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Guess How Long Does Watermelon Last? This Is Shocking!

How long does watermelon last after harvested from its vine or sliced and refrigerated? This is probably a good question for first time planters of the fruit.

Watermelon, a popular tropical, juice fruit, is loaded with vitamins and essential properties that help lower the risk of certain health conditions. It is a great source of vitamins A, B6, C, carotenoid lycopene, amino acids and antioxidants.

As far as shelf life is concerned, watermelon can last up to 3 days to 2 weeks. The storage duration depends on when is harvested, how it is cut and how ripe it is. But what matters is that you should be familiar with how long does watermelon last and how to properly store it. Keep in mind that once picked or harvested off the vine, its life is limited, especially when ripe.

How Long Does Broccoli Last? Unexpected, Unbelievable!

Broccoli is one of the favorite and very familiar vegetables eaten in the world. It is delicious and healthy as it is loaded with nutrients from B vitamins to vitamin C. vitamins E to K, folate (folic acid) to potassium, calcium to iron, among others. Amazingly, you can eat this raw or slightly steamed and of coursed roasted. It is definitely a great food to add to regular diet due to these healthy facts, but also of its versatility. You can make almost any dish in which you can include broccoli as main or additional ingredient.

One downside about broccoli is that it’s easy and quick to perish. You cannot afford to waste a whole bunch of this cruciferous vegetable, although it may be just a few bucks. It’s still a food filled with many vitamins and minerals as well as anti-cancer properties. So this gives us the questions regarding how long does broccoli last and how to keep it fresh much longer.

How Long Does Grass Take To Grow? This is Shocking Truth!

How long does grass take to grow? The simple answer is anytime between 5 days and 30 days. Sometimes, it even extends up to 45 days.

The right term for grass growth is germination. That’s the initial development that indicates the grass seed has finally turned into grass – yay!

Some species of grass develop very quickly. Others may be longer than expected. So, how long does grass take to grow depends on a few factors. Let’s briefly discuss one by one to see the difference and have a more understanding how grass grows.

How Long Does Grass Seed Last? Here is the Answer

How long does grass seed last? This is probably the next most important question after finding out how long does grass take to grow.

Let’s say you have plenty of seeds left after a successful planting. Now, what would you do with those? Are you just gonna throw them?

You may think that it’s the simplest solution. But no! Grass seeds can last long, and maybe even longer than what you think.