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10 of the Pretty Star Shaped Flowers You Can Grow Easily!

If you think your garden looks usual and boring, why not step up by adding some unique and cool star shaped flowers? Turn your entire landscape to a whimsical spot for young ones and adults alike.

Increasing the beauty level of your garden can surely satisfy you especially when those green plants begin to bloom and produce vibrant colors.

Such flowers with unique shapes can boost up the beauty of your landscape. But planting and growing them alone can benefit you with satisfaction. They are good companions as they possess undoubtedly magnificent physical looks with various colors and shapes.

If you’re here looking for the best recommendations of star shaped flowers or simply want to add a little extra cuteness to your garden, you are in the right place. Here’s the list of 10 of the most popular and best looking options.

10 Pretty Star Shaped Flowers

1. Bellflower

Bellflower Star Shaped Flowers
via Pixabay

Bellflower is a bell looking flower famous for its star shaped petals. Its scientific name campanula is a Latin word for “little bell”. It symbolizes everlasting love, constancy and affection, which makes it a perfect gift for someone you love. It also mirrors delicacy and humility.

When it comes to its care, this star-shaped flowering plant is not demanding at all. It only needs full or partial sun exposure, adequate water and of course a well drained soil.

In terms of plant diseases, this is highly safe. Just watch out for those pesky slugs and snails that can be detrimental for the plant’s health. What makes this plant popular among star shaped flowers is the colors available: blue, white, pink and purple.

2. Bromeliad

Bromeliad Star Shaped Flowers
via Pixabay

Bromeliad or the Bromeliaceae is well known for its undeniable beautiful flowers and capacity to stay alive indoors. If you’re looking for an indoor flowering plant, this is a perfect choice.

Just like most e indoor flowers out there, this plant is easy to take care of and maintain its beauty. It basically needs bright light without direct sun exposure, so artificial light is alright to use.

Bromeliad can be a good investment as it gives your interior a beauty boost of its star shaped flowers for an average of 2 to 5 years. It does possess a long-lasting inflorescence.

You can enjoy its foliage with wonderful colored flowers that range from red to pink, orange to yellow, and mixed hues.

3. Dahlia

Dahlia Star Shaped Flowers
via Pxhere

Another great choice that is relative to sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums and zinnias is the dahlia. This flower represents inner strength, creativity, dignity, elegance and change. With the beautiful flowers, you certainly won’t skip this.

Dahlia flowers have a variety of sizes and colors you can choose from depending on your personal preference.

They can come in petite lollipop-style pompoms with an adorable size of 2 inches only, while other varieties can be a 15-inch giant sometimes referred to as “the dinner plate” blooms.

Most species of these star-shaped flowers grow an average of 4 feet to 5 feet tall only. From orange to yellow, pink to purple, red to white, you have plenty of color options.

Making this delicate flower survive is pretty much easy too. Place the plant in a warm spot that has good light. Keep it watered on a daily basis as well.

4. Hoya Carnosa or Porcelain Flower

Hoya Carnosa or Porcelain Flower Star Shaped Flowers
via Pxhere

Porcelain flower, which is also known as wax plant and hoya carnosa, is a popular house plant you may consider as well. It’s also one of the star shaped flowers easily opted because of the sweet scent they provide during bloom.

It also features a waxy foliage. But the real highlight is the cute, tiny flowers usually in white with pink accents in the middle.

Hoya carnosa is not a picky plant. It can do well with artificial lights. In fact, too much sunlight can cause its leaves to fade and turn yellow.

You also need to keep in mind that placing this plant in a pot that does not drain well is a bad idea. To prevent it from rotting and dying, you should put it in a clean pot or hanging basket that has a plenty amount of room to breathe.

This plant can be displayed outdoor or indoor, with an average height of 2 feet to 4 feet only.

5. Hyacinth – Blue Star

Hyacinth Blue Star Star Shaped Flowers
via Pxhere

Hyacinth, botanically known as hyacinthus and nicknamed “blue star”, is a perennial bulb plant with a vertical cluster of blue, star shaped flowers. This is among the best and beautiful blooms for outdoor gardens and front yards.

This flowering beauty is best without a pot and recommended to be grown directly on the ground. Taking care of it is just a piece of cake – requires full or partial sunlight exposure and enough water.

If properly taken care of, this grows to an average of 6 feet to 10 feet wide in approximately two weeks only. Expect to have elegant looking flowers that last for a couple of weeks as well.

6. Impala Lily

Impala Lily Star Shaped Flowers
via Pixabay

Impala lily or adenium obesum is a flowering plant that usually blooms during the month of July, but can also produce star shaped flowers on the later days of September.

It also possesses a thick trunk and a base called the caudex, which holds plenty of thick and fleshy branches that are arranged in a spiral form.

Although considered succulent, this plant grows up to 2 meters in height. To keep it healthy and maintain its foliage and flowers, make sure that it gets some sun and a minimum amount of water.

Its bright pink flowers can greatly transform a boring landscape into an extraordinary scenery. However, despite the beauty that it brings, this plant contains a watery latex which is highly poisonous especially to our beloved pets, so better keep them away from it.

7. Pentas

Pentas Star Shaped Flowers
via Pixabay

What to consider among star shaped flowers is the pentas or pentas lanceolata, otherwise known as the Egyptian stars. This plant grows up to 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It has green, hair-like leaves with a group of tiny but cute flowers in the shade of white, purple, red, yellow and pink.

Having a bunch of this plant in your garden does not only provide pretty blooms but also attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Just ensure adequate care, i.e. enough water, sunlight and a little heat.

8. Starfish Plant or Stapelia

Starfish Plant or Stapelia Star Shaped Flowers
via Pixabay

Starfish plants, such as the species stapelia gigantea and stapelia grandiflora, literally look like a starfish fresh out of the sea. But this is a type of succulent that produces star shaped flowers, more noticeably its starfish look.

Depending on the variety, the blooms can be red, brown or a mix of two to three hues. The flowers are truly pleasant for the eyes but not for the nose as they produce putrid odor. But this smell is good for insects that pollinate.

9. Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine Star Shaped Flowers
via Pixabay

Star jasmine or trachelospermum jasminoides is a white-colored, star-shaped flowering plant that grows to a mature size of 3 feet to 6 feet. It also spreads in the same measurement.

Placing some stems near doorways, gates, posts and fences is a good idea since it’s a type of climbing plant. The presence of such star shaped flowers near entrances and doorways can surely make the area look more presentable and add a good fragrant smell.

Those tiny flowers also attract tiny little bees and other insect pollinators.

10. Star Tulip

Lastly on the list is the star tulip that noticeably. It features yellow with white tipped petals. What makes this plant a great choice among star shaped flowers is that the petals don’t wither easily.

The inflorescence can hold from a single flower to 6. Each flower has exactly 3 pointed sepals and another 3 rounded petals that can be bright to deep yellow in color.

It is a slender plant that comes with branched stems, which grow to a maximum of 20 centimeters tall. Its leaves can spread from 10 to 30 centimeters long.

Taking care of this flowering plant is easy with little maintenance. Provide enough water on a regular basis, the right soil and full or afternoon sunlight.


Star shaped flowers are unquestionably attractive. Any gorgeous blooms are hard to resist. They can definitely enhance your surroundings whether it’s a small home garden or a front yard landscape.

With the list of those flowering plants above, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose. You must keep in mind that having such plants are not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to express passion involved with responsibility and care.