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Why Are My Jalapenos Turning Black? 4 Causes!

It is actually sad if your food doesn’t have the spice needed to spark some wonders in life. What adds flavour to your eating habits? You might have already guessed it. Yes, it’s Jalapenos.

They are an essential item to include in your dishes. But are they not growing well? Is this question, “Why are my Jalapenos turning black?” bothering you. Well, we got you covered in this article. Just stay till the end.

There can be multiple reasons for your Jalapenos to turn black. But one thing that you can be assured of is that you will grow healthy Jalapenos in your garden after you read this article.

If you are excited enough to dive in, let’s look into the causes of your Jalapenos turning black. It’s never easy to see your Jalapenos turn black and simultaneously die.

So, let’s get started.

Why Are My Jalapenos Turning Black
Why Are My Jalapenos Turning Black? via Reddit

Why Are My Jalapenos Turning Black

A lot of the time, growing jalapenos adds joy to life with its impact on the flavours of your food. It not only adds spice to your food, but it also adds up to the beauty of your garden.

But growing anything brings a level of toughness to care as well. Below are four such reasons for your jalapenos turning black.

1)    Black Rot

This is one common reason for your jalapenos to turn black. It is the case when you leave the red jalapenos on the plant. Not only that, the issue might arise when you overwater the plant as well. This is somewhat similar to the root rot in other plants.

When you water your Jalapenos, do care that you water your plant only when it’s needed. Also, watering, specifically the roots, is vital rather than watering the whole plant.

Watering the overall plant can bring issues related to black root rot. This type of rotting is sad for every Jalapeno lover to experience.

2)    Mosaic Virus

Viruses are not mostly suitable for living existence. Whether it is plants or human beings, viruses can easily affect them. When you look upon Mosaic Virus’s effects on a Jalapeno plant; you will find your plant turning black in colour.

When Mosaic Virus specifically eats the peppers, there also arises an issue of dark spots in the plant. But if you’re accessing the effects of the Mosaic Virus, instead of analyzing the whole plant, looking into the colour of leaves and stems is the right approach.

If you want to know exactly whether your plant is affected by this virus or not, focus upon the leaves of your Jalapenos.

If the leaves are curled and eaten at parts, you need to worry about Mosaic Virus. What adds more to your misery is that there is no solution to this problem.

You will need to pluck out the whole plant and throw it away. This makes sure that the virus cannot spread all the way around your plant.

Why Are My Jalapenos Turning Black 2
Why Are My Jalapenos Turning Black? via Reddit

3)    Anthracnose Infection

There might be other important issues your Jalapenos are going through that turns the plant black. If you search for the answer to why my Jalapenos are turning black, Anthracnose infection is also an answer to your question.  

Anthracnose infection is more about peppers turning black rather than the whole plant. There is a higher chance of the peppers becoming watery by this infection.

Not only that, stem, leaves, and also the entire Jalapeno plant might have small wet spots, eventually turning the plant black.

It is a challenging task to get rid of this issue. But don’t lose hope yet as you can prevent your plant from this infection.

Anthracnose infection, if found in your Jalapenos, should not be used to plant other Jalapenos. Other than that, using high-quality seeds and proper weeding will protect your plant overall.

4)    Bottom End Rot

Bottom end rot in Jalapenos is also the most common one that turns your plant into black. When looking into the bottom-end rot, there might be a lot of you facing this issue in your Jalapenos. If you are also one of them, then here is what to do.

Bottom end rot starts right from the bottom of the Jalapenos pepper, from where the plant begins to grow the black and dark shades. The whole leaves and the stem get affected with time. This is due to the lack of Calcium content in soil and also the plant.

Bottom end rot is easier to solve. If you’re overwatering your plant, stop doing so. When you overwater your plant, it gets stored in the roots that cause this issue of bottom end rot.

Other than that, you can add some limestones to the soil. This increases Calcium content in the plant and helps it grow well.


You’ve now come to the end of this article. So, let us sum up the things we have discussed till now. This will provide you with a basic overview and some answers to your query of why my Jalapenos are turning black.

Sometimes when your Jalapenos get direct sunlight, there is a higher chance they turn black. If that’s the case, it is not something substantial to worry about. It has not already decayed.

But other times, your Jalapenos turning black might be due to a variety of viruses that grows in your plant. There is no cure for viruses other than replacing the whole plant.

Also, if you are watering your Jalapenos recklessly, stop doing that. Do not water the plant from top to bottom. Never forget to add Calcium to the soil where Jalapenos grow. This helps your plant grow pretty well.

Wishing to have a healthy Jalapeno is one thing and employing efforts for its proper care is another. If you fail to take good care of your Jalapenos, it won’t serve you with its benefits.

Added to that, if you consider the things discussed in this article, you will thank us later for the significant growth of your Jalapenos and how well it adds flavours to your vegetables.