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Why Are the Tips of My Cat Palm Turning Brown – 8 Causes!

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Chamaedorea cataractarum, more commonly known as the cat palm plant, proves to be the perfect plant for a garden if it is appropriately taken care of.

It is a small palm tree that you can plant indoors or outdoors.

Usually, this plant is planted to increase the beauty of a place, but sometimes, the tips start turning brown. This article discusses the possible reasons why your cat palm plant tips turn brown. We’ll also discuss the solutions.

Are you wondering why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown?

It can be due to many reasons.

It might be due to over or under-watering, dry air, repotting, salty soil conditions, etc.

Brown tips of cat palm plant—why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown
Why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown? – Image via Reddit.

Why Are the Tips of My Cat Palm Turning Brown? | 8 Causes & Solutions!

Here is the list of all the causes with their remedies to save your plant from dying:

1. Overwatering

People who are new to planting might end up overwatering their plants.

There is a high possibility that the plant is suffering from soggy soil conditions. More water level than required can cause root rot which ends up turning the tips of the plant brown.

The plant roots fail to absorb oxygen and nutrients if you soak your cat palm due to overwatering.

This results in the browning of the leaves, followed by plant decay.

The easiest way to save your plant is to stop watering your plant more than the required level. Make sure that your plant isn’t soaked in water. Before watering your plant, ensure the soil is perfectly dry from the last watering session.

2. Underwatering

Contrary to the previous cause, lack of proper watering can also cause your plant tips to change their color to brown or yellow.

Cat palm plants do not tolerate a lack of water.

The most common indicator of noticing if underwatering is the cause is checking if the soil is dry and cracked.

The tips of your plants are turning brown to tell you they need water.

This problem can be solved by providing your plant with enough water to survive. The amount of water depends upon the location, weather, and environment in which the plant grows.

Proper watering levels and repeated watering sessions are necessary for the proper growth of the plant.

3. Salt Conditions

Bad fertilizer or too much fertilizer can be a wrong choice that might kill your plant.

Why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown, you say? It might be an indicator of improper soil conditions.

Salts in the soil sometimes retain water that the plant needs to survive. The root hairs are then hardly able to absorb any moisture. It might result in salty conditions for the plant, and it might not be able to survive.

The color change of leaves results from dehydration, leading to the decay of leaves.

Brown tips are a consequence of decaying.

To check if the browning of leaves is due to faulty salt conditions, check the soil around the plant. If there are some hints of whitish substance in the soil, it is a sign of salty soil. To save the plant, leach out the salts by watering the plant till water starts leaking from the bottom of the pot.

To prevent it in the future, try using distilled water to water your cat palm.

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4. Direct Sunlight

Cat palm grows the best in sunlight. But at the same time, it is sensitive to sunburn.

The most favorable conditions for a cat palm to grow is in indirect sunlight.

Prevent your plant from staying in direct sunlight for several hours if you don’t want the end of your leaves to turn brown.

Keep it in indirect sunlight, so it does not miss out on the sunlight.

5. Planting Too Deeply

If you have recently planted or repotted your cat palm and now its leaves are turning brown, there is a high chance that the plant is not correctly planted.

If it is planted too deeply, the plant is missing out on essential minerals, causing mineral deficiencies.

Another impact of incorrect plantation is that the plant suffers from a lack of proper aeration, which can cause plant death.

If the cat palm is not breathing well, brown tips might be an indicator for you.

6. Pests

If you have failed to identify any of the problems mentioned above and are still wondering, “why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown?” there is a chance that your cat palm might be attacked by pests.

You should check your plant thoroughly if you see some spider mites, aphids, or ants. Remove the pests as soon you notice them to help your plant grow.

Alternatively, add some pesticides or insecticides to kill the unwanted species disturbing your plant.

7. Low Temperature

Cat palms belong to tropical rainforests, which are typically warm.

So, keeping your plant in cool and dry places might not be a good idea. Also, lower temperatures below a certain level can start causing plant tissue deaths.

The ideal condition to keep your cat palm is an indoor place with indirect sunlight and room temperature to grow.

8. Repotting conditions

Frequently repotting your cat palm can be dangerous for your plant.

Avoid unnecessary repotting to fasten the plant growth. Be patient and let the plant rebound before planning the next repotting session.

Recommended repotting is once every three years to provide the plant enough time to thrive in the soil conditions before moving out.

Why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown? | How to Care for a Cataractarum Palm ENGLISH GARDENS – YouTube

That’s all!


Why are the tips of my cat palm turning brown, you asked?

Check out the abovementioned problems, as your plant might be suffering from them. Take your time to identify the problem correctly before proceeding to its treatment.

Your plant might be suffering from more than one problem, so plan the treatment accordingly.

In case of any queries, get in touch with us through the comments!