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All You Need To Know About Scindapsus Silver Splash!

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If you want to create a pretty look for your garden, lawn, or corridor, Scindapsus Silver Splash is the best option due to its large silver leaves. It is also known as satin silver pothos. I know you have questions in your mind about the maintenance of this plant, its benefits, and how to grow?

Don’t Worry! I will try to address all your queries in the article below. But remember one thing, it’s a low-maintenance plant that requires small space, the low-light environment to propagate, and is used as an indoor environment purifier and as natural décor.

If you want to learn some exciting facts about this plant, this is the article for you.

Scindapsus Silver Splash
Scindapsus Silver Splash via Reddit

Benefits of Scindapsus Silver Splash

Here starts the exciting discussion about the benefits of this plant. Read these facts till the end to enjoy.

1. It is a Unique Plant

Scindapsus Silver Splash is a form of Scindapsus, but it has more splashes and dapples on its leaves than other family members. 

  • Scindapsus is a Greek word used for ivy-like plants, and Silver Splash is due to the silver patches on its leaves.
  • It belongs to a family of Araceae flowering plants commonly found in Southeast Asia (India, the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc.).
  • These plants can bear a minimum temperature of up to
  • 150C. This temperature range makes these plants cultivated as household plant in areas having different seasons and wide temperature range throughout the year.
  • It can grow up to 9m in length depending upon the surrounding conditions. It is usually grown in low-light areas because of its bearing temperature range.
  • It is a trailing plant, so providing the necessary support will be helpful in the growth of its leaves at actual size.

2. Easy Maintenance

Most of the gardeners have an issue with the high maintenance of the plants. They have to spend hours in the garden to help the proper nourishment of plants. But, in the case of Scindapsus Silver Splash,

there will be only little precise attention.

  • You don’t need to give water every day. Watering these plants every 1-2 weeks will help create an environment inside the soil for proper nourishment to the plant via roots.
  • Overwatering makes the soil saturated and over-saturation for a long time causes the roots of this plant to rot. That will affect the color of the leaves, and it becomes yellowish. 
  • Root rotting is a prolonged process, and it generally appears when it causes extensive damage to the plant. So, if you see any black spots on the roots or browning of the stem, act before you have nothing in your hand.
  • Underwatering will not provide proper nourishment to the plant making its leaves curly and wilting.
  • Sometimes, rotting roots will give a pungent smell. It is a sign of the slowly decaying of the plant. The plant should be planted in a new pot with fresh soil in it to avoid decay.
  • Apart from these diseases, pests like spider mites and scales can also damage these plants.These pests can not only damage the plants but cause them to death.

3. Use as Indoor Purifier

Scindapsus Silver Splash acts as a natural purifier of the indoor air because it is mainly found inside the home. 

  • According to the report published by NASA, plants belonging to the Araceae family are very effective in removing formaldehyde from the atmosphere. Formaldehyde is produced by different things placed inside the home. These things include paints, paper products, Bed foam insulation, etc.  
  • Formaldehyde can cause cancer in the human body, and these plants act as the natural remover of this dangerous product.
  • It is very effective in producing oxygen because of its bigger leaves compared with the other members of its family.  
  • Apart from the purification of the atmosphere, it is very effective in tackling the dryness of the air. As we all know that, it grows in shady areas or low-light areas and loves humidity so, it controls the air dryness of any space and creates a pleasant environment.
Scindapsus Silver Splash 2
via Reddit

4. Use as Natural Décor

Why are you wasting your money on artificial décor if you have Scindapsus Silver Splash!

  • Most of us purchase different artificial plants for decorating our dining area, TV lounge, Study area, offices, etc. It costs a lot of money to buy these items, and it has no positive impact on our health.
  • I have planted this plant in my house. Imagine you got a sapling of this plant, and you produced it into a pot. After a few days, it started growing, and more giant leaves rose. 
  • You placed that pot near the outdoor of your house. After some time, this trailing plant would reach 9m in length, and you use this to décor the outdoor of your home. 
  •  Guests came into your house. While entering your home, they looked at your door and said, WOW! That is awesome. How do you do it? It will create confidence in you. It will also change the look of your house door. I did it in my house, and I want you to décor your house like this. 
  • You can not only décor the door but also the windows and the walls.
  • Now, Imagine the wall in your house, Scindapsus Silver Splash having big leaves hanging from the border with the multi-colored LED lights. You had a party in your home; turning on the LED lights will act as a natural décor for the wall.

For all of this, Think creatively!

5. Require Little place

Another important thing associated with these plants is that they require less space inside your home when compared with other plants.

Also, these plants require water after 1-2 weeks so, if you are out of the home on an outing with your family, there is no need to rush for watering these plants.

