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Why Does My Chainsaw Cut Crooked? (4 Reasons & 3 Solutions)

Are you standing surrounded by the woods looking at your chainsaw? Is there a persistent query in your head regarding why does my chainsaw cut crooked? Well, there might be a plethora of causes. Some reasons might be common, while others might suggest you change the chainsaw you have.

In this article, we will be looking into why the chainsaw tends to cut crooked. There can be multiple reasons why the problem arises for any user.

Stumbling into this article might be the right way to go for you. Sit down to know why the problem occurs and what can be done to make things right.

Why Does My Chainsaw Cut Crooked
Why Does My Chainsaw Cut Crooked? via Youtube

Reasons for Crooked Cutting

1)    Size of the Chain

One of the biggest reasons that answer the query of why does my chainsaw cut crooked is the size of the chain. When your chainsaw gets older, the size of the chain tends to vary with regular use. This brings the issue of crooked cutting, which will irritate you easily.

You need to check the size of the top plates, which are present at the more extended section of each tooth of the chain.

If you are using the chainsaw regularly, the size of the top and bottom chain might have a difference with some resistance between them. This can cause your chainsaw to cut the wood in a crooked way.

2)    Issues in Saw Teeth

When things get old, it needs to have a timely repair. And, if you’re still worried, why does my chainsaw cut crooked? Well, maybe some things need to be repaired or changed. The saw’s teeth tend to be chipped and irregular due to its prolonged use.

When extensive logs are cut through with your chainsaw, there are more chances of the saw’s teeth breaking unevenly or tipping. This can cause an issue for you inducing slow work efficiency while cutting.

3)    Unskilled Repairmen

Another significant reason your chainsaw is cutting crooked is how it gets repaired. Often ignored, this is a prime reason why things don’t go well in your chainsaw.

For example, if you are left-handed, the sharpening of the right side of the blade will be focused highly and vice versa.

This brings uneven sharpening in the blade’s right and left sides, which creates a problem. So it is better to seek professional assistance in getting your chainsaw sharpened and making it ready to use.

4)    Other Issues

When you own some great instruments to use, many problems can be associated. If your chainsaw doesn’t seem to have the issues mentioned above, other issues apart from these can appear. The other issues can be something challenging to sort out.

One of them remains the problem in the guide bar, which can be bent. If so, the cutting can be crooked. Most of the time, it can be repaired by a professional, but there are occasions when the saw needs to be replaced.

In like manner, the problems of dawg bolt can also reduce the performance of your chainsaw. When the saw cuts through the wood, it might strike the bolt, which can cut sideways. Consistent hitting of the dawg bolt may wear out the chainsaw’s sharpness, which can be the issue.

Solutions to Crooked Cutting

No matter what issues appear in the chainsaw, there is always a reasonable solution that comes along with it. Don’t worry if you relate to all the problems mentioned above. Well, some solutions that can help in your case are:

1)    Repair the Bent Bar

It would help if you got to repair the bent. You must be worried that a professional is needed. Well, that is not the truth.

It is more of a straightforward process with which you can restore the bent bar at home by yourself. Hammering down the bent bar will allow the saw to come in shape. This will help you solve your problem.

2)    Manage the Uneven Teeth

When there are uneven teeth in your chainsaw, it introduces more severe problems than just cutting crooked. The upper teeth must be the same as the lower teeth, or the chainsaw tends to lean aside. This cuts the logs in an uneven manner, which is a huge problem.

Using the guide or the grinder will allow the teeth to be exact. Another way to keep the teeth intact is to remove all the complex objects surrounding your cutting, be it rocks, nails, pebbles, etc.

3)    Balancing Chain Tension Properly

Things can go wrong when you have a chainsaw with the chains in disharmony. It releases the chain tension, resulting in crooked cutting of the wood.

In order to fix this issue, you need to make some adjustments. If the chain is too tight or loose, you can always make the correct adjustment by just moving adjustment screws. This will eventually retighten the nuts.


If you are with this article till here, you must be willing to know how the article ends. We have already provided you with the reasons why the problem of crooked cutting arrived in the first place in your chainsaw, along with the solutions to this problem.

Every chainsaw present in your home can be worn down over a long period of use. This is a common issue, and you are no different.

Being worried about why the chainsaw issues have come and what to do to make it right is a great topic of discussion. Cutting regular woods outdoors can bring problems to your beloved chainsaw.

You can fix almost every problem in the home by yourself that causes your chainsaw to cut crooked. But at times, it is always good to get the idea and the expertise of the professional to repair it. This can keep the chainsaw in shape for more extended periods, which is a key for great performance.

If you’ve gone through the article fully, you must have already known the answer to why my chainsaw cuts crooked. It is due to the elongated use of the device, and at times, it needs some repairing.