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Why Are Crows in My Yard – 2 Reasons & 3 Solutions

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Are you looking to know why are crows in my yard? Are there a lot of crows that are hovering around your home right now? Do they keep making noises all day long to disturb your peace? If yes, stay with this article until the end and know it yourself.

There are various reasons why crows are hovering here and there in your yard. Crows in the agricultural farmland are ordinary prodigies. They tend to eat the grown vegetation in the fields.

Seeing crows in the agricultural lands is a common sight, but these crows coming into your urban location and making noises all day can be disturbing. This can also bring unwanted chaos in urban living. What’s worsening is the fact that they come in groups.

If you’re looking for the answer to your problem, why are crows in my yard, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why crows are in your yard. So, let’s get started.

Why Are Crows in My Yard
Baby crow in yard – via Reddit

Reasons That Answer Why Are Crows In My Yard

There are a lot of birds that create a beautiful vibe in your yard with their soothing sounds and vibrant colours. But there won’t be the same vibes in the case of crows. The sounds made by crows can be quite irritating.

But it is a lot easier when we talk about getting rid of this problem. Yes, you heard that right. Getting rid of crows from your yard is something that can be achieved easily.

1)    Improper Care of the Trash

One of the many reasons that answer why are crows in my yard is the trash. Crows tend to love the dirty area where they can come through and scrape around.

If there’s garbage in your backyard, this will be the right area for crows to hang out. Along with that, things get worse if there’s a presence of open trash.

The best solution to this problem is to have the trash properly stored. Having a trash bin that can be covered from unwanted interference works best.

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Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway Can Resin Outdoor Trash with Lid Use in Backyard Why Are Crows in My Yard
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Crows tend to feed more on the insects, so make sure the backyard of your home doesn’t have any insects.

2)    Feeding Pets in the Yard

Do you own a pet that loves getting fed outside on the lawn? If the answer is yes, you are bound to have crows in the yard. Yes, that’s true. When the pets like dogs and cats are fed outside in the yard, the food belongings may be left there, which invites crows into your yard.

Crows are a fan of leftover food. So, they will attack your premise pretty quickly. There is a best and easy solution to avoid this problem. Try to keep the food bowl clean and remove the leftover food from your yard. This solves the problem quickly and easily.

Solutions To Keep Crows Away From Your Yard

1)    Using Distress Call

When answering why are crows in my yard and looking for their solutions, the use of a distress call can be a unique solution. Many readers among you might already be familiar with the distress call. It records the voice and plays it for a specific period. This keeps crows away from your yard.  

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Cass Creek Ergo Crow Call Why Are Crows in My Yard
Cass Creek Ergo Crow Call – via

Try to record the distressed crow voices and play them for a certain period. It is not necessary to play it for a long time. Instead, playing it for just five minutes works wonders to keep crows away from your yard.

2)    Using a Scarecrow

The use of a scarecrow can be the best way to keep crows away from your yard.

Scarecrow is a human-shaped structure that can be made easily in your home from inexpensive materials. Also, a readymade scarecrow is not very expensive to own.

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Creepy Scarecrow Womens Costume Why Are Crows in My Yard
Creepy Scarecrow Womens Costume – via

However, since this scarecrow is motionless and crows are smart creatures, they only offer limited and short-term protection from the crows. You can frequently change the location of the scarecrow in your yard for better results.

3)    Keep Your Backyard Clean

Crows are not really known to be clean birds. They always look for the leftover foods, dead animals, and insects. Crows hover around in search of these things to feed themselves. If there are a lot of insects and the garden in your backyard is not so clean, this perfectly makes a great place for the crows.

So, always keep your backyard clean. If you’re having your lunch or food or even feeding your pet out in the garden, make sure that there are no leftovers.

This helps you protect your backyard better from the crows. If you cannot get rid of the food leftovers, the issue of crows irritating you will still be there. Also, using a yard cover is the best solution to prevent crows. This also protects your yard from other issues.

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If you have been this far with this article, you are greatly willing to know why are crows in my yard. Well, there can be multiple reasons for that. Many people in their backyard don’t like crows.

There are some well-known and valiant reasons as to why crows cause you an issue. Crows are better known to love dirty places. Besides, leaving the pet food bowls on the outside invites crows.

On top of that, if they make their home in your backyard, it can be highly irritating for you. Crows aren’t the best-loved birds by many. They aren’t too friendly and can quickly attack humans if they see any danger. This is something that will create an issue.

You should be careful if you are willing to keep your home and the urban area safe from crows. So always try and keep the trash cans and bins cleaner or cover them up well to get away from the mess. Live a clean life, and there will hardly be an issue regarding the crows.