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17 of the Most Attractive Small Garden Ideas for the Smart Gardener

You don’t need a large yard or open space to grow your colorful garden. In fact, all you need is a little space, some determination, and a lot of creativity! I’ve compiled seventeen small garden ideas for you to try out and get those creative juices flowing.

It’s said that gardens are a reflection of their gardener – that adage proves true for small garden spaces. Only the innovative and imaginative gardener can make the most of his limited space.

Maximize the space that you have with the plants you love, and you’ll have your very own green and private area in no time!

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It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Look around for things you can reuse that will add color and flair to your small garden space.

Here are seventeen small garden ideas to make every inch count!

17 Smart Small Garden Ideas

1. Repurposed Furniture

Don’t throw away your old dresser just yet. Why not give it a new purpose in your garden as a great display for small plants and succulents? You could also get old dressers at antique or furniture stores!

Repurposed Furniture - Smart Small Garden Ideas

2. Vertical Pallet Garden

If you have unused pallets, you could use them to display your plants in terracotta pots. Clamp the pots onto the pallets and have it lean on your wall or fence!

Vertical Pallet Garden - Smart Small Garden Ideas

3. Tiered Garden

This wonderful tiered garden is perfect for the “Do-it-yourself” gardener who does a little carpentry on the side. The rows of soil will be a great fit to your flowering plants and edible herbs.

Tiered Garden - Smart Small Garden Ideas

4. Trellis Garden

Put your garden trellis to good use or make one yourself to display your climbing plants or juicy tomatoes in summer!

Trellis Garden - Smart Small Garden Ideas

5. Balcony Garden

Do you lack a yard? No problem! Make use of the space in your balcony! Instead of many small potted plants that require different amounts of care, consider getting bigger plants in larger containers.

Balcony Garden - Smart Small Garden Ideas

6. Mix Plants

Add texture to your small garden by mixing different plants of all sorts of shapes, color, and flowers. This will not only make your space look bigger, but add beautiful variety to your garden.

Mix Plants - Smart Small Garden Ideas

7. Hang Plants in Baskets

Hanging plants is great for adding colorful layers to your small garden. They’re very useful as well for keeping children and pets away from delicate herbs.

Hang Plants in Baskets - Smart Small Garden Ideas

8. Window Boxes

Freshen up your view and add life to your windows by attaching boxes to the windowsills. Keep plants or herbs that will want a lot of sunlight!

Window Boxes - Smart Small Garden Ideas
Window Window Box Plant Tudor Awning Exterior

9. Rooftop Gardening

Make up for the lack of yard space on your roof. Take advantage of all the sunlight for growing your favorite plants and meeting with your favorite people.

Rooftop Gardening - Smart Small Garden Ideas

10. Containers For Homes With No Soil

Maybe you do have a yard, albeit one without soil. Adding layers and texture through plants in containers of various sizes and colors will add life to any space!

Containers For Homes With No Soil - Smart Small Garden Ideas

11. Succulent Wall Art

Stark blank walls can make spaces feel cold and look smaller. Add warmth to an otherwise boring wall by putting up succulents of your choice!

Succulent Garden - Smart Small Garden Ideas

12. Herbs in Mason Jars

Always have fresh herbs on hand with this ingenious design. Just make sure they’re getting enough sunlight, and you’ll never need store-bought herbs again.

Herbs in Mason Jars - Smart Small Garden Ideas

13. Create A Dramatic Background

A wall or fence in a darker color will make your brightly colored plants stand out even more and will further refresh and bland space.

Create A Dramatic Background - Smart Small Garden Ideas

14. Eliminate Lawns

Let’s face it – lawns take up a lot of space. Make every inch count by removing the turf and converting the area into a usable living space.

Eliminate Lawns - Smart Small Garden Ideas

15. Wall Climbers

One more way to brighten up a wall is through excellent flowering climbers like bougainvillea.

Wall Climbers - Smart Small Garden Ideas

16. Pots On Steps

Don’t forget to use those outdoor stairs and give them life. Add different textured plants in a variety of pots!

Pots On Steps - Smart Small Garden Ideas

17. Plants in Pockets

Recycle an old shoe hanger for a space-saving plant pocket! You could have herbs, edibles, and even perennials.

Plants in Pockets - Smart Small Garden Ideas

Do you have more small garden ideas? Do let us know!

Joanna Dickinson

Saturday 30th of November 2019

Quang- great job! Love your bio!! Just trying to start my own garden!! Thanks!!