

Ranunculus is famous as a ‘rose cousin.’ The flowers have a snowfall white blend with a magenta touch, which offers an exceptional outlook. This flower is the best rose alternative, primarily used in bouquets for greetings and ceremonies.

The snowfall white color represents romance and affection. It will be a romantic and friendship present you can give someone. There are more than 600 species of Ranunculus available, the species which closely resembles the rose is the ‘Cloni’ series.

2. Dahlia

Dahlia Rose Alternative Flowers
via Pixino

This single plant presents ultimate varieties of color. These flowers are generally bright in color and bloom in the late summer.

Dahlia has numerous petals, which make it look elegant. Although dahlia is also used for decorative purposes, it is also used for cosmetic, medicine, and economic deals.

Dahlia has vivid color, so it is as attractive as a rose. Dahlia has majorly 4-5 varieties in color, which signify different moods and nature.

Dahlia is a symbol of creativity, dignity, and inner strength. It is a better option to gift your parents and friends.

3. Lisianthus

Lisianthus Rose Alternative Flowers
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Lisianthus is a beautiful white flower and imitates the glamour of the rose. It is more delicate and softer than the rose. This flower can stuff a massive blow of positivity and contentment. It is also a nice suggestion for a bouquet.

This flower has a powerful and bold meaning, and It represents appreciation and gratitude. You can gift this to a person having a life-long bond with you.

It may be one from your family or your partner. They will love to have this as a decorative item in their houses too.

4. Begonias

Begonias Rose Alternative Flowers
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This is identical to a stuffy rose with a splash of tangy colors on it. With different shapes and vast diversity, Begonias has around 2000 species, which is one the largest present flower species.

Begonias is a token of individuality and temperament. These flowers are loved by people who believe in uniqueness and want to make their unique identity. You may have someone like this in your life; they will feel delighted when you get this as a gift.

5. Double Impatiens

Double Impatiens Rose Alternative Flowers 2

A colorful bunch of Double impatiens can freeze your glance for a long time. There are more than 1000 varieties of Double impatiens. Selecting one out of them is a difficult task as all of them are extremely attractive.

Double impatiens symbolize a strong feeling of motherly love and affection. In some cases, people consider it a representation of “impatience” so, make sure what people think about it before gifting it to anybody.

6. Gardenias

Gardenias Rose Alternative Flowers
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Gardenias is a blend of smoky white and smooth texture in its layers. This beautiful flower is also stuffed with aroma and pleasure.  With the distinct variety in size and location, Gardenias has a broad presence of around 200 species.

This beautiful flower has a lovely meaning; it symbolizes gentleness and evokes purity in the heart. In most cultures, it is used for sacred and spiritual purposes. It can be gifted to someone you are deeply attached with– spiritual, mental, or physical.

7. Pincushion

Pincushion Rose Alternative Flowers

Pincushion appears with its exotic color blend and unique petals. The genus of the flower has more than 30 species and belongs to the honeysuckle family. You can quickly notice the presence of a Pincushion in a bouquet due to its vivid color and distinctive appearance.

Apart from its soft color and nature, it strongly represents enthusiasm and strength. You can gift it to the person who is in a long time depression. It will stuff excitement in minds and hearts. It also signifies a strong bond and connection between people.

8. Camellia

Camellia Rose Alternative Flowers
via Pxhere

The petals and sticking colors of Camellia will remind you of roses. The wide varieties of color fused with white combinations make it more noticeable.

The texture of Camellia has a matte finish. The flower bracket full of colorful Camellia is an excellent choice for gifting.

Camellia has deep symbolism depending upon its color combination. The most variety of Camellia represents admiration and affection.

You can gift the white types to the people having intense adoration with you. If you are missing and loving someone, then you can give the pink and red ones respectively.

9. Peony

Peony Rose Alternative Flowers
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Peony is a gorgeous-looking flower and lived by most people. Interestingly some varieties of  Peony have a strong aroma, and some have no fragrance at all.

The scent of peonies inspires many perfume brands. Peony has more than 40 species, along with that it has wide hybrid varieties. Peony comes with single color multiple types as well as multi-color fusion. 

The symbolic characteristic of Peony has a mythological connection in some regions. People think this is a brilliant example of bashfulness, but it signifies good fortune and bravery in some countries like Japan. It can be gifted to family and relatives in the new year or the festive season.

10. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Rose Alternative Flowers
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Chrysanthemum is a widely available flower with a unique petal design. Chrysanthemum has around 100 types of farming variety for different purposes.

These are also credited in the bouquet but not because of its aroma– it has an earthy fragrance or no such sweet smell. It has a bright, attractive color and can be included in a bouquet with other scents or other aromatic flowers.

Chrysanthemum symbolizes the ultimate joy, longevity, and fidelity. Surprisingly the two different colors of this same flower represent different feelings.

Chrysanthemum of the red variety express love and passion, but the yellow variety sadness and neglected love. Make sure which one you are selecting do gifting purposes.