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The 5 Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers You Should Check Out!

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The best gas powered hedge trimmers are the machine, which are helpful in trimming shrubs, bushes and of course hedges in your garden. There are different kinds of hedge trimmers available in the market such as electric hedge trimmers, battery powered trimmers and gas powered hedge trimmers.

Traditionally, hedge trimming can be a nightmare since it is quite a strenuous activity that requires a lot of time and energy to trim all the hedges in your garden with a simple pair of garden shears.

This is where hedge trimmers come in and make the entire process a lot simpler without wasting too much of your time and energy. Especially if you have a large garden with a bunch of hedges to trim, a gas powered hedge trimmer makes the job a whole lot easier due to its power and portability.

What are Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers?

A Gas Powered hedge trimmer is a 2 stroke engine that would need a mixture of gas and oil to run. Owing to its 2 stroke engine, gas powered hedge trimmers are capable of generating a lot of power and thus is generally used by people who have large gardens and thus have a lot of hedges to trim.

An advantage that gas powered hedge trimmers have is that they are quite easily portable and they also are capable of running for a long time with just a single refill of gas.

Husqvarna 122HD45 18 in. 21.7cc 2 Cycle Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer - Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers
Husqvarna 122HD45 18 in. 21.7cc 2 Cycle Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer via

What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying A Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer?

There are a few key aspects to consider before you make your final decision on which gas powered trimmer you want to buy. These are:

  • Weight: given that gas hedge trimmers consist of a gas tank and an engine, they can become quite weighty and this might be a problem if you spend a lot of time trimming hedges in a large garden. Choosing a trimmer that is lightweight may be better and less tiring.
  • Power: though power isn’t usually a problem with gas powered hedge trimmers, they are available in different capacities ranging from 21 CC to 28 CC which you should decide on before you buy one. The more the power output, the heavier the trimmer gets.
  • Handle: with this aspect, ergonomics is very important for a comfortable handle. The comfort of the handle is important to tend to larger gardens.
    • A wrap up handle is very comfortable to reach into inaccessible areas of hedges.
    • Many trimmers also come with rotating handles which enable you to change the orientation, which makes trimming in any direction easier without getting your hands in a knot.
  • Bar Length and Blade: since the blade is a crucial part of your trimmer, you need to be precise when you choose the perfect blade.
    • The blades can even be dual action which provides for twice the performance while also reducing the vibration. The bar length would depend on the size of your hedges.
    • The bar length can vary from 16 to 24 inches and the length of the bar affects the power output that your trimmer would require.

The 5 Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

1. Tanaka TCH22EBP2 21cc 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 24-Inch Commercial Double-Sided Blades

Tanaka TCH22EBP2 21cc 2 Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer with 24 Inch Commercial Double Sided Blades - Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers


The Tanaka Gas Powered hedge Trimmer is a 21.1 CC powered trimming tool that is great for trimming hedges. This Hedge trimmer also has a 2 stroke engine which makes it very powerful.

It has a 24 inch blade which is dual action and thus reduces the vibration that it produces while trimming hedges. It has a rear handle which is comfortable to handle and also offers 5 different positioning options which makes hedge trimming ultimately easy as it is not taxing on your arms.

Additionally, it has a forward facing exhaust which prevents the hedges from burning up.

This Gas trimmer, at about 10.3 pounds is lightweight and offers a smooth start up using S- Technology which reduces the pull force by half.


  • Powerful engine
  • 7 year warranty
  • Dual action lengthy blade
  • 5 position rear handle


  • Slightly expensive
  • Low durability

2. Poulan Pro PP2822 22-Inch 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro PP2822 22 Inch 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer - Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers


The Poulan Pro Gas Powered hedge trimmer has a powerful 2 stroke engine with a high power output of 28 CC. This renders this hedge trimmer compatible with trimming nearly all kinds of hedges, bushes and shrubs.

Additionally, it has a 22 inch long blade that is dual action which means you get twice the efficiency with little vibration which makes it easy and comfortable to handle. This trimmer can even trim hedges which are nearly ¾ inches thick.

It has a rotatable handle which makes it easier to access all parts of the hedge as well as trim in any direction. 


  • Extremely powerful 28 CC engine
  • Dual action blade that is 22 inches long
  • High durability
  • Comfortable handle


  • Weighs around 16 pounds and can thus be quite heavy to carry around
  • The hot air from the exhaust blows on the user due to placement issues

3. Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Echo HC 152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer - Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers


The Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer consists of a 2 stroke engine which has an average power output of 21.1 CC which is sufficient for smaller gardens that have lesser number of hedges that are not too thick.

Further, it has an air filtration system that is commercial grade and this increases the life of the 2 stroke engine and this makes the hedge trimmer quite durable.

This trimmer also has a pair of double sided blades which are about 22 inches long and are ‘RazorEdge’ which provides for excellent trimming performance and will last for a very long time.

It has an ergonomic handle which is comfortable and facilitates lengthy sessions of trimming without straining your hands.

Additionally, the handle also comes with a safety guard that protects your hands from flying debris. At just 11.8 pounds, it is a handy and lightweight gas powered hedge trimmer meant for small gardens. 


  • Powerful engine
  • Air filtration system
  • Lightweight
  • High durability


  • Not viable for larger gardens or commercial use
  • Low power

4. ​​Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer 9665324-02

Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7 in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer 9665324 02 - Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers


The Husqvarna Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer has a 2 stroke engine which has the average power output of 21.1 CC which renders it powerful enough to trim thin and small hedges, small shrubs and branches.

It has a dual action blade that is 23 inches long and thus reduces the amount of vibration caused to the user’s arms.

The engine is also equipped such that it produces less noise while trimming and also comes with a smart start which helps in starting this gas powered hedge trimmer with minimal effort.

The handle is also very comfortable and reduces the strain caused to the arms while trimming. Further, the handle can be rotated while trimming which allows you to trim your hedges vertically or horizontally as required.

At just 10.8 pounds, it is a lightweight hedge trimmer making it easier to carry around for longer trimming sessions. 


  • Powerful engine
  • Dual action blade
  • Smart start technology
  • Low noise production


  • Requires a carburetor adjustment before its first use
  • Low power which is insufficient for commercial use

5. ​​Husqvarna 122HD45 18 in. 21.7cc 2-Cycle Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 122HD45 18 in. 21.7cc 2 Cycle Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer - Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers


The Husqvarna Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer has a 2 stroke engine which has a power output of 21.1 CC and weighs just 10.3 pounds, which makes this hedge trimmer one of the lightest and most compact trimmers available in the market.

This makes it a great investment for light trimming sessions in smaller gardens that have small and thin hedges to trim.

It has a dual sided blade that is 18 inches long which provides for an easy rough trim on the face of it. More intense trimming will need some probing around, but the anti-vibration dampeners make this trimmer easy to handle by reducing the strain on the user’s arms.

Additionally, it is a low noise trimmer that includes a smart start feature to provide for easy starting of the machine with minimal effort. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Short blade increases stability
  • Dual sided blade


  • Problems with rubber gas line
  • Short blade is not suitable for all trimming tasks


Evidently, a great choice would be to purchase number 3 on our list, which is the ‘Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer’ given its highly powerful engine and handy structure that is also lightweight.

Combined with an air filtration system as well as a design that reduces vibration to prevent additional strain on the user’s hands, it is an efficient gas powered hedge trimmer that will wholly satisfy your trimming requirements for small scale tasks.