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Why Do Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow – Know 4 Reasons!

The geranium plant is everything a gardener looks to grow. Sweet, small, colourful and properly scented. There are a variety of colours along with a good growth possibility.

But at times, Geranium has some issues which need to be resolved. Do you also have issues with this plant? Are you wondering why do Geranium leaves turn yellow?

Well, it is not a new issue, and you are not the only one facing it. There are good reasons that tell why do Geranium leaves turn yellow. Out of all the plants, this particular plant is relatively easy to grow and offers a great look to your garden. But sometimes, it asks for extra care.

The geranium plant has its own reasons to turn yellow. Thereby always try to follow some basic steps to allow a better result in your plant. So, this article is the right place for you to know why do geranium leaves turn yellow.

Just stick with this article till the end and find it out for yourself.

Why Do Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow
Why Do Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow? via Reddit

Reasons That Answer Why Do Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow

Geranium offers that beauty you expect from a plant. It offers a better view and fresh smell with relatively much lesser care. But sometimes, it needs to be given proper care.

These can be the times of seasonal changes or the plant’s blooming phase. Below are four reasons to answer why do Geranium leaves turn yellow.

1)    Sunlight Issues

Sunlight is an essential aspect to consider while looking for the reasons to why do Geranium leaves turn yellow. If the plant doesn’t get proper sunlight, it impacts the growth leading to yellow leave. Having said that, just don’t run straight out to place your Geranium in the sun yet.

You might have planted Geranium indoors, which restricts the plant from receiving enough sunlight. If so, this goes on to make the plant crumble more towards the top.

While looking for good sunlight for your Geranium, always consider the morning sun. Geranium demands a minimum of four to six hours of morning sunlight for proper growth.

It is not recommended to put the plant in direct sunlight during mid-day. This will keep Geranium dehydrated, eventually turning the plant’s leaves yellow.

2)    Watering Issues

Be it any plant or a Geranium, too much water is not good. Similar is the case also when the water is less.

Geraniums display identical signs and symptoms along with other plants when overwatered. So, if you are overwatering your plant, it might turn pale pretty soon. This is because the plant cannot digest too much water.

On the flip side, underwatering the plant means it will remain dry for a long time. You will quickly notice the dryness in the plant if you are underwatering it. Hence the edges of the leaves start to turn yellow but not the whole plant. 

If you are worried about the right time to water your Geranium plant, just check the moisture in the soil of the plant by sticking your finger. You will find out whether to water your plant or not. If the soil is dry, it needs water. Easy. Isn’t it?

Why Do Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow 2
Why Do Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow? via Reddit

3)    Diseases

If we talk about the diseases in a Geranium plant, it tends to catch diseases pretty soon. Geranium is one of those plants that get diseased quickly.

To be precise, four types of disease might affect the plant. They are Bacterial Blight, Bacterial Lead Spot, Southern Bacterial Wilt, and other Viral infections.

Also, these diseases spread rapidly in the Geranium plant. You must be aware of isolating your plant from these diseases pretty quickly.

But if your plant is badly affected already, there is no option other than to abandon the plant. If not done so, it might affect other plants in your garden too.

4)    Lack of Nutrients

To answer your query as to why do Geranium leaves turn yellow, it is also due to the lack of nutrients available for the plant. Your plant might be deficient in essential nutrients required for the good growth of the plant. This leads your Geranium to turn partially or fully.

If you’re confused about what nutrients to use for your Geranium, go for the use of Magnesium. Magnesium will help fuel the chlorophyll in your plant bringing back the green pigment.

Also, check the pH value of the soil. Poor knowledge of soil pH value leads to your plant’s failure in good growth.

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Sometimes using only Magnesium might also not help for your Geranium plant. In that case, the use of other nutrients like Zinc, Sulfur, and Iron works well for the plant. It is essential to provide the nutrients every 15 days or once a month. This will keep the soil fresh and the Geranium growing.

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If you are with this article right from the start, you now already know why do Geranium leaves turn yellow. Since you are so willing to know why geranium leaves turn yellow, let us summarize it for you in this portion of the article.

Geranium is one of the most beautiful plants with various benefits that adds beauty to your garden. But sometimes, with a lack of proper care and disease infestation, this plant tends to turn yellow.

Also, lack of enough sunlight is an issue. It makes the leaves of the Germanium plant turn pale. Improper watering habits also affect the proper growth of the plant.

With less care, the whole or the partial region of the Geranium plant can turn yellow.

Ensuring the availability of all the essential nutrients required for the plant’s good growth is also something to be taken care of. With a deficiency of nutrients, the Geranium plant might not grow as per its potential.

Thereby it is vital to understand the fact that wanting to grow a beautiful plant is one thing, and taking all the care required is another. You need to be willing to get your hands dirty once in a while to keep your plant growing beautifully.