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Why Are Algae and Ferns Both Green (Know 7 Algae & 2 Fern Types)

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Since the day you were born, Algae and Ferns have been around you. There might hardly be anyone among you who don’t know what Algae and Fern are or what it looks like. But you all should have one common question in mind. Why are Algae and Ferns both green?

Most of you might already have searched for the reasons and have been partially or completely satisfied with the answers. Today in this article, we will answer everything you want to know. It lets you know about what Ferns and Algae are, along with their reasons for being green in colour.

Let’s start learning without any delay.

How Well Do You Know Algae & Its Types?

Before directly jumping into what makes Algae and Ferns green, you need to understand what they actually are. When we talk about Algae, it is the aquatic living beings, generally found in the places where stationary water is available.

Like plants, Algae are Eukaryotic organisms that possess chloroplast and can perform the process of photosynthesis. If you think about the size of Algae, it ranges from a single cell to multicellular and large forms. All of that makes Algae a familiar name.

When a particular organism is a living being, reproduction procedures are always vital. In the case of Algae, it can reproduce sexually, asexually or both. A lot of the keen readers among you might be thinking that Algae is only of one green type. But you are wrong.

Algae are found to be divided into multiple types. When we talk about the types of Algae, they are:

  1. Euglenoids
  2. Fire Algae
  3. Green Algae
  4. Golden Brown Algae and Diatoms
  5. Brown Algae
  6. Yellow-Green Algae
  7. Red Algae

Well, you might have been overwhelmed by knowing above mentioned types of Algae. You might have thought that all Algae you have seen till now is the same.

That’s not the case. But almost 70% of the Algae we see around us daily is green Algae. Most of the other Algae are not available in familiar places.

What Are Ferns & Their Types?

You might have already developed a feeling of curiosity to know the answer to why are Algae and Ferns both green while reading this article.

It is absolutely understandable, but before knowing the reasons for both Algae and Ferns being green, it is crucial to understand what they are. So, we need to enlighten you about what Ferns are to provide helpful information before answering your query.

Ferns are a type of plant that is pretty older in existence, growing for ages. Yes, that’s right. Ferns are a member of vascular plants that tend to reproduce with the help of spores. Interestingly they have neither the seed nor the flower present in them.

Ferns typically help the environment look more pleasant due to their green outlook. The leaves of the Fern plant provide a unique look to the garden, mainly due to their lack of seed and flower.

To let unaware readers among you know, Ferns grow indoors as well as outdoors. It depends upon the gardeners who decides where they grow.

To present things more precisely and amaze you, Ferns are termed to be existing in the plant dynasty for a period of over 360 million years. Quite a long time to be around the earth. Isn’t it? There are varieties of indoor and outdoor Ferns. Some of them are:

Indoor Ferns

  1. Boston Ferns
  2. Holly Ferns
  3. Maidenhair Ferns
  4. Staghorn Ferns

Outdoor Ferns

  1. Ostrich Ferns
  2. Japanese Painted Ferns
  3. Australian Tree Ferns
  4. Bird Nest Ferns
  5. Asparagus Ferns
  6. Cinnamon Ferns

When Ferns grow well in your garden, there is a higher chance that they help the garden in many different ways. When the Ferns are well-maintained, they tend to add value to your garden.

The hardy nature of Ferns and their self-growth tendency make them one of the easy-growing and unique plants in your garden.

Why Are Algae and Ferns Both Green?

Will you answer a simple question before entering into the topic? Yes, we are talking to the one reading this article. Did you know the types of both Algae and Ferns well before reading this article?

We doubt if every one of you says yes. When we talk about why Algae and Ferns both are green in colour, there is a straightforward theory behind it.

However, the main reason that comes through the fact is the process of their food production. Both Algae and Ferns are living beings and are dependent on chlorophyll for their food production.

Chlorophyll, in particular, helps the Fern and Algae to produce food. This process of food production is called photosynthesis.

Due to the process of photosynthesis using chlorophyll, both of them look green. Not only in the case of Ferns and Algae but any plant which is green in colour is also mainly due to the presence of chlorophyll. This helps the plant to grow and also live through its life cycle.


You have already found out the reason for both Algae and Ferns being green in colour. But in a quest to summarize this article, we tend to still help you through in the conclusion section.

It is pretty understandable that this particular query,” Why are Algae and Ferns both green?” might be something you are seeking an answer for.

Both the Algae and Ferns have a high amount of chlorophyll that they use to prepare their food during the photosynthesis process. This photosynthesis process tends to make the plant green in colour. It is also common in almost every plant that’s green.

In the end, we would also like to let you know that the Fern is almost 360 million years old. And the interesting thing about Algae is it can be of a single cell or multi cells.

We hope to quench the thirst for knowing the answer to your query, “Why are Algae and Ferns both green?”.