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Why Are There So Many Bugs In The Summer? (5 Likely Causes)

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Summers are a time for immense fun. The sun is out, the temperature is warm, and you can finally whip out your floral dresses and light linen shirts. You can plan barbecues in the yard, a trip to the beach, fun games, pool parties, and more.

The weather has shifted from the gloomy winters to the sparkling summer, with blooming flowers everywhere. But there is one issue that can destroy all the fun – bugs.

Just like humans, bugs become more active everywhere, and have you wondered why are there so many bugs in the summer? Take a cue from your own life and see why you become more active and outdoorsy in the warmer weather than in the colder ones.

For bugs, the reason is not too different from that of other living creatures. Let’s find the answer and solution to your question – why are there so many bugs in the summer?

Why Are There So Many Bugs In The Summer
Lady Bugs – via pxfuel

Why Are There So Many Bugs In The Summer?

There are quite a few reasons you see increased activity for the insects in the summer. The answer has everything to do with the rising temperature and more daylight in the warmer season. You must know that insects and bugs, like amphibians and reptiles, are cold-blooded animals, and so they need high temperatures around them to survive and thrive.

If your house has been viciously attacked by bugs everywhere that have put a dent in your summer plans, don’t worry, there are ways to deal with it. But first, let’s get to why are there so many bugs in the summer?  

Increase in Temperature

Insects fall in the category of Poikilotherms or cold-blooded animals. Such creatures are dependent on the surrounding temperature to move, eat, reproduce, and more.

Unlike insects, human beings are homoeothermic mammals which means that we can keep our body temperature relatively stable regardless of the surrounding temperature. That is why we don’t go into hibernation or shut ourselves in during the winter.

However, insects do not have that ability which means that they cannot keep their body temperature stable with the environment. So, when the weather is cold, their metabolism slows down, their body juices start drying out, and they must either go into hibernation or die.

When the temperature changes to become warmer, insects receive more body heat. As a result, their metabolism is high, they become more locomotive, and their energies increase. They will come out to hunt for food, reproduce, build their communities, and more. That is why you see bugs everywhere in the summer.

More availability of food

In the spring and summer seasons, the flowers bloom to their fullest. There are more crops than in the winter. And just generally, there is more food as people throw more parties and do more barbecues. Scraps are left all around. The excess of human food combined with a higher number of flowers provides more than enough food for insects in the summer.

Considering most non-predatory bugs take their food from flowers, summer is a great time to become active. They eat more, and their metabolism is high, which means they have more energy. As a result, they will engage in the process of reproduction, and you will see more insects everywhere.

The lifecycle development

Insects and bugs have a lifecycle that is followed by the changing seasons. As insects hibernate or die in winters and survive in the summer, they must prepare once again for the next winter.

As such, they will carry out the reproduction process to increase their population, especially because most insects have a short lifespan and die soon. If the insects don’t work to produce more of their kind in the summer, they will go extinct. So, reproduction increases the number of bugs, and you see them everywhere. 

more insects seem visible and active during the summer.
Beetle – via Pixabay

More daylight in summers

It might not seem like there is a direct correlation between active bugs in summer with this fact, but more daylight in summers does impact the higher number of insects. More daylight hours in the summer means insects can carry on their hunting for food, reproducing, and moving around for longer periods which is another reason you see them everywhere.

Increase in Predatory Insects

Most of the time, you will see insects like ants, bees, aphids, mosquitoes, and more in motion during the summer, but the increase in these bugs means that the insects that feed on such bugs or predatory insects come out as well. So, you might notice an increase in the number of wasps, ladybugs, praying mantises, and more such insects that prey on other insects.

How to protect your home from bug infestation?

All is not lost in the summer. You can take a few steps to ensure your home is bug-proof for the warmer weather. Before the summer infestation of insects, the first thing you should do is seal all cracks, openings, and crevices. Look for any crevices or cracks in the walls and try inserting a pencil in. The hole is big enough for the insects to come in if it fits. You need to seal those openings.

Put a door sweep under the front, and back doors as insects can crawl through them. Check the windows and doors for any broken seals. Inspect any screens you have at home for tears.

Make sure to keep your home and your garden clean. Insects are attracted to waste food lying around or mulches in the garden. Replace such stuff with non-pest-friendly items and clean up thoroughly after eating. Try not to have stagnant water around as it attracts some insects too. If the situation gets out of hand, you can go for an insect spray or call the professionals.

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Don’t let a party of insects ruin your picnic this summer. Follow the above tips, and you will be safe from the worst of situations. Most insects, like bees, butterflies, and mosquitoes, are usually harmless, and you don’t need to worry much. You can always take professional help to keep your home bug-free. I hope this answers your question of why are there so many bugs in the summer.

How do you keep your home free from bugs in the summer?