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Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher – 7 Differences!

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Is there a considerable layer of grass covering your lawn? Are you tired of using a less effective dethatcher that doesn’t provide durability or consistency?

Well, you have come to the right spot for a solution. Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher is the correct query to have at the moment. With both being the best, it is tough to choose one.

It is crucial to know what a good dethatcher should do. It should clear the extra grass, leaves, or the thatch around and maintain the consistency that makes your lawn look pretty alluring to the viewers. In that case, choosing either Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher might solve your problem.

Similarities in Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher

When you readers know the similarities of the two products, it will be easier to identify which product to choose. Not looking at the similarities but caring about the differences makes the right impact. However, you keen readers must be able to know the similarities.

1. Starting Style

One of the most extensive similarities between the two products is how they start. If you are using the Dethatcher for the first time, ease of use is essential. Sun Joe or Greenworks Dethatcher has been able to make the comfort of use for you.

They both come through with push-button technology, which helps the device start with one finger push. Besides that, be it any in the Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher, both are electric and corded. Doesn’t it make your job pretty easy?

2. Handle similarity

It doesn’t matter whether your Dethatcher is heavy or light. If the handle that tends to run the device is not good, things get messy. There might have been times when a poor handle had affected your desire to work with the product. Is it right, readers?

No matter if it is any between Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher, both of them come with a foldable handle. The most significant advantage of foldable handles is that it provides the luxury of moving the corners and storage in the Dethatcher. It unquestionably saves you a lot of time and energy.

Sun Joe Dethatcher Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher 3
Sun Joe Dethatcher via

Differences in Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher

The thatch of grass sitting idle in your lawn won’t be cut by itself. Rather, it would be best to find a good thatcher that can do the job for you. In the case of Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher, both are good, but differences need to be known.

1. Weight

Weight is an essential aspect for any dethatcher. Whether you pick the Dethatcher mentioned above or not, the weight needs to be well known to simplify the use.

When we talk about Sun Joe, it weighs around 27 pounds which is quite heavy for the average-sized human being. On the other end, Greenworks dethatcher comes with 25.9 pounds which is much easier to move around the lawn and gives your grass the desired shape.

2. Power

How do you define the proper use of any dethatcher? The power provided by the device in cleaning the grass and leaves in your lawn makes the difference. Although both Sun Joe and Greenworks come with similar power, there is a slight difference.

Sun Joe runs on the power of a 12-amp motor which is pretty solid while Greenworks, tends to lose the battle here with 10-amp power. If you are willing to go on the journey, Sun Joe is the winner here.

3. Material

Knowing the material used in Sun Joe or Green works Dethatcher is crucial. Both of them have better utility for the users but the materials used to make it might differ.

In the case of Sun Joe dethatcher, it primarily uses alloy steel and plastic. The plastic might just be worn out with ease with more years of use. But Greenworks dethatcher is more about the stainless steel, which holds together for a very long time to the users’ convenience.

4. Price of Product

Have you come this far? Then well, let me enlighten you about the price of either Sun Joe or Greenworks Dethatcher. Both are different in many facets, and so is the price, which isn’t a huge surprise.

Sun Joe Dethatcher comes with a price of $139.00, while Greenworks cost about $199.99. Looking at the features and abilities of Greenworks, well, it is not a poor bet to put your money there.

5. Dimension of Product

Sun Joe Vs Green works Dethatcher might be the query, but you have to be sure about the dimension of the product. If you have a smaller lawn, you need to take the Dethatcher with smaller dimensions and vice-versa.

When we talk about both devices, there is a slight difference between the two. In the case of Sun Joe, it comes with 24*20*12.5, which is an average size. Things start to change in the case of Greenworks dethatcher. It has dimensions of 37.8*22.83*44.09 in total. 

6. Cutting Width

It is a critical aspect if you are thinking of purchasing a dethatcher. If the product’s dimensions are more significant, it tends to cut the bigger dimensions, but things get different when the dimensions are more diminutive.

When we talk about Sun Joe, it has smaller dimensions, cutting the device’s width by 13 inches. Greenworks dethatcher, however, wins the battle once again.

It can cut up to the width of 14 inches, which is pretty impressive for any new buyer. It saves time and also covers the wider area, which is a boost to the user’s confidence.

Greenworks Dethatcher Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher 2
Greenworks Dethatcher via

7. Warranty

Hold on a minute right here. Have you been lied about the warranty of products no matter you buy a dethatcher or any garden products? If yes, you have the right to know the warranty policy in both the Dethatcher, and that’s the most significant difference.

If you are thinking of going for Sun Joe dethatcher, they are only providing you with a 2-year warranty on the product. On the other hand, Greenworks dethatcher is a three-year warranty product.

This assures the quality of the product, the least maintenance cost, and the time wasted if the product stops working.


Oh, you readers might be willing to know what we will include in the conclusion section. If you have followed the article from the start, you might also have a basic idea about which product is the go-to for you.

You might think Greenworks Dethatcher is costly, but they are easily the value for money. From covering the wide cutting area along with the better power and lightweight size, there is no better option than Greenworks to go with. You can close your eyes and go with the Greenworks Dethatcher.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher

What is the difference between Scarifier and Dethatcher?

When you look at the scarifier and Dethatcher, both of them look pretty similar in their presence. But there is a very slight difference. The scarifier is more about an aggressive and profound way of cutting the grass.

On the other hand, Dethatcher is about cutting the grass more gently and shallowly. In the case of dethatchers, there are varieties available for the users.

Can I dethatch a wet lawn?

If you live where the lawn gets wet by rain or watering of the plants most of the time, don’t go for dethatching as it may create issues for you.

When the lawn is wet, dethatching means you are providing a more considerable risk of damaging the grass and pulling out the roots. Interestingly the dry soil is always not a big friend of dethatching. So always go for dethatching when the lawn is moist.

How often should I dethatch my lawn?

A very tricky yet intriguing query in the case of dethatching is the perfect time period to dethatch the lawn. The time to consider for dethatching depends mainly upon the owners. If you think that your lawn requires dethatching temporarily, go for it.

However, the standard procedures suggest that dethatching should be done every three years. On the flip side, timely checking of the lawn should be done to receive the required cut-through.

Can dethatching hurt your lawn?

This is a very minute query that tends to come through. When you are going through dethatching, it is more about cutting the grass, so there is a lot of damage that comes along.

However, what we suggest is the fact that you dethatch when the grass is growing pretty well. Dethatching at that period doesn’t affect the growth of the grass. Similarly, try seeding after dethatching the grass to minimize the damage.

How Would I know that my lawn needs dethatching?

It’s better late than never. The correct query has come precisely towards the end. Many readers might be thinking about when is the right time. When we talk about it, if your thatch is 1-2 inches or more, the colour and quality of grass get poor.

Meanwhile, with the colour fading of the grass and the slower growth process, one has to understand it is time for the one among the Sun Joe Vs Greenworks Dethatcher to come into action and make the impact.