5 Of The Most Subtly Lovely Flowers That Start With K

The Subtlety Grows

Some blooms are so striking that you would are immediately astounded by them. Others flowers, although no less attractive, are more subtle. Instead of quickly stunning you with their magnificence, these unique blooms arrest your attention slowly.

Slowly, yet steadily, their rarity and intrinsic beauty captivate you. Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re searching for Knautia blooms or the flowers of Kalm St. Johns Wort to add to your garden. Such is the alluring power of these five flowers that start with K.


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1. Koreanspice

  • Botanical name: Viburnum carlesii
  • Plant Class: Deciduous Shrub
  • Bloom time: Spring

Fluffy snowballs that emit a heady sweet-spicy scent may not be a typicaldescription for a flower, but this is exactly the case for the Koreanspice. This plant’s stunning blooms emerging from distinct red buds is only half of the colorful story. The other half comes out in fall as its foliage turns a vivid red-orange color. With this plant, you’ll always look forward to spring! So be sure place plant where you’ll be able to enjoy its fragrant blossoms thoroughly.

Koreanspice brings to mind the coming of spring bringing new life in colors of pink and white, then in the summer reminds you of life’s brevity as it welcomes fall with blood-red leaves.


2. Knautia

  • Botanical name: Knautiamacedonica
  • Plant Class: Herbaceous perennial
  • Bloom time: Summer to early fall

How do you add to something by taking away from it? Well, you can add to theintense scarlet-colored blooms of the Knautia by taking away spent flower heads. The concept of deadheading to promote growth and buds aren’t new to gardeners. This flower, however, may be a refreshing sight as it is rare and uncommon.

The Knautia’s name honors German botanist Christoph Knaut who was born in 1638. The strikingly beautiful flower symbolizes undying love and the beauty in solitude that is tinged with melancholy.


3. Kiwifruit flower

  • Botanical name: Actinidiadeliciosa
  • Plant Class: Subtropical tree
  • Bloom time: Summer to fall

Another fragrant entry on our flowers that start with K is the sweet-smelling blooms of the kiwifruit. Yes, sometimes we enjoy the sweet and delicious fruit that we forget about the blooms! Also difficult to ignore is the kiwifruit’s dark green foliage. It seems like these glossy leaves want all the attention as they typically hide the cream-colored blooms behind them!

The delicate and sometimes secretive blooms of the kiwifruit represent the hidden beauty within and deep happiness as opposed to superficial joy.


4. Kalm St. Johns Wort

  • Botanical name: Hypericumkalmianum
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Summer to early fall

When you look upon the golden blooms of the Kalm St. Johns Wort and find yourself being slowly drawn in by its subtle beauty, then you’re not alone. The flower’s yellow loveliness entrance you as it similarly draws in bees and butterflies to its abundant nectar.

The Kalm St. Johns Wort or Hypericum’s oblong, stalkless, green leaves are a perfect backdrop to its stunning brightly-colored blooms. Those who harvest Hypericum claim that these blossoms symbols protection from danger and misfortune.


5. Kaffir Lily

  • Botanical name: Cliviaminiata
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Late winter to early spring

The subtlety of the Kaffir lily, also known as the “Queen of Houseplants,” is admittedly not in its bewitching blooms oforange, yellow and red but it the poison that lies within its foliage. The poisonous substance (Lycorine), may only be an inconvenience in small doses. However, it is very dangerous in large amounts. Remember to keep pets and young hands at a safe distance from this beguiling plant.

The plant’s toxic nature that increases with dosage is an apt symbolism for excess and indulgence, especially in the name of beauty.


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