6 of the Best Green Fruit Plants You Can Grow

Pear Best Green Fruit Plants

Green fruit plants may be a good choice for a few different reasons. Usually, the general motive of growing plants is to create some additional beauty in the surroundings. Focusing on the looks of your house, whether from the outside to the interior, is not a bad idea. From flowering shrubs to fruit trees, many types of plants can have the same impact as far as attraction is concerned. Having the goal to add some plants that produce green fruits can enhance your garden to a whole new level.

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18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home

Grapes 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home

Have you ever considered growing edible vine plants with limited space? Do you like to showcase your creativity by incorporating an architectural design of your home garden through the presence of vines? This article is made for you if you answer yes to either or both questions.

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Information On How To Tell If A Cucumber Is Ripe

How to tell if a cucumber is ripe

Cucumbers are one of the most popular types of cultivated plants grown in Russia. Each gardener, one way or another, grows cucumbers and tries to get a good harvest in the fall. This culture is hardy and unpretentious, which adds another plus to its popularity. In addition to the secrets of growing cucumbers, gardeners may have a question about the degree of their ripeness. 

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Do Cucumbers Need A Trellis – Inspiring Answers

Do Cucumbers Need A Trellis 2

The demand for cucumber among all vegetable crops is very high since it is eaten almost all year round, both raw and salted. That is why in nearly every vegetable garden, you can see a place for cucumber bushes, to which a lot of attention is paid. Typically, this plant clings to any support with its green antennae to reach for sunlight. So, growing on a trellis is the right option for cucumber. Trellis fully provides the light necessary for the rapid ripening of fruits, eliminates contact with harmful bacteria, and promotes better pollination.

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How Long Do Cucumbers Take To Grow – Everything You Need To know

How Long Do Cucumbers Take To Grow

Cucumbers are the early ripening crops that yield a harvest within 40 days after germination. However, even the late ones begin to bear fruit early after 60 days. During the growing season, the cucumbers form new cells, tissues, and organs, increasing their volume and mass. The growth and development are carried out in stages and are accompanied by the formation of foliage, shoots, buds, ovaries, and fruits. Nevertheless, few people manage to get maximum yields because cucumbers quickly fall ill and dry out. Often this is from improper care. Therefore, it is crucial to provide cucumbers with the most comfortable conditions.

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