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How to Cut Back Overgrown Rose Bushes in 4 Simple Steps

How to Cut Back Overgrown Rose Bushes

Who Doesn’t Love to Have Those Roses

I admit I have been a little overzealous in my love for the rose flower. I have tended to over a dozen varieties of rose plants in my pots and yard. I now have a bed of roses of about 15 varieties. However, once upon a time, due to my hectic work schedule, my plants got neglected. Some of my rose plants died due to black spots, while some others due to powdery mildew. From what was left of my garden, I faced a huge problem of overgrown rose bushes.

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How To Revive Roses: 8 Vital Tips To Save Dying Bushes

In This Guide:

  • Clean and rid your roses of pests and weeds
  • Pruning roses
  • Fertilizing roses
  • Checking soil’s ph level
  • Adding mulch
  • “Has my rosebush died?”
  • Glossary of terms
  • Wherever planted, roses add an elegance and sophistication few other flowering plants can muster. They’re undoubtedly a royalty among flora, hence they come with all the trappings and maintenance that human royalty may require – that is, much time, attention, cost, care, and nurturing.
  • Both literally and figuratively, all roses have thorns. There is, however, beauty in its fragility. That beauty is, surely, worth all the thorns.