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How Long Does Lettuce Last and How To Store Them For Longer?

How Long Does Lettuce Last

Like you many people have the same question, how long does lettuce last? Everyone loves to eat a sandwich or any other foods that contain lettuce. But when you are making a dish at home, you need to know how to keep the lettuce fresh or how long the lettuce will last.

No one would love to see lettuce losing the natural green color and the taste. So here are some of the useful tips and tricks that will help you to keep the lettuce last longer.

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Why Is My Lettuce Bitter?

Lettuce Salad

As gardeners, we take pride in being able to grow our own vegetables, and we get satisfaction from seeing them grow day after day. But what if the time to harvest comes and all we have to show for our efforts is fruit or vegetables that disappoint with their taste? Bitter lettuce is one of the most common plights of gardeners, who inevitably have to ask Why is my lettuce bitter? What did I do wrong? Was it the weather or my care? In this article, we'll examine some of the most common reasons behind bitter lettuce, and how you can avoid that situation in the future.

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