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Why Are My Strawberries White Inside – Top 3 Reasons!

Strawberries are one of the most loved fruits around the world. From shakes to fruit salads, they are used in a huge variety of meals which is why gardeners love to grow them at home under their own care.

If you love the juicy berry, you must have tried your hand at growing them in your backyard. However, there is one question that plagues the mind of most of the gardeners that grow strawberries – why are my strawberries white inside?

You may not always face this issue, but if you grow this fruit constantly, you will sometimes notice that your berries are turning into a white, crisp color rather than the natural red one.

This can leave you perplexed. But don’t worry, here we are going to explore all the reasons behind your question – why are my strawberries white inside? Let’s begin!

Why Are My Strawberries White Inside 1
The inside of a strawberry I cut open is strangely white – via Reddit

Top 3 Reasons and Solutions of Why Are your Strawberries White Inside

There can be a few different reasons behind your question – why are my strawberries white inside? This doesn’t necessarily mean that the strawberries are unsafe to consume or harmful.

The white inside this fruit can be due to environmental changes such as temperature and humidity, nutrient deficiency, or because you are not giving it enough prerequisites. If you are worried about the white color of your strawberries, keep reading to know what could be causing it and what to do about it.

1. Extreme Change in Temperature

One of the reasons the strawberry may turn out white and crisp is the rampant change in temperature around the growing environment. The optimal temperature to grow strawberries is between 60 and 80 degrees, but this fruit can tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees. 

While the temperature tolerance for strawberries is great, they cannot grow and ripe fully in extreme weather like frost or sweltering heat.

So, if you live in an area that experiences a constant change in temperature or extreme weather conditions, you have to be more careful about planting and growing the strawberries. Make sure to plant the strawberry bush in the cooler months.

October to February are the best months for strawberry plants to flower and grow. They will give out red plum fruits in the spring or summer months.  

If the summer season is approaching, you need to be more cautious and take extra care of the strawberry plants, as this is the time when the strawberries will start appearing and growing. The prerequisites should be fulfilled completely to prevent the underdevelopment of the strawberry fruit.

You can also plant the strawberry plants in the spring season after the snowstorms and frost has passed on. This makes the months of March-April a good planting season.

2. Lack of Nutrients

Not having the right balance of nutrients in the soil is another leading cause of the strawberries turning white. You must have a well-balanced soil structure with ample required nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

To ensure the right balance of nutrients, add fertilizer before planting the strawberries in the soil. This will prep the soil well. After planting the strawberries, fertilize one more time with a gap of four to five weeks.

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If you notice that the plant is growing leaves but there are no flowers even though it is the flowering season, add some fertilizer to promote the growth of flowers.

However, make sure not to overdo the fertilizer as it can cause burn to the plants. You can stop fertilizing after the plants start to flower. Also, make sure the soil is well-drained, without debris, and has space for good aeration.

3. Damage Caused By Bug Attacks

It is common for bugs to attack a growing strawberry causing damage to the fruit. If the bugs destroy the stem of the strawberry, the fruit will not be able to take up water, nutrients, or other essential items, causing the flesh to turn white.

To protect your strawberry bushes from being attacked by bugs, plant them in a sunny environment. The strawberry grows well and fast in ample sunlight. The faster they grow, the less chance of the bug attacks.

Why Are My Strawberries White Inside 2
These strawberries that are completely white on the inside – via Reddit

How Many Types Of White Strawberries Are Out There?

There are numerous types of strawberries available worldwide. While it may come off as surprising, the white strawberry is, in fact, a variety of the original red ones.

White Alpine and white beach strawberries are typically available for sale and true forms of white strawberries. You may also come across a strawberry, which develops a pinkish hue after ripening. These are known as white pineberries. White pineberries are given the name because they taste like a mix of pineapple and strawberries.

Albicarpa, Krem, Pineapple Crush, White Delight, White Giant, White Solemacher, and White Soul are some of the varieties of the white alpine strawberry.

Keoki is another form of white strawberry. It tastes eerily similar to the pineberries but without the taste of pineapples in it. These white varieties of the strawberry are sweeter tasting than the real red strawberries as these are hybrid varieties.

Are White Strawberries Safe To Consume?

One of the primary reasons strawberries get their distinct red color is the ripening FRA A1 protein. This does not necessarily mean that a white strawberry does not contain the necessary proteins.

The FRA A1 protein may be inactive or cannot saturate the strawberry with a red color. Many people have an allergy to the red strawberry, which arises due to the presence of this red pigment.

Since the red pigment and the element causing it are not present in white strawberries, you may find that you are not allergic to white strawberries. However, this is not a done deal. If you are allergic to red strawberries and want to try your luck with the white ones, make sure to do it after consulting your doctor, as you may be allergic to the white variety as well.

Generally, white strawberries are not harmful. They are a natural form of the red ones, and for people without allergies, you can consume white strawberries safely.


I hope this answers your query about why your strawberries are turning white. Make sure to provide a stable environment for your tiny fruits to develop well. Although white strawberries are safe to consume, there is nothing like savoring a delicious red berry.

Keep the tips given above in mind, and you will have a full bunch of juicy red strawberries. If you have more information on taking care of the strawberries, share it with your fellow gardeners in the comments section below.


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