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14 Things You Should Know About Growing Alstroemeria

Dive into the Exotic

You may have already met the beautiful alstroemeria from our article about flowers that start with A. You may also know this plant as the Peruvian lily, or more affectionately, the Lily of the Incas. In any case, growing alstroemeria is a noble pursuit as these unique and colorful perennials are a joy to have in your garden or your home! Once summer arrives, your alstroemeria will greet you with its wonderful speckled blooms the run the gamut of bright colors.

The Lily of the Incas isaherbaceous perennialwith zygomorphic flowers. These bilaterally symmetrical bloomsgenerally have three sepals and three speckled petals. Interestingly, the leaves of alstroemerias twist in growth and end up upside down. Additionally, these plants have tuberous roots and usually grow 2- 3 feet in height. Finally, the alstroemeria is most popular for being an excellent cut flower, both for its showy blooms and its very long lifespan.