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What Size Grow Tent For 2 Plants? (Must-know Tips For Beginners)

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Not only the primary duty of farmers, but planting has also been a hobby that anyone can enjoy in recent years. Those who grow trees as their favorite leisure activity often take good care of their plants and protect them from severe outside conditions such as high temperatures or snow. 

Also, they don’t have a large piece of land to set up a planting area like a greenhouse, so they choose growing tents instead. If you also have this hobby, you should begin with one or two small trees. And before taking up, you may need to know what size grow tent for 2 plants, which we will describe below. 

What Size Of Grow Tent Should You Use For 2 Plants?

It would be best if you had a tent large enough to put two pots inside but not too big, and the dimensions of 2×2 ft. in length and width are the minimum requirement.

A 2×4-ft tent is popular, but you should not choose one larger than 4×4 ft. What’s more, a growing tent must be 5 ft. or higher so that you can set up grow lights. 

What Size Grow Tent For 2 Plants

For more information about this kind of tent, continue to read the content below. 

Why Do We Need To Use Growing Tents?

As mentioned, many people prefer growing plants in tents because they want to protect them from adverse environmental effects. These include:

  • Climate: not all growers live in ideal places for planting, some may suffer from extremely hot or cold weather frequently, so they need a safer place with stable and comfortable temperatures for their plants. 
  • Infection: natural environments are good for trees, but sometimes harmful insects can attack and cause destructive damage or infect nasty diseases to the plants, making them unable to grow. Therefore, a protective tent is a perfect house to keep them from attackers. 
  • Odor: sometimes, the environment brings unpleasant smells to our growing area. These include odors from dissolving dead animals, smoke from burning garbage, or chemical from nearby factories. Such odors can negatively influence the plants and their growing process. 
  • Light and energy: sunlight and natural heat are necessary for most plants, but sometimes, nature provides more than we need and may harm the trees. Instead, with essential equipment, we can adjust these factors inside the tent suitable to the plants. 
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  • Space: you may have a large garden, but the land is not for planting. Therefore, setting up growing tents is an ideal choice to pursue your hobby. 

What To Consider When Buying Growing Tents

Before buying a growing tent, you need to think about several things below:

The most crucial factor is the size of the tent, which means how many plants you intend to grow inside and how big they are. By determining the number of plants, you can easily choose the proper dimensions.

Next, the material is also a critical factor to consider. A growing tent that is not too thick, easy to fold and store, affordable, and doesn’t absorb heat, or just a little, is a perfect choice for your plant. 

In addition, the tent style is what you need to consider because a well-designed style will inspire you in your job or hobby. 

What Does A Growing Tent Kit Include?

A growing tent is not simple like a camping tent, and below are all the things included in a kit:

  • A tent
  • Growing pots
  • Lighting system
  • Ventilating system: a fan, a filter, and hoses.
  • A timer
  • A temperature gauge
  • Other necessary components and objects

Setting Up A Plant Growing Tent

Step 1: Choose the place

Growing tents are created to protect plants from harmful environmental effects, so you need to choose a place far from adverse factors such as temperatures or wind to locate it. Once you decide the tent position, measure the size of the land to set up the tent without any obstacles. 

Step 2: Prepare necessary things

Unpack the tent kit to see what components it includes. You may need to spend time reading the instruction before doing the next steps.

Then, prepare some essential tools, including a tap measure, a plier, a wire cutter, and a screwdriver to install some components and adjust some objects to suit the conditions. 

Step 3: Decide the ventilation system style

This step is the most challenging part of the process, and many people get into trouble with this task. In general, if you use the tent for 2 to 4 plants, you need to put both the fan and filter inside because they can monitor the airflow and the odor better and scatter heat from the ceiling. 

Step 4: Set up the tent

Once you have all the necessary things and determine basic configurations, it’s time to set up the tent. Consider the door position for easy access and the direction of the ventilation system for better airflow. 

Step 5: Set up other components

These include the carbon filter, the lighting system, the temperature gauge, and the timer. 

For the carbon filter, you may choose among three styles: putting outside, putting inside, and hanging inside, depending on the space inside the tent.

For the lighting system, hang it in a high place that can shine over all the plants. For the temperature gauge and timer, make sure you can see and read its numbers even when you stand outside and poke your head in. After finishing all, run the system and check. 

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Multiple Tents And Multiple Chambers

Some people grow more than one kind of plant. Therefore, they need more space and separate the trees to monitor and take care of them more quickly.

There are two options for them to do that: using more tents and setting up a multi-chamber tent. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds?

For multiple tents, you can configure different conditions for different plants, from the temperature, lighting system, to airflow. It helps the trees grow faster and show their best qualities because they are put in ideal conditions.

However, this method is costly, time-consuming, and needs more land because you need to buy more tents, set them up, and stretch them in a larger space. 

On the other hand, a multi-chamber tent is cheaper and needs less space and time. You have only to install one ventilation system, lighting system, carbon filter, temperature gauge, and timer for a whole growing area, while you need to set up the complete set for each tent if you use multiple tents.

However, you may have difficulty configuring stable conditions for different plants in the tent, especially those that need dissimilar factors. 


Planting in tents is not simple like we may imagine, and we hope this article provides you with sufficient information about what size grow tent for 2 plants and other related knowledge. Share with your friend if you think this post is informative, then you can take up your planting if you find it interesting.