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Why Do Rose Leaves Turn Yellow? 4 Reasons!

One of the most beautiful plants that can grow in your garden is the rose. There are various roses with different colours, which adds grace to your garden.

But in owning something beautiful, protection plays a vital role. If you don’t take proper care of the plant, it might not do good for you. So why do rose leaves turn yellow is something you need to know for saving your rose plant.

Almost all of you probably have a rose plant in your backyard. A good plant is like a newborn baby. It demands a higher level of care and a significant level of support.

If the plant is left to grow by itself, things might not go right. Sometimes the plant might wear out and die, and other times the plant might not give the best of flowers.

Rose plant provides a good look and a pleasant smell that can keep your garden vibrant all the time. Sometimes though, things might not be well and great.

Hence, in this article, you’ll find out the reasons why do rose leaves turn yellow and also what you can do to avoid this thing.

So, let’s get started.

Rose leaves turning yellow and splotchy Why Do Rose Leaves Turn Yellow
Rose leaves turning yellow and splotchy – via Reddit

Reasons That Answer Why Do Rose Leaves Turn Yellow

Everybody loves roses. Don’t you? But sometimes, the leaves of roses can turn yellow. Sometimes, the weather can lead to the leaf’s colour turning yellow. Moreover, the roses tend to turn dull when the winter arrives. There isn’t much to worry about, though.

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However, there are other valiant reasons causing your rose to turn yellow. Below are some reasons that answer why do rose leaves turn yellow.

1)    Dry Soil

It is never a good sign that a healthy growing plant turns yellowish. One of the primary yet understandable reasons why do rose leaves turn yellow is due to the dryness of the soil. When the water level in the soil is not balanced, the rose plant can turn yellow most of the time.

Rose turning yellow is the symptom of drought stress, resulting in the plant not growing well. Lack of healthy nutrients and the direct sunlight at the base of the rose can be a big issue. To keep the soil moist, you can water the rose plant every week.

2)    Watering Issues

Are you wondering why do rose leaves turn yellow although you’ve watered your plant? You might be baffled to know that overwatering rose plants can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Yes, it’s a fact. If you water your rose plant in the maximum amount, root rot might occur.

Although the soil needs to be moist, you must understand that roses should be provided with breathing space. The watering issue is directly related to the inability of the soil to have good drainage.

Watering your plant too much might result in the soil getting clogged, and there is a lesser area of air transfer to the plant. If there is poor water drainage, the rose plant turns yellow.

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POTEY Ceramic Plant Pot Flower Planters Why Do Rose Leaves Turn Yellow
POTEY Ceramic Plant Pot Flower Planters – via

3)    Poor Light Supply

There is no doubt that the rose is a summer plant. The plant seeks direct sunlight over a long period most of the time. If you cannot do so, it might turn yellow and eventually die to say the least. By proper sunlight, we mean roses demand some direct sunlight.

Placing the rose in the direct sunlight means that the plant will grow well and give beautiful flowers. Most of the time, the availability of six hours of sunlight is key for the plant’s good growth.

It becomes tough for the rose plant to grow well in your study room, where the sunlight might not appear for most of the day.

Why Do Rose Leaves Turn Yellow
First rose plant, potted, leaves turning yellow, crumpling and dropping – via Reddit

4)    Fungal Diseases

One of the biggest reasons rose leaves turn yellow is fungal diseases. It doesn’t matter whether the plant is a rose or any other beautiful one; the fungal infection can quickly kill the plant. It will disrupt not only the growth but also the plant’s life. Similar is the case with rose.

In the case of a rose plant, a fungal disease with black spots can be a huge reason why the plant turns yellow. As the black spots appear, the yellow leaves start to fall.

When a fungal attack is seen in your plant, you need to cut the individual stem or burn those stems to stop the fungus from spreading.


Everybody loves to have roses in their garden, but the issue of the leaves turning yellow is pretty bothering. The answer to why rose leaves turn yellow might help keep the rose plant alive. This conclusion section provides you with the gist of the whole article.

When the leaves start to turn yellow, always look at the weather or the season that’s going around. When the leaves turn yellow in winter, it is a natural phenomenon. With the lack of sunlight in the winter, the plant fails to get the proper sunlight.

Other than that, the lack of nutrients in the soil can be a problem. When the quantity of iron gets lesser in the soil, the rose plant tends to grow slowly and eventually turn the leaves yellow.

The plant’s watering must also be taken special care of. Never try to overwater the plant or water it too little. Always check the soil, whether it is moist or not. In the case of hard soil, watering is necessary. Water your rose plant once a week, and you are good to go.

In the end, it is never an easy task to grow plants. Almost all of them need some good care along with other efforts. A busy life schedule and other factors can kill the beauty of your plant. Taking primary care of the light, watering, nutrients, and protection from fungus can help your rose plant grow naturally.

If you’ve gained some knowledge from this article, you can share it with others as well. Also, let us know if you have anything to say.