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6 Absolutely Vibrant Flowers That Start With P & Their Secrets

Run the Gamut

Ultimately, color is our sensitivity to light and how our minds perceive visible light’s different wavelengths. Longer wavelengths give us oranges and reds, while shorter ones give us blues and violets. Then, between these spectrums are all the other color combinations that we can see in our world. It is no novel idea, however, especially with these six vibrant flowers that start with P, which colors have a powerful effect on both our minds and our bodies.

The impact of color in our lives, especially in the proper context can move us. When correctly applied, your perception of colors can make you and others feel particular emotions and think of specific thoughts. It’s no wonder then how the deep reds in roses, the soft pastels in plumerias, or the light pinks in peonies, have a profound impact on any that look upon them.

With these six vibrant flowers that start with P, you’ll have flowers in your garden or bouquets running the gamut of the color spectrum.