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Super Juice Soluble All In One Supplement Lawn Fertilizer Review!

Super Juice signifies all-in-one, balanced, complete lawn fertilizer, which comes in the dry blend designed for being sprayed on a lawn. At first, it was designed to supplement the current fertilizer program.

It has a formula with a pack of micronutrients sulfur, magnesium, copper, zinc, 4% iron, and manganese. Its application is helpful if you want fast results like in the spring months.

Super Juice Soluble All In One Supplement Lawn Fertilizer

The availability of humic acid and sea kelp is essential for soil health. Also, humic acid enhances fertilizer application by increasing the ability of the plant to use nutrients. In the same case, it can be used in a ratio of 14-2-4 for a complete lawn acre, or you can use half of it in a ratio of 7-1-2. This means it will treat two complete acres.

The advantage of the Super juice soluble all in one supplement lawn fertilizer is that there are no bio waste or waste products. Since this fertilizer is applied like a spray, most nutrients will begin to be absorbed to the grass through foliar uptake within 1 to 4 hours after application. You need to add water to it and apply the hose-end sprayer to the lawn.

When you talk about how often you need to apply, the application timing varies with the weather and the season. During spring, you need to push the lawn with the applications every 2 to 3 weeks. In the same case, the applications are supposed to be spaced every four weeks during the summer.

Also, the applications may range between 2 and 4 weeks in the fall. It is recommended to apply early in the morning or late in the evening. You need to apply in the summer heat followed by light irrigation the following morning to prevent burning your lawn. Typically, the fall and spring are not a concern.

  • No biowaste or waste products
  • It is absorbed quickly into the plants
  • Promotes soil health
  • It is packed with nutrients
  • Easy to use
  • It has to mix strength
  • Complete and balanced
  • Easy to spread
  • It is pet friendly
  • Much healthier and greener looking
  • Very vague instructions or package labels

What does a lawn look like without Super juice soluble all in one supplement lawn fertilizer?

Without enough nitrogen, the grass looks pale. It turns yellow and dries out in the future, and bald spots appear in which moss starts. Without potassium, lawn grass is prone to diseases since this element is responsible for metabolism and therefore plant health.

Also, phosphorus provides wintering, growth of the root system. With sufficient phosphorus, the grass grows actively in the spring. Without it, not all roots can withstand frost, so you have to sow a new batch of grass in the spring.

Signs of an acute deficiency of nutrients in the soil

You can hear from gardeners that their soil is quite fertile, but none of them can boast of a chic lawn. No amount of frequent watering, shading, and prayer can do what fertilizers with the content of nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium can do. Here are some tips to help you recognize severe nutrient deficiencies in your soil:

  • Yellow feathers near the grass;
  • The presence of bald spots on the coating;
  • Stiffness and causticity of the lawn;
  • Color change from saturated green to lettuce faded;
  • Long recovery after mowing with a lawnmower.

The lack of mineral nutrition reduces the defense of the grass, which leads to the development of viral and fungal diseases that quickly spread throughout the site. Therefore, it is essential to feed the lawn promptly and saturate it with the elements necessary to create a high-quality landscape cover.

Super Juice Soluble All In One Supplement Lawn Fertilizer 2
Super Juice Soluble All In One Supplement Lawn Fertilizer – via

How to find out how much Super juice soluble all in one supplement lawn fertilizer your lawn needs

If a specialized supplement fertilizer does not give a 100% effect, it does not mean that it is of poor quality. The effect of fertilizing largely depends on the conditions of your site: soil, climate, and grass composition. Try adjusting your lawn feeding program to suit your garden. This is not very difficult to do if you use a particular table.

Super juice soluble all in one supplement lawn fertilizer packages always show application rates calculated by experts. Usually, they are valid for average conditions: loamy soil, average humidity, and temperate climate. To provide lawn grasses with an optimal diet, it is advisable to clarify these norms.

First, select the appropriate coefficient for your conditions from the table and multiply the fertilizer application rate. If your region is not in the table, select the line with the area’s name with similar climatic conditions.

Then check which grasses dominate your lawn and make the correction by multiplying the resulting number by the coefficient in the appropriate row. The third amendment is made in the calculation if the soil is sandy. In the absence of regular watering, multiply the fertilizer rate by 0.9, and if the lawn is watered, by 1.2.

To ensure the sustainable development of grasses, the top dressing should be adjusted depending on the age of the lawn. In the first year after laying on loamy soil, top dressing can be omitted. 

If the soil is sandy or the grass mixture for sowing consists of fescue and bluegrass in its pure form, feed the lawn with half the dose of fertilizer. With more intensive nutrition, fast-growing ryegrass will crowd out the noble grasses, and the development of the lawn will go according to an undesirable scenario.

Why fertilize your lawn?

Some people may wonder why fertilize lawns if soil can produce the necessary nutrients for grass’s total growth and development. Indeed, fertile soil has such capabilities. However, as a rule, its reserves are not enough for the entire growing season.

It needs help from outside. Lawns are considered fast-growing plants. Additional feeding strengthens the health of the equipped lawn and helps to feel at its best. The benefits of using supplement fertilizer include:

  • Productive and visible grass growth.
  • The lawn survives the winter better and quickly departs after it.
  • Dense and turfy root system.
  • Auxiliary top dressing displaces weeds.
  • Plants do not suffer from trampling and crushing.
  • They recover quickly.
  • The grass always looks fresh, lively, and bright.