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Does Baking Soda Raise or Lower pH? Find Out in 5 Easy Ways!

Does Baking Soda Raise or Lower pH

What is the pH Level?

Let us first understand what pH is! The term pH means the power or potential of hydrogen has which can make a solution acidic or no-acidic. When we say non-acidic we mean alkaline. Baking soda is substance with alkalinity. When you mix it with any acid, it transforms the pH level. This is the reason why, when you have an upset stomach; it can quickly give you relief!!

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How to Test Soil pH – This is Very Easy I Swear

Every gardener must have the basic knowledge on how to test soil pH. If this doesn’t sound too familiar to you, don’t worry. Here’s a simple guide that can help you determine whether the soil you’re going to use is good enough for your plants or not.

Remember that the soil is a primary factor in growing plants. This is composed of nutrients that are technically designed to help grow plants and make them healthy. Aside from choosing the right types, soil must have a normal pH. It is not ideal if it’s high in alkaline or too low in acid.