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Things To Remember When Taking Care Of The Jade Flower

Crassulla Argentea

People say that money doesn’t grow on trees, so I bought a Money Tree instead. It may not bring extra cash, but the Money Tree, or Jade Flower Plant, can sure bring a smile to your face, which in the end is much more important. So whether you’re in it for luck or for the friendship (the jade flower is also called the friendship plant), this lovely succulent will be worth your time.

The evergreen jade flower goes by many names. Officially, botanists refer to this succulent as the Crassula Argentea or Crassula Ovata. Commonly, though, people call it lucky plant, dollar plant, money tree, or friendship tree. A well-nurtured jade plant will have thick branches and deep jade-green foliage. Then, it may gift you with delicate white, or pink flowers come spring and winter.