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The Flowers That Start With V: 12 Of The Most Fantastic

To Hermes

Hermes is the mythological emissary who would carry the messages of the Greek gods with speed and grace. One legend tells of Hermes accidentally, and fatally wounding his dear friend Crocus, whose spilled blood gave birth the Crocus flower. Although we may not be privy to the gods or have Hermes’ winged sandals, we too may send meaningful messages with grace with flowers. Take for example these flowers that start with V.

As you decide on a gift and a message for a dear loved one or a fellow flower enthusiast, consider the symbolism behind the bloom.

11 Of The Most Splendid Flowers That Start With U & Their Symbolic Meanings

At the Heart

It is quite undeniable that flowers have become a significant part of human life. Blooms are ever present in special occasions, celebrations, and even in times of grief and bereavement. Many of these events may even associate themselves with a specific kind or particular set of blooms. Hence we learn that blooms, are not merely for decoration, as you’ll see with our flowers that start with U, but they also carry profound meaning and unspoken messages.

It’s no wonder that interest in horticulture has always been present if not steadily rising. Also, careers or hobbies in gardening or floristry are almost always in demand. Blooms are at the very center if this work. You can even say the flowers are the very heart of every garden. Take a look at this five flowers that start with U, and you’ll understand why.

13 Of The Most Scintillating Flowers That Start With R

Sparkling Bloom

Through the ages, flowers, especially roses, have continued to scintillate and amaze people, earning their reverence and adoration. The most famous playwright, William Shakespeare himself said: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Roses continue to make history until today

However, though roses are a chief favorite of gardeners and non-gardeners alike, they forget that there are blooms as beautiful, maybe even more so than roses. The other flowers that start with R are both scintillating, and also unique! Though roses may be lovely, their ubiquity leaves little room for innovation. So, be sure to check these other flowers that start with R and add an unusual twist to your bouquet and garden!

The Flowers That Start With Q: 8 Of The Most Regal

God Save the Queens

In our list of flowers that start with Q, we find ourselves facing, not diamonds in the rough, but royalty. Two on our list are great sentinels that will grow into beautiful trees with blooms that befit their names.

But what makes a queen? Some say a crown; others say a kingdom. With our four regal flowers, however, it is their dominance over their kind in size, color, and grandeur. They are the alpha blooms, the cream of the crop. These plants are the biggest, most vibrant, or most spectacular of their species that they are true sovereigns.

22 Absolutely Vibrant Flowers That Start With P & Their Secrets

Run the Gamut

Ultimately, color is our sensitivity to light and how our minds perceive visible light’s different wavelengths. Longer wavelengths give us oranges and reds, while shorter ones give us blues and violets. Then, between these spectrums are all the other color combinations that we can see in our world. It is no novel idea, however, especially with these six vibrant flowers that start with P, which colors have a powerful effect on both our minds and our bodies.