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The Only 4 Best Flea Fogger You’ll Ever Need

Flee Fleas!

Fleas can be a source of annoyance or even insufferable frustration depending on the magnitude of infestation in your home and your yard. Having pets and children raise the stakes even more as you strive to rid yourselves of these little bloodsuckers. Parasites, in every sense of the word, fleas can bring untold damage. Sadly, there is no quick way to get rid of fleas despite all the best flea fogger, warm washes, insecticides and repellants that you might use.

Unlike, say, roaches which you can dispose of via insect sprays, fleas are much harder to reach and completely decimate. Many products may just diminish a population, but if you do not completely wipe fleas out or target their source, they’ll quickly spread again.

Hence, in this article, we’ll look into a holistic approach to addressing your flea problems while also looking at the best flea fogger you can use in your home as well as the best way to use this tool.

At A Glance

Here’s a quick look at the flea foggers that we’ll be considering as well as their features.

Flea Fogger

Coverage (1 can)

Highlight Features


5000 cu. ft / 625 sq. ft

Kills up to 2 months, no residue, penetrates cranks

2000 cu. ft / 300 sq. ft

Indoor use, no odor or stains, no residue

2000 cu. ft / 300 sq. ft

Kills up to 1.5 months, no stains, neutralizes odors

2000 cu. ft / 300 sq. ft

Inhibits infestation up to 7 months, controls bed bugs