Another important point is that if you think your child or pet would be affected by this plant, you can easily transport this from one place in your home to other.

How to Grow and Care Scindapsus Silver Splash

In this section, I am going to discuss some essential tips on how to grow and care for the Scindapsus Silver Splash in your area.

1. Growing Process

There are two methods of growing these plants—one by using seeds and the other by using stems.

By Seed:

Growing by seed is a straightforward and basic process like in other plants. 

  • Purchase a seed of Scindapsus Silver Splash from a nearby plant store.
  • Take a pot that is drained well. Put a mixture of soil and compost in a pot.
  • Dig a small hole with your finger and put a seed inside and then close the hole.
  • Water this slowly and put it at some location where there is indirect sunlight in your home, like a closed window, etc.

By Stem Cutting placed in pots:

Growing by the stem is also very simple, but it involves using the stem of the already planted plant instead of the seed.

  • Take a clean knife. Cut the stem of the Scindapsus Silver Splash plant about 4-7inch below the node in length.
  • The cutting process is essential. Cut the stem above the leaves so that leaves can grow again from this point.
  • Now, remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem, which we have to put inside the soil. Don’t remove any leaves from the top.
  • Take a pot that is drained well. Put a mixture of soil and compost in it.
  • Dig a hole up to 1-2inches and, put the lower part of the stem in it and close the hole using a finger. Don’t bury any leaves inside the soil.
  • Water this stem slowly and place it at a location of indirect sunlight exposure.
  • Important to remember that if you want to make a lush pot full of these leaves, put multiple stems in a pot at a distance of 2-2.5 inches.

By stem Cutting placed in bottles:

  • The stem cutting process is the same as explained above.
  • Take a used bottle. Add water to it. Dip the lower portion of the stem in it.
  • Hang it on the wall, a window on doors.
  • These plants cannot grow large by using these methods. This can be used only for decoration purposes.

2. Caring Process

You know how to grow the Scindapsus Silver Splash plant in detail. This section is very important for the proper nourishment of the saplings and the growing of plants at a natural pace.

Light Requirements:

 As we discussed earlier, the growth of these plants is very effective in indirect sunlight, so these posts should be placed near a west or east-facing window. This is because these plants can get sufficient energy from dawn to dusk. If these plants are placed in direct sunlight, it will scorch them.

It should be noted that the non-availability of required sunlight will also affect the development of these plants.

Soil Requirements:

Soil selection is vital for the growth of the Scindapsus Silver Splash plant as it requires very light organic matter that can hold moisture, but if exposed to light, the moisture should be evaporated. If the potting mixture is rich in water or sodden, it will affect the growth of the plant.

We can make this kind of mixture very quickly. It should consist of:

  • Soil
  • Perlite
  • Peat moss

All of these should be of equal weight.

One thing is important here. Instead of perlite, we can use coco coir chips. It will be very helpful in draining water quickly.

Here, I am going to explain that how you can test the soil yourself.

  • First of all, put water in the pot filled with soil mixture.
  • If the water takes too much time to absorb in the soil or float on the surface, put the pot under air.
  • If the water drains too early, you should add peat moss in it and often add water.

How to Water Scindapsus Silver Splash

In this section, we will be discussing the approved procedure of watering the Scindapsus Silver Splash plant. Proper watering will be helpful in the good nourishment and growth of a plant.

  • In Summer, you should water after 1-2 weeks.
  • In winter, these plants require less water, so you should check the condition of the soil and decide on your own when to add water.
  • The purpose of watering is to give the required moisture to the roots.
  • You can press the top layer of the soil. If it feels dry, add water to it, otherwise not.
  • I am recommending checking up to 2inches of soil layer before watering.
  • Watering these plants depends on the average temperature of the area, type of pot used, and type of soil.

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How to Fertilize Scindapsus Silver Splash

Scindapsus Silver Splash is a slow grower plant. So, there is no need to fertilize in a large amount. But, one thing should be kept in mind, the houseplant fertilizer in diluted form is perfect for these plants.

You can add fertilizer in the summer season only once a month. Stop adding fertilizer in winter and then again start in spring because of the growing season.

Important tip: Constantly monitor the color of the leaves and stem of this plant and at any stage, if you think the color is changing, add fertilizer to it. 

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I have tried my best to create awareness about Scindapsus Silver Splash in your mind. This entire content is based on my personal experience and research. I hope you like it.

It will be constructive for all of you, especially for those who have an interest in botany. In the end, I want all of you to plant this in your home.

If you like this writing, don’t forget to share its benefits with your friends and family. If you have more interesting facts, share them in the comment section. 

In the end, I would like to tell you that share love and create a positive environment around you like Scindapsus Silver Splash is creating.