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The Best Tips On Growing The Bleeding Flower Heart: Lamprocapnos

Bleeding Heart on the Line

Some flowers simply defy explanation. Take for instance the ephemeral beauty of the Lamprocapnos. Many also call it the bleeding heart due to its pink heart-shaped flowers with a protruding tip that, on the vine, resembles a series of bleeding hearts dangling on a line. Surprisingly, though, these lovely blooms are just the flower buds and have yet to open fully. When they do fully bloom, the flower heart seemingly breaks open and reveals an inner white flower.

Being an ephemeral, this perennial enters a dormant period during summer, so its one-of-a-kind flower buds are short-lived. Fortunately, the bleeding flower heart continuously forms blossoms, so you’ll often have its graceful buds in view.

What’s especially enjoyable, though is that, you don’t have to resign yourself with enjoying the Lamprocapnos in the wild since you can grow them yourself!