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Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive? 4 Reasons That Justify The Price

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Bonsai is an art in which you grow regular trees in small and shallow containers to keep them relatively small. These trees are proportionate to the shape of a regular tree, and it looks as if you have a small tree growing with all its might in your pot.

This originated in Asia and has been converting art into life. Bonsai trees have recently gathered a lot of attention, but if you want to add them to the room, it’s heavy on your pockets.

So you probably ask yourself the question, “Why are bonsai trees so expensive?

We have answered this question for you!

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive
Bonsai Tree – via Flickr

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive

Most people generally think that bonsai trees are a special kind of plant. However, this is not the case.

Bonsai trees are just like regular trees. The reason that they’re small is that the gardeners that grow them prune them in such a way that the shape of the plant is altered, and it maintains its size and proportion.

These trees are considered sacred, and the oldest of these trees are not even for sale.

Amount Of Care

Bonsai trees require daily dedication because these require just the right mix of sunlight and nutrients, and water to survive. So when you decide to grow a bonsai tree, it requires a lot of commitment.

If they are provided proper care, bonsai trees can live up to centuries. Unfortunately, this is why they are usually so expensive.

If you are considering buying a pre-made bonsai tree, you have to understand the amount of care and effort it has taken for it to reach that stage. Bonsai trees live in shallow containers. Because of that, it is extremely easy to kill the plant due to underwatering it.

Bonsai gardeners have to be extra cautious and take constant care of the tree. Some of the things that gardeners do to make bonsai trees are discussed below.

The Use Of Specialized Tools

Growing bonsai trees is tricky, you have to invest in some sort of high-quality bonsai tools which can increase the precision with which you can prune the plant.

There are specific tools that are used to style the plant and shape the trees. These require a certain level of skill when it comes to the gardener as well because these tools aren’t practical if you don’t know how to use them.

Styling The Tree

If you want to keep bonsai trees small, gardeners need to use tools to style the tree in a specific way so that these trees are proportionate when compared to an actual tree.

You need to know exactly how much to cut, so you don’t accidentally kill the plant. The trees can even be customized and bent if you want to position them around rocks or something. Each shape you want it to requires a certain amount of care to pull off.

Daily Dedication

Bonsai trees cannot survive if you don’t care for them every day. So the trees need to be watered every day without fail. Sometimes, watering frequency can even be increased to two on hotter days.

Also, the trees need around 5 hours of sunlight daily. Ensuring that the trees get what they want is a tedious task, and only a professional can do it.

This process has to be repeated for several years for the bonsai tree to be healthy. The devotion that is required to do this is unlike any other plant. That is why these trees are so expensive.

Prices of Bonsai Trees Around The World

Globally, the prices of trees vary widely depending on the country you buy them from. Budget-friendly bonsai trees cost around 20 to 50 dollars. These trees are often young.

Better quality bonsai trees are only grown in Japan and can’t be sold in other parts of the world because of import restrictions.

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive 2
Bonsai Tree – via Pxhere

If you have the question of, “Why are bonsai trees are so expensive?” These are some of the factors.


The age of the bonsai tree is one factor that influences its price. Bonsai trees look better when they are matured. It is also difficult to get the trees to a certain age. That is one of the reasons the prices are that high.


Bonsai art is learnt only after years of practice. Also, the trees require years to grow properly and be ready for selling.

The gardeners devote their efforts every day to the bonsai trees. They require extreme care, and even one mistake can kill the bonsai trees and waste years of their effort.

This also affects the price of the bonsai tree.


Another factor that affects the prices of bonsai trees is the tree types that are grown. Some trees cost a lot more than others. Some are difficult to grow, while others are relatively easier.

Farmed vs Wild

Bonsai trees can be created by being grown in the wild. These are harder to pull off, and that’s why they can be more expensive. This bonsai tree has a low survival rate and is very hard to grow.

Another way to grow bonsai trees is on farms to make the process easier. Farmed bonsai trees are much cheaper than wild ones.

Tree Trunk

The trunk of the tree is probably the most essential part of its look. The trunk has to be thick to mimic a full-sized tree. The trunk also has to be strong so that it can hold off the tree.

If the trunk of the tree is thicker, it costs more.


Bonsai trees are expensive, but that is because they require a lot of effort to be maintained.

If you had the question of why are bonsai trees so expensive, I hope this article helped you in understanding that.

Happy gardening!