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The Top 6 Of The Best Electric Pressure Washer For Your Yard

The Bane of Grime

Lounging in your favorite chair out in your yard or patio as you drink a cold and refreshing soda on a beautiful day is one of life’s great moments. However, with the many joys of a prized garden and a decorated yard comes the need for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Usually, a broom will not be enough for all that stubborn dirt, stains, bird poop, pine pollen, grime, and mold that settles into the nooks, crannies, and pores. You’ll need the best electric pressure washer for all that debris and mildew build up on your concrete and wood surfaces, as well as other garden fixtures.

Therefore, I’ve listed for you what I think are six of the best electric pressure washer! I’ve made sure to include pressure washers of different sizes, spray strengths, as well as spray features, so you’ll find the perfect product for your yard.

At a Glance



Cleaning Units (PSI * GPM)



14.5 amp /1800 Watt

(2,030 * 1.76 )

5 nozzles + turbo wand

13 Amp/ 1.5 HP

(1,900 * 1.50)

2 wands

14.5 amp / 1800 Watt

(2,200 * 1.80)

5 nozzles

11 Amp/ 1.3 HP

(1,500 * 1.58)

1 adjustable wand

14 Amp/1.6 HP

(2,000 * 1.4)

4 nozzles

13 Amp / -

(2,000 * 1.6)

Adjustable wand + spinning patio cleaner