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What Crystals Are Good for Plants – 5 Crystals!

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Are your plants dying? Wondering how to keep them alive? Well, you might need some magic of the healing crystals. But what crystals are good for plants?

This question might be in your mind if you care about those plants growing in your garden. But why do we need crystals?

Crystals heal plants the same way as they heal humans, hence the name healing crystals. These crystals can help every organism by boosting their present capabilities or healing earlier wounds.

The crystal’s vibration affects the energy field, which helps by synchronizing and harmonizing things in the physical world through frequency and wavelengths. The plants in your garden with energy blocks get healed with the use of healing crystals.

This article gives you an insight into various benefits of using crystals and the best healing crystals for the plants in your garden.

What Crystals Are Good for Plants
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Crystals in Your Garden

The use of crystals and precious stones for healing energies is not just a modern thing. Native American shamans and various healers from all over the world have benefitted from the healing energy power for thousands of years.

Various stones were used with a belief in their healing power for different wounds. They were used to heal humans, plants and animals as well.

The use of crystals for healing is still practiced by various healers. These crystals are believed to represent four different elements: air, water, fire and earth. They add harmony and balance of energy to your garden.

Apart from the healing energies of crystals, adding crystals can add a decorative look to your garden to make it look even more aesthetic. Healing crystals are available in different colours and have unique textures, such as smooth polished edges or spiky surfaces.

Whimsical crystals hanging from tree in Bloomtown garden in Portland What Crystals Are Good for Plants
Whimsical crystals hanging from tree in Bloomtown garden in Portland via Flickr

Some of the factors to consider when looking for crystals for your garden are sunlight, soil composition, weather, etc. Various crystals have their specific frequency and colours that yields additional benefits for your plants.

You need to know about your goals for your garden before choosing any crystals, as it helps in the research for finding the best ones to heal your garden.

These crystals can be used in fountains, container gardens, birdbaths and fairy gardens if they are small in size. Large crystals can be used as a garden décor, statues, gazing balls or even to paved trails.

Antique crystal lamps can be hung from tree limbs and used as overhangs. They cast dancing light in your garden when the sun hits them.

What Crystals Are Good for Plants – (5 Crystals)

1) Clear Quartz

This crystal helps to boost and power up other crystals as it is the master healer of all crystals. Primarily used in holistic healing, it is believed to have high energy vibrations, which amplifies the energy.

Clear quartz helps in the healing of plants and their overall growth with its resonating frequency. It even helps to make your garden’s soil fertile.

The white glassy surface of this crystal reflects sunlight and also casts rainbow reflections sometimes. They are reported to help tomato plants resist various diseases and pests.

Clear Quartz What Crystals Are Good for Plants
Clear Quartz via Wikimedia

2) Moss Agate

This crystal is called a gardener’s stone as it helps to develop a deeper bond between you and your plant. It falls among the most used crystals by gardeners. It helps to make your bond with nature even stronger by facilitating you to grow your own roots even deeper.

Placing a Moss Agate crystal among the plants lightens up your garden. It is a light green coloured crystal with polished or non-polished surfaces. It promotes your bonding with the earth and radiates grounding energies. It even adds balance and induces health and vitality in your garden.

Moss Agate has an average rock shape and is available in small and large sizes. These crystals with polished surfaces can be used aesthetically in your cacti and succulent gardens as well as fairy gardens.

Moss Agate What Crystals Are Good for Plants
Moss Agate via Wikimedia

3) Moonstone

Moonstone, as its name suggests, is said to be the crystal with energies of the moon. It helps to promote the restorative health of the plants, making them more fertile. They are believed to help grow happy plants by Native Americans.

They vibrate on a peaceful and joyous natural frequency which helps to remove negative energies from your plants. It is one of the best crystals for gardening as it helps in the development of fresh seeds. So, it is also called the crystal of new beginnings.

Moonstone is a white crystal that can be used to decorate your moon gardens with landscape lighting. It helps to increase the rate of plant cells regeneration for them to grow faster. It also adds peace and relaxation energy to your garden.

Moonstone What Crystals Are Good for Plants
Moonstone via Wikimedia

4) Malachite

Malachite is said to be the crystal of fertility and vegetation, as per Egyptians. It is used to deflect various electromagnetic forces that can affect the growth of your plants. It has different veins with deep green shades.

This is a green crystal that can give your garden an aesthetic and a unique look. This crystal improves growth and abundance in your garden as well.

Malachite What Crystals Are Good for Plants
Malachite via Wikimedia

5) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of strength and courage, and support. It helps to bring harmony to your garden and facilitates the growth of roots.

This is an excellent protection stone that protects your plants from negative energies. They are usually brown or grey in colour with gold and white veins with a woody streaking pattern. They can be used to decorate your garden for a reflective, holographic effect in the presence of bright light. 

Tigers Eye What Crystals Are Good for Plants
Tigers Eye via Wikimedia


Healing crystals shower various benefits to the plants in your garden. They improve your plant’s overall health, increase their fertility and help them in their growth and development.

They clear out the negative energies and help in the circulation of the healing energies in your garden. They also make your garden look aesthetic and add up to your garden’s value.

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