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The Flowers That Start With Q: 4 Of The Most Regal

God Save the Queens

In our list of flowers that start with Q, we find ourselves facing, not diamonds in the rough, but royalty. Two on our list are great sentinels that will grow into beautiful trees with blooms that befit their names.

But what makes a queen? Some say a crown; others say a kingdom. With our four regal flowers, however, it is their dominance over their kind in size, color, and grandeur. They are the alpha blooms, the cream of the crop. These plants are the biggest, most vibrant, or most spectacular of their species that they are true sovereigns.

Although people may know these flowers that start with Q by other names, theirsuperb qualities still shine through.

Hence, the gardener that wishes to add some excellence to their collection of blooms, or a particularly kingly, or queenly, tropical tree to their garden (or estate), look no further than these four flowering plants.