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When to Harvest and How to Ripen Strawberries

Strawberries are among the favorite fruits due to their juicy and delicious flavor. It would be a great idea to have your own strawberry field. When the harvest time comes around, picking them is very fun, I tell you. The question now is how to ripen strawberries or when’s the best time to harvest them?

Strawberries have three main varieties. The first one is called Day-Neutral as it is not sensitive to day length. It tolerates a temperature range from 35 to 85. It produces flowers, fruits and runners several times. The second one is Everbearer that produces buds during summer and some days in fall or autumn. The last variety is Junebearer, which is very sensitive to day length and produces flowers and fruits during spring.

Depending on the type, you may be picking strawberries in either spring or early autumn. While waiting, it’s important to monitor their buds and runners. Caring for the plant is basically how to ripen strawberries.