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String Of Hearts Silver Glory: 7 Important Factors For Caring

String of Hearts Silver Glory is perhaps the most suitable houseplant for busy people. Although it looks weak, it has strong vitality, and it is effortless to survive even if you forget to water it. 

If you like to adorn your home’s premises with these patchy silver patches, today’s post will help you learn more about them. In addition, you will also learn how to care for and some valuable tips and advice about this plant.

String of Hearts Silver Glory: An Overview

The String of Hearts Plant is a succulent plant in the genus chandelier of the Asclepiadaceae native to South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This plant has a beautiful leaf shape and color and high ornamental value. Growers often place them next to TVs, computers or can be left anywhere in the house to absorb formaldehyde and other substances.

String of Hearts Silver Glory
String of Hearts Silver Glory via garysspecialtyplants

In addition, this plant is also a symbol of the couple’s bond of love, so using it as a gift to the one you love is also a good idea.

The string of hearts Silver Glory is a type of string of hearts plant often used as an ornamental. This plant has silvery leaves edged darker and may have some burgundy undersides.

This plant is an evergreen climbing plant that can grow up to 2 to 4 meters in length. They are suitable for growing in pots and should be kept in the same pot for a few years.

As stated earlier, a Silver Glory string of hearts is easy to grow and survive even without frequent watering.

Botanical/Scientific NameCeropegia woodii ‘Silver Glory’
Plant TypeEvergreen, String Succulent, Vine.
Mature Size2-5 cm. tall, 2 – 4 m. wide spread
UsesIndoor plants, hanging basket plants, cover plants, potted plants Love
Bloom TimeSummer, Fall
FlowerFlowers are small tubular with a bulbous base and five petals fused at the top.
Light RequirementsPartial Sun
SoilWell-drained, Fertile soil/mix soil
WateringDrought-tolerant well; Let soil dry between waterings thoroughly
ToxicNon Toxic 

Silver Glory String of Hearts: Natural Habitat

This plant grows in the ideal temperature range from 15 ~ 25 ℃, but it also has strong adaptability to temperature. It can withstand a high temperature of 35℃ in summer and survive a low temperature of 10℃ in winter.

Ceropegia woodii Silver Glory loves light but does not tolerate direct sunlight, so it is best to place it under scattering light.

You should not add fertilizer to this plant, especially avoid applying many potassium and phosphorus fertilizers. Ceropegia woodii is a very drought tolerant plant because it has a rosy root system to store water and nutrients.

7 Important Factors When Caring For String Of Hearts Silver Glory 

If you are looking to bring home a pot of string of hearts Silver Glory, before that, arm yourself with knowledge on how to care for this plant. There are 7 factors that you need to pay attention to, including:

Light Requirements

The Silver Glory string of hearts loves light so that you can place it in bright sunshine all day, but it will also do well in indirect light. When placed in direct sunlight, its leaves will be dark green with many patchy silver patches.

The leaves will have a lighter green color when exposed to indirect light, and the patchy patches will be softer.

String of Hearts Silver Glory 2
String of Hearts Silver Glory via Reddit

This plant can also adapt to low light, but the leaves will be light green and will not change. If your ceropegia woodii has a loss of variegation, it can be permanent, and the variegation will never come back even if you put it in place with better lighting conditions.

In summer, if exposed to direct sunlight, the surface of the leaves can burn and cause wrinkles of the string of hearts leaves.

Soil Care

Well-drained cacti potting mixes will be the place to help ceropegia woodii Silver Glory thrive. Although this plant has solid growth potential, if it lives in the mix that is too rich, it can become shriveled.

If you intend to grow it in a regular potting mix, add something like perlite or pumice to help with better drainage.


The String of Hearts also needs watering like succulents, so you need to make sure to provide them with enough water. You need to wait for the soil to dry completely from the last watering before continuing to water them.

Although these plants are pretty drought-tolerant, they need to be watered more often than other succulents.

It is essential to keep in mind that there is no standing water in the pot, leading to swollen foliage, leaf drop, and disturbed growth habits.

The plant will need more water in the summer due to faster drainage.

String of Hearts Silver Glory 3
String of Hearts Silver Glory via Reddit

Temperature & Humidity

A string of hearts Silver Glory does not need a lot of humidity during its growth. You just need to maintain the humidity between 40-50% and leave it in an environment with a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius.

If the humidity is high in the room where you place the plant, you can reduce watering for it.


This plant does not require you to fertilize often, and the fertilizer needs to be diluted by half. They can be fertilized as much as once a month during peak growth in May and August.

In particular, you do not need to fertilize them in the winter because this is not the season when they can thrive.


The string of hearts Silver Glory is a mollusk and ornamental plant that is commonly grown indoors. It belongs to the family of vines that usually only grow to about 2 feet long.

You don’t need to prune these plants; however, you can prune them if they grow too long or look too leggy. If it is not necessary, you should not prune unless parts of the plant are dead or rotting.

To trim them, use scissors or shears to cut away the areas you want to remove. With its persistence, this plant is quite strong enough to withstand a rather harsh pruning.

Pests & Diseases

You do not need to worry too much because this plant is quite hardy and not susceptible to pests and diseases. However, mealybugs can be an issue with this plant, but not too much of a concern.

Ways to Propagate String of Hearts Silver Glory

Breeding this plant is not as difficult as you might think. Here are the simplest ways to breed a string of hearts Silver Glory that you can refer to:

Propagate from Leaf Cutting

Propagation of the String of Hearts from leaf-cutting can be done at any time except winter. However, because cutting propagation will affect the plant’s recovery, the best times to do this are in late spring and early fall. This is when they thrive, and the cutting survival rate is high.

You need to pay attention to choosing the pairs of leaves with few stem nodes, then cut them, let them dry in the shade for about a week, plug them directly into the soil, water regularly and cover with plastic film to avoid exposure to intense light.

You need to maintain humidity and regularly misting to keep moisture. With proper care, young shoots will appear in about 3 weeks.

After that, you need to remove the cover to let the plant grow naturally. Transplant them into the pot after the roots are about 2 to 3cm long.

Propagate by Layering

To propagate the String of Hearts by layering, you need to choose sturdy ceropegia woodii Silver Glory branches. Then, to layer, place them on the potting soil, place a small wound on the stem node and fix the stem node in the cultural ground.

After about 3 weeks, it will grow new roots, and you need to wait for the roots to grow to 2-3cm before transplanting the plant into the pot.

Propagate from Seed

The string of hearts will give seeds after they bloom, so you can propagate them by seed. However, when grown at home, the plant’s seeds will not be of good quality, so seeding of a string of hearts is often less used.

In general, it is not difficult to propagate this plant, whether by cuttings, cuttings, or sowing seeds. However, cutting is the best method for those with little experience of the three propagation methods mentioned above.

How Can I Deal with an Overwatered String of Hearts Silver Glory?

If the string of hearts Silver Glory is overwatered, it can lead to yellowing of leaves and leaf drop. If your plant has this phenomenon, stop watering until the soil is completely dry. Then you can start back to proper watering habits for your plants.

How To Make String Of Hearts Silver Glory Flower Bloom?

String of Hearts Silver Glory 4
String of Hearts Silver Glory via Reddit

This plant can produce small, deep red flowers every year. However, for the plant to bloom smoothly, you need to properly take care of the plant and add fertilizer from spring to fall to flower in summer and autumn.

In addition, you also need to make sure that you do not over-fertilize as it can burn the plant, and pay attention to the factors that we have mentioned in the post.

The Bottom Line

By now, you may have learned a lot of useful information about the string of Hearts Silver Glory and how to care for this plant. In general, everything is not difficult for you to own and take care of a pot of this plant in your home.

Hopefully, this article will give you valuable tips and advice about ceropegia woodii Silver Glory. Also, don’t forget to revisit us for even more helpful plant care tips and information.