Top 7 Easiest Vegetables to Grow for a Beginner

Grow your vegetables. Seriously, it’s not as hard as you think it is and you know what goes into it. So, apart from eating healthy, fresh and organic vegetables, you get to enjoy the fruit of your labour.


Although labour sounds a bit too intense if you knew how easy it was to grow the vegetables listed below, not everything good has to be worked extra hard for, it comes easily with just a little effort but maximum satisfaction and result.

Look at the list below and give it a try if you have the space and time for it

1) Lettuce

Yes, this vegetable which we see so often in our burgers and salads is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. The seed is very readily available in any general store or a nursery. It should be grown in early spring or autumn as it is a cold-weather plant. One advice to avoid overrunning with lettuce at one time is to grow other smaller plants with it.

2) Carrots

Again, another salad vegetable that is crunchy, tasty and nutritious. Carrots are root vegetables which are super easy to grow. You can plant them in a container or the soil. They’ll grow well in both. Although, you do have to ensure the soil is not clayey and clumpy as they need room to grow. Harvest when the top is bushy, big and green.

3) Green Beans

There’s a variety of green beans you can choose from, but one that requires the least effort is the bush beans. You have to plant them in well-drained soil. They need an adequate amount of sunlight. Put a thick layer of compost on top and sow the seeds directly in them.

4) Cucumbers

Easy to eat, easy to grow. Cucumber is super healthy vegetable is super easy to grow. Provide the roots ample space to spread and grow. Avoid planting it in the cold and frosty months. It will not grow well in frosty weather.

5) Tomatoes

These juicy red vegetables, which is a part of most meals, is not at all difficult to grow.  A lot of sun and a little water every day will produce fruits all summer long. Also, it is advised to plant them indoors for the first four-six weeks and then transplant them outdoors. There’s no comparison between a store-bought tomato and an organic tomato.

6) Spinach

“Eat your greens”, they say, but I say.”Grow your Greens.” We all know the health benefits of leafy greens like spinach, but maybe we didn’t know how easy it was to grow this vegetable ourselves. All it needs is well-drained soil and compost, prefers bright, sunny areas to grow. You can sow the seeds directly into the soil. It can produce all through the year and is tolerant of cold weather as well.

7) Radish

Radies are also roots vegetables and can easily grow like carrots. It is easy to grow them in containers. You can sow the seeds directly into the soil. Place some compost also in the soil. The soil should be well-drained soil allowing the roots to grow to its full size.

If you are a new gardener or someone who’s just starting to pick an interest in growing your food, give these vegetables a try. They won’t disappoint you. It doesn’t require a crazy amount of your time. So go ahead, plant some vegetables, eat healthy, and plant again.

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