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Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling? 4 Worthy Reasons!

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Calathea is one of the most alluring plants that one can use in their home or office. They have beautiful leaves that cover a wide area and enhance the looks of that place.

But sometimes, the leaves tend to curl down, making the whole plant look not so good. So, if you’re looking for the answer to your query, “Why are my Calathea leaves curling?” we got you covered.

If you have come to this article, it’s true that you either own a Calathea plant or wish to own. You want to own a Calathea as it adds up to the house’s good outlook. But if you are not willing to take appropriate care of the plant, it doesn’t help.

As a beautiful plant, the Calathea plant grows elongated green leaves that tend to cover some areas along with variations adding to its beauty. The need for low water makes it easier to grow a Calathea. But sometimes, the plant acts weird.

So, this article tells you about those reasons that end your search for the answer to your query, “Why are my Calathea leaves curling?”.

Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling
Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling? via Reddit

Reasons That Answer Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling

When a particular plant doesn’t get the right amount of care, it hampers the growth of the plant. In the case of Calathea, curling of leaves is an issue. Below are some reasons that make your Calathea leaves curl.

1)    Sunlight Issues

One of the most important reasons that answer why my Calathea leaves curling is due to excessive sunlight. Yes, it’s true. Calathea thrives on growing in shady and low-light areas. So, things fall out of place when you plant Calathea in high light areas or outdoors.

Calathea doesn’t respond well to too much light. It begins to curl out at the leaves and also get worn down. Furthermore, another issue with too much sunlight is it removes the white and green lines in the plant.

If you are thinking about fixing this issue, place your Calathea plant in low light areas. Take your plant with curly leaves to a low light area, and it will start to uncurl to get beautiful again.

2)    Temperature

There are a variety of plants which like different weather. The weather fluctuations for plant occurs when they have grown in places away from their native lands.

The thing that’s key for the existence of the Calathea plant is it grows in tropical regions. The plant blooms to its best when planted in high-temperature places.

So, taking the Calathea plant to colder regions might not work well. The plant’s leaves tend to curl mostly in the winter season. To ensure that your Calathea plant has no curled leaves, try providing the native growing environment while growing.

You can put the plant in places that get direct sunlight most of the time during the winter season. This will help the leaves to get back to their natural stage. Direct sunlight during the winter days works as a blessing for the Calathea plant.

Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling 2
Why Are My Calathea Leaves Curling via Reddit

3)    Improper Watering

Watering is one such thing that needs to be taken care of while growing a plant. Improper watering is a reason that answer why are my Calathea leaves curling.

Proper watering habits help the plant grow well. And, a lot of the indoor plants are fans of proper watering. So, if you can water your plant well, it will give the best result.

Overwatering, as well as underwatering both, causes some issues in the Calathea plant. When you tend to underwater your plant, it will result in the leaves being dry and curly.

However, when you overwater your Calathea plant, it will rot the plant’s root. This will cause the leaves to curl and also kill the plant if not taken care of at the right time.

But, don’t worry. You can always use your fingertip to check how much water is needed. Try keeping the plant moist at all times but don’t overdo it.

4)    Quality of Water

Well, the quality of water fed to the plant is a compelling reason that can answer your query of why are my Calathea leaves curling.

You always need to know about the quality of water used while watering your plant. If you are using the tap water right to water your plant, you might need to stop doing so.

Calathea is not a huge fan of excessive minerals in the water. Tap water contains a high volume of salt and minerals, which is not suitable for the plant.

That’s the reason the Calathea plant doesn’t grow well when a tap or hard water is used. The issue will be indicated in the edges of Calathea leaves. It starts curling and yellowing.

If it’s the case of low quality water affecting your Calathea plant, try using distilled or bottled water while watering your plant. This can help the leaves of your plant uncurl. However, always know that overwatering Calathea is never the right thing to do, even if the water used is of high quality.


In search of the answer to your query of why are my Calathea leaves curling, you have reached this portion of the article. You already know some reasons now that causes your Calathea leaves to curl.

However, in this section, we will again look into those reasons shortly. Like in most plants, proper watering habits is an essential factor to consider for Calathea’s good growth.

So, always try to maintain an optimum frequency and quantity of water to use for your plant. Also, the quality of water used is an important aspect of a Calathea plant. Always choose the distilled water over the tap water for the plant’s long life.

Calathea is an indoor plant that loves the hot weather conditions. So, you need to take care while growing this plant in colder regions. But also make sure to not place your plant in direct sunlight for a very long time. This will wear down the whole plant, and the leaves will curl.