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Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling? (4 Reasons You Must Know)

It is that time of the year again when snow will be piling up in your driveway and the front lawn. It is frustrating to pull out your kit and question yourself Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling.

Snow blowers were invented around the year 1925. However, they did not gain popularity until the 1950s, only after the price of an individual unit dropped below $200. Since then, the kit can be seen in every typical household’s garage, patiently waiting for the snowfall season.

Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 18-Inch, 48-Volt IONMAX Cordless Snow Blower Kit (w/ 2 x 4.0-Ah Batteries + Charger), Blue
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Some snow blowers will drop dead 10 minutes after engaging, while others will shut down under load. If you have been facing this issue of snow blower stalling and shutting down, here is a guide that discusses some of the reasons behind your question – why does my snowblower keep stalling? Keep reading.

Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling
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Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling?

There are a few different reasons for your snow blower stalling constantly. First, you should know that different snow blowers have varying specs, and they will function differently under certain circumstances.

For example, some snow blowers will shut down instantly when faced with a specific load. Each has it’s threshold, and you should be aware of that.

Besides that, there could be issues with some internal parts of the snow blower, fuel problems, and more technical reasons behind the stoppage of the snow blower. Let’s explore a few reasons to answer your question – why does my snowblower keep stalling?

1. Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling After Running For A Few Minutes?

If your snow blower stalls after running for a couple of minutes, then it is because the carburetor has not been cleaned in a while.

You need fuel for the machine to run. The fuel evaporates gradually, leaving behind a layer of thick substance, which causes the snow blower to become clogged after a while. If you don’t clean it at regular intervals, it will result in your snow blower stalling after running for a few minutes.

2. Snow blower keeps stalling at Full Throttