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Why Does My Jade Plant Grow Down – 3 Likely Causes!

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Jade plants are recommended as a symbol of luck and happiness. It’s a feng shui plant known for nourishing the air in its surroundings with positive energy.

So when Jade Plant owners find their plant grow down, they often ask themselves: why does my jade plant grow down?

Especially when they know that the good health of their jade plant could attract money, luck, and friendship into their lives again, then why take this risk?

If you’re here to find the answer to ‘why does my jade plant grow down?’ Don’t worry yet. It’s not uncommon to see your jade plants droop.

We have got you covered with all the likely reasons for your question: Why does my jade plant grow down? With the right measures applied, your jade plant has a chance of recovering back from its spindly stems.

Why Does My Jade Plant Grow Down 1
Looking for help with my leggy jade plant – via Reddit

A little about the Jade Plants

Jade plants are generally from sunny and dry habitats. So, they thrive when they’re planted inside homes because, there, jade plants don’t have to worry about the lack of humidity.

Jade plants are easy plants to care for; they ask for lesser commitments and do well without attention—perfect for owners who have a short time on their hands.

It’s an evergreen plant that brings forth nourishing vibes and beautiful aesthetical effects into the place you keep them in.

Jade plants are also very easy to propagate. You will often find new plants spurting out from their leaves and stems that fall into the soil.

Why Does My Jade Plant Grow Down?

Here are three potential causes to your query- why does my jade plant grow down? So, let’s get started.

Lack of Sunlight

Water, soil, and sufficient sunlight; when we hear about good plant care; we know that these three elements will most often play a factor in its good health.

These are the prerequisite your jade plants need to thrive. So, when the jade plant in your home does not receive the sunlight as per their requirement, they start pining and growing towards the area that’s the closest to receiving ample sunlight.

A straightforward fix to this would be to keep your jade plant in a place where it could have sufficient access to sunlight. Here, it must be noted that the plants must not be placed directly in sunlight (that could cause more harm than good) but get them out of those dark rooms.

Weak Trunk

Sometimes, a jade plant starts to grow downward because the weight on its trunk is too much for it to carry. If your jade plant is dropping, the chances are that you need to take measures—thicken the trunk of your jade plant!

A good reason your jade plants may have weak trunks is simple: their nourishment needs are not sufficiently met.

Overgrowth in your plant

Plants need sufficient space to spread in. When your jade plant is in its growth phase, and the space where it has been planted is not enough, they make some structural changes in their form to support itself.

This downward growth ensures that they don’t fall, but if they keep growing in the same place: soon they might.

So, if you’ve placed your jade plant in a small pot or a small space, this could be a likely factor to why your jade plant is drooping!

Why Does My Jade Plant Grow Down 2
Drooping Jade Plant – via Reddit

How can you stop Your Jade plants from drooping?

There are two ways. You could either remove the load off from the back of your jade plants. Or, you could simply provide your jade plants with what they need in quantity they need it in—not more, not less.

Here’s a list of things you could do to ensure that your jade plant turns steady and tall again.

Cut off the Disruption off      

If your jade plant is bending down, there is likely too much weight on them. Give your jade plants a once over and see where they appear to be drooping. You’ll find branches wilting downwards—those are your target. Cut them off.

You can prune them off right from their trunk or branch to reduce the unwanted strain on your jade plant’s trunk.

Find a Bigger Pot for your Jade Plant

Like we said, lack of space means your jade plant needs to be self-sufficient. So most often, they respond by changing their structure to meet the place they’re plowed in.

Changing the potting of your jade plant will relieve them of this duty. Every three years, find them a bigger pot and a better, dryer soil. After you’ve repotted your jade plant, let them sit for about a week without water and a month without any fertilizers!

You mustn’t repot your jade plant too often, however. Or else it will harm your plant’s health.

How will you know if your jade plant is wilting because it needs a new pot, you ask? Well, if you see any roots peeking out from the bottom of your old pot, then it’s probably a sign that your plant needs a new home.

Meet the Nourishing Needs of Your Jade Plant

We’re not only talking about the three mandate requirements: Water, Sun, and soil. We’re also concerned about the balance, the temperature, and the fertilizers you’re using to feed your jade plant’s growth.

The main thing to remember here is: Too much of something is just as bad for your jade plant as too little of it!

For example, jade plants prefer temperatures that range around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and about 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. Crossing these limits would be just as negative for your jade plant’s health as not adhering to these limits at all.

Add Extra Support for Your Jade’s Trunk

Sometimes the weight of your jade plant’s leaves is too much for it to carry. In these hours of need, you can always decide to add extra support, such as a rod, to balance the weight on the trunk.

It’s pretty simple. Get a flexible tie and a rod that’s about 3 to 4 inches extra in length than your jade plant. Now tie them together while being wary of destroying the heart-shaped leaves of your jade in the process!


Jade plants are survivors. They require minimal care and are bringers of goodness in your life. But, this doesn’t mean they don’t need care at all!

I hope you’ve got all the likely reasons and solutions to your question- why does my jade plant grow down?

So, give your jade plant the right care they need and then let it thrive by throwing a casual glance their way every now, ensuring ensure that they stay splendidly aesthetic, straight, and lucky for you for a very long time.