How To Grow Basil In Water (7 Tips)

How to grow basil in water

Basil is a spicy annual plant, which is well known to every person because it is used mainly in cooking. It grows in greenhouses and vegetable gardens in good conditions, so you should not even doubt whether it is possible to grow basil on a windowsill. Growing basil in a city apartment will provide a family with healthy greenery for the whole year. This plant has been used as a diaphoretic and antipyretic agent for a long time, perfectly stimulating the immune system.

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Why Are Your Basil Leaves Turning Yellow? It Could Be One Of These 5 Reasons!

Why Are Your Basil Leaves Turning Yellow

Basil Who does not like the flavor of basil? It is used so extensively in cooking because of the way it enhances the taste of any dish. It is also called great basil and belongs to the family of mints. Native to central Africa’s regions to Southeast Asia, Basil is a tender plant with many … Read more