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What Animals Eat Strawberries – Quick Answers

When you invest in planting strawberries, it goes without saying that you need to consume them first. When they ripen, almost anything that moves tends to consume these strawberries first.

Most of them eat strawberries because they feed at night when people are asleep. Strawberries are often corrected from the vine to reveal several smaller holes, a deep hole, or the juice of drained, dried fruit, after which they are mushed.

What animals eat strawberries? Essentially, these fruits are eaten by many animals because of their excellent taste and nutritional value. Here’s what they eat.

What Animals Eat Strawberries?

1. Squirrels

Squirrels What Animals Eat Strawberries
Cute Black Squirrel Eats Strawberries via Flickr

They are very energetic and consume fruit with great eagerness. Squirrels love eating any berries they can find, like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and more.

The sugar content of ripe strawberries increases by about 10%, so it is not surprising that squirrels are charmed by this fruit.

When the strawberry reaches full maturity, the cell walls break down, making the fruit juicy. Not surprisingly, this fruit is the target of squirrels as it is sweet and soft.

As we all be familiar with, squirrels mostly live on the trees and feed on various vegetables. Also, these rodents can find an ideal feeding spot in your yard or garden.

2. Raccoons

Raccoons are animals that are known to eat and damage sweet corn. But, these species do not spare other plants such as strawberries, peas, potatoes, melons, and fruit trees.

Gardeners often struggle to keep raccoons away from the yield because they love strawberries. You can apply repellent sprays to scare them because they offer some protection. However, you may require to use these sprays regularly to keep them far from your favorite plants.

You should also apply repellent more often after rain or after watering the plants. If you employ drip irrigation and live in a dry climate, repellent sprays can be very effective. Likewise, you can also use a wildlife net near the strawberry plant to flee raccoons away.

3. Birds

Strawberries are also popularly eaten by birds like crows, blue jays, robins, etc. They love to eat these delicious red fruits. There are many different birds in our plants and trees.

However, as they begin to destroy our crops, we must take steps to keep these birds away. To restrict them from the strawberries, you can hang cans or metallic tapes around them. In this case, the birds will be scared and won’t harm your strawberries.

Birds What Animals Eat Strawberries
Birds Eat Strawberries via Pxhere

Nevertheless, remember that this solution is temporary, and birds can get used to their farms and revisit them. In this case, you can choose a bird net with ¼-inch holes.

Essentially, these are pretty cheap and protect your strawberries effectively. Another effective method to restrict birds from your strawberry vegetation is to use exclusion or barrier methods that make it hard for many birds to enter your strawberries.

4. Deer

The main diet for deer consists of leaves and different parts of the plants. But you can also find them eating delicious fruits. Because strawberries are very sweet when ripe, it’s not a surprise that they are the most desirable fruit for deer.

They enjoy eating them, which attracts them to any yard that has these berries. You can prevent the deer from eating strawberries using a mesh hardware cloth at least 6 feet wide.

This mesh assists in building a protective and strong cylinder near the plant. You may do this around every plant or choose a small garden area.

Since deer cannot dig holes, you may place a mesh cloth on your plant and sink it around 6 inches into the ground for a solid grip.

5. Rabbits

Rabbits are intelligent and can use a lot of time munching on the strawberries. Also, rabbits eat the leaves and other gentle parts to balance the sugar content in the fruits. These animals have an exacting taste for these red fruits, and wild rabbits love eating small fruits.

If you own a pet rabbit and constantly find it near the berry plant, try to include different berries in the diet. For example, you can give it a variety of fruits like raspberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

6. Marmots

Marmots love the strawberries’ taste, and even others may even damage the plant by nibbling on them. You can also face the mysterious loss of your berries.

If you are a gardener, you have probably noticed marmots each morning. To protect the strawberry plant from marmots, you need to build a wooden pen and place a wire mesh above the cage to prevent the animals from accessing this enclosure.

Unfortunately, fences don’t permanently restrict rabbits away from strawberry plants. In fact, these animals can dig some holes underground and climb into your backyard to eat these delicious strawberries.

7. Turtles and tortoises

Turtles and tortoises can eat both strawberries and tropical fruits. Even though they are not ordinary creatures that roam in the garden or yard, turtles can be around, especially if there is a pond or other body of water nearby.

Strawberries are high in sugar and may be unsafe to shelled creatures if regularly fed in large quantities.

Turtles and tortoises What Animals Eat Strawberries
Turtles Eat Strawberries via Maxpixel

However, sometimes you can use a piece of strawberry inside your turtle’s diet as a pleasant treat.

If you have dessert or Mediterranean turtles, you should restrict them from the old strawberry plant that is starting to decay because older leaves discharge hydrogen cyanide gas that can be highly toxic to tortoises and turtles.

8. Hamsters

Hamsters What Animals Eat Strawberries
Hamsters Eat Strawberries via Pxhere

Hamsters can comfortably eat strawberries without harming themselves. If you own a pet like a hamster, you can feed it a teaspoon of small strawberry slices twice or once a week.

However, feed your pet these berries sparingly, as huge amounts will quickly spoil these creatures and make them miss them more.

After giving your hamster strawberries, remove any leftover berry from the cage or pen as it can cause mold growth that might be dangerous to the pet’s health.


Many types of animals eat strawberries, and it may take some time to identify them. Investigate the location and see if you will notice any signs. Some of the animals that eat strawberries are easy to control, but others are challenging. You need to research and get the correct method to protect your strawberries.