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Why Are My Hydrangeas Turning Green? 4 Causes!

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Hydrangeas are one of the most elegant plants to have in your garden. In their blooming season, they will add a colourful charm to your home along with their attractive circular appearance.

With less to no care, Hydrangeas are always ready to bloom. But sometimes, even the best of the plants cannot grow properly. Why are my Hydrangeas turning green? Is this question also hovering around your mind watching your Hydrangeas grow?

Hydrangeas are not only great in outlook but also in colours. But if things are not all good for Hydrangeas, it might lose its hold on the colours. You need to take good care of the plant to make it bloom to its best.

If you are confused and seeking answers to why are my Hydrangeas turning green, this article is here to your rescue. If you stay till the end, you can get your Hydrangeas back on track.

So, let’s get started.

Why Are My Hydrangeas Turning Green
Why Are My Hydrangeas Turning Green? via Reddit

Reasons That Answers Why Are My Hydrangeas Turning Green

Before jumping into why Hydrangeas turn green, you must know something. Whenever we talk about Hydrangeas, they display varied colours. The likes of Pink, Lavender, Blue, White, and Cream are the multiple colours that the plant possesses, which is key to know.

When Hydrangeas grow, they also tend to display a light green colour, which is also vital to know. If you are not an experienced plant owner, you might get surprised to see the green colour in your plant. Below are the reasons why your Hydrangeas plant is turning green.

1) Age of the Plant

Effects of ageing on the plant’s growth might surprise a lot of you. The age of the plant plays a pretty important role in turning the plant green.

Hydrangeas are somewhat like human life. They are full of life and colour while starting to grow, but things change with the changing seasons. You might relate to it if you observe Hydrangeas clearly.

When Hydrangeas start to grow, it displays their original colour. As seasons change, it turns to green and then to brownish colour. It is a natural process, and sometimes all you need to do is let the plant live its life. It helps if you do not worry about your Hydrangeas turning green.

2) Light Issues

Every plant needs light, just like human beings. But sometimes too much light is not good for the plants. If you’re worried about why are my Hydrangeas turning green, look for the lightning available for your plant? You might find your answer right there.

Sunlight is an integral part of the growth of Hydrangeas. Also, if you cannot provide ample sunlight to the plant, it will turn green as well. When there is less sunlight, the plant cannot produce the necessary amount of energy required for its growth.

What’s exciting is that the issue of Hydrangeas turning green is seen frequently during the summer season. When you find it out, it might already be late, and nothing can be done at that point. So always ensure your Hydrangeas get quality sunlight as and when needed.

3) Heat & Humidity

Why Are My Hydrangeas Turning Green 2
Why Are My Hydrangeas Turning Green and Brown? via Reddit

You might already know Hydrangeas are tropical plants. But here is a thing you still need to know. Hydrangeas might be tropical plants, but too much of the heat can make it turn green and also kill the plant eventually.

It still might be confusing for you that a tropical plant is getting affected due to the presence of heat. But the higher levels of heat and humidity get the plant’s soil dry. This is not so good for the plant’s growth.

When the roots get dry, Hydrangeas won’t get the necessary amount of water. The plant going through these stress issues can eventually turn the overall plant green. Indeed not a good sign for Hydrangeas lovers who wish to plant it.

4) Weather & Climate

Some of you might not believe as we talk about weather and climate causing Hydrangeas to turn green. You might argue that lack of minerals is the primary cause. But that’s a fact which you have to accept.

Some of you right here might already know as you have used almost all the minerals for plants’ good growth. But still, the issue is the same as it was earlier. Availability of good weather and climate along with proper watering is vital for plants’ growth.

But when we talk about the weather and climate, they are not controlled by the human will. Unusual weather condition hitting your garden causes your Hydrangeas plant to turn green. Less amount sunlight and too much rain make the plant’s soil soggy.

There is no exact way in which you can counteract nature. All you need to do is sit back and adapt to what nature throws at you. You can hardly win against nature, no matter how much you try.

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If the curious ones among you are still here with this article, you have already gained a lot. Your query of why are my Hydrangeas turning green has more or less already been answered above. But, to still summarize it for you, we will let you know it here as well.

One of the many reasons that cause your Hydrangeas to turn green is the heat and humidity. The plant loves sunlight and heat, but one must agree that too much heat is not the right thing for any plant.

Other reasons include the ageing of the plant. When Hydrangeas get old, it enters into the greening phases of its life. Improper lighting and watering can also cause the plant to turn yellow.

Almost every cause of Hydrangeas turning yellow can be avoided. It might come as a surprise for the owners of Hydrangeas, as protection of the plant can still be tricky.

With unpredictable weather and climate conditions, the plant might not get the required environment for its growth. Sometimes all your need is to give time and space for your Hydrangeas to grow.