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When To Cut Grass After Overseeding – Ideal Period!

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A beautiful and well-groomed territory on a personal plot will decorate any private property. It is important not only to plant the grass but also to provide the necessary care on time. Then the lawn will delight you with thick bright green grass for more than one year. 

For the grass to be always green after overseeding, well-groomed and spread on the ground with an even dense carpet, it is necessary to start cutting in time.

The first mowing of the grass is an essential part of the future decorative appearance of the green covering. It is crucial to figure out when to cut for the first time after overseeding so that the grass does not have time to outgrow and lie down.

When To Cut Grass After Overseeding

The Importance of Cutting Grass After Overseeding

Without proper care, the grass loses all its decorative effect, becomes yellow, dull, and rough. Also, some of the leaves from old shoots fall off, leaving only bare and unattractive stems on the site’s surface.

Lack of cutting grass after overseeding can negate all the labour results for sowing lawn grass and laying sod.

Shortening the young blades of grass almost immediately after overseeding positively affects the growth rate and the overall decorative appearance of the entire green coating. Therefore, as soon as there is a suitable time for this, it is worthwhile to complete the task immediately.

When To Cut Grass After Overseeding

The first shoots of grass appear a few weeks after the spring overseeding of the mixture.  With each subsequent day, they only grow and get stronger. When the height of the overgrown grass reaches 10–12 cm (after about 1–1.5 months), it is time to start cutting the lawn.

When overseeding in the fall, the first time the lawns are mowed is when the snow melts once the blades of grass reach the specified height.

If you delay this process, you will not achieve uniform growth of the lawn in the future, and the surface will be less pleasant to the touch than the young and recently cut grass.

When To Cut Grass After Overseeding 2

Tips For Cutting Grass After Overseeding

For novice gardeners, getting the first cut can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to help you feel more confident in this endeavor:

  1. It is best to start cutting after a little rain or watering. Wait for the grass to dry, but do not wait for the soil to dry completely. Too wet soil can be damaged during mowing, and too dry will pull out more deciduous material than necessary.
  2. Prepare your instrument. Sharpen your knives well to ensure that the grasses are delicately cut. For the first time, walk the lawn mower on the grass once.
  3. Do not wait for the grass to come into full strength. If the shoots get too long, they can easily be driven to the ground by rain. After that, you will not be able to lift them, which can destroy your beautiful lawn. If the grass has reached a height of 8 cm, you can start cutting it without fear.
  4. Don’t be afraid to crush the grass. Young grass will not be harmed by your feet or the lawn mower. Trampling, on the other hand, tends to make the grasses bushier.

What Can You Use To Cut Grass After Overseeding?

There are different lawn mowing tools or equipment that are used to cut grass after overseeding. They should be prepared before overseeding grass. The quality of the grass cover will depend on the right choice. 

There is an impressive selection of lawn mowing equipment in the modern market for garden accessories, each with advantages and disadvantages. The choice of equipment depends on the characteristics of the cultivated area and your preferences. These tools include:

1. Garden trimmer

You can mow the grass for the first time after overseeding with a garden trimmer. The device is classified into two types: electric and gasoline.

 Electric trimmers are small and lightweight but require a power outlet and cord nearby. They are designed to mow small areas. The advantages of this option include the quiet operation of the device and an even grass cover after a haircut.

Gasoline trimmers are more mobile and heavier, as they are designed with a tank for filling fuel. Their power is sufficient for mowing the lawn and cutting shrubs, which are designed to mow large areas.

2. Gardening scissors

This is a simple device, which can cut grass in many inaccessible areas of the grass. Unlike other cutting tools, the price of the shears is not that high. The advantage is the ease of use because scissors allow you to cut grass even in hard-to-reach places.

The disadvantages include the low efficiency of this method and the large expenditure of time and labor of the gardener. In addition, after a cut, it may turn out that the coating turned out to be uneven. Only small areas of the lawn can be trimmed by hand with the garden shears.

VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear When To Cut Grass After Overseeding
VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear via

3. Lawn mower

Another popular grass cutting device after overseeding is the lawn mower. Such devices are presented in a wide range, divided into many different types. 

  • Mechanical lawn mower – This is a popular option because it can be used to cut grass, regardless of the availability of energy safely. In addition, the design of such a unit does not provide for a network cable, which makes it more convenient and practical.
  • Electrical lawn mower – Today, this type of mower is produced by many well-known and young brands. An electric mower is a winning solution for medium-sized lawns. The main advantage of these devices is their compactness. Electrical tools are easy to operate. Even a child can carry out the first mowing of grass after overseeding with the unit.
  • Gasoline lawn mower – It is ideal for cutting large lawns. The advantage of such a device is its complete independence from external power sources. The inconvenience can be provoked by the excessively noisy operation of a gasoline mower.


Cutting the grass after overseeding is one of the most important maintenance procedures for any gardener. This is because the beauty of your turf, its health, and vitality depend on when to mow.

It is done when the grass reaches 10–12 cm. If cutting is done correctly, it gives the grass a competitive advantage over weeds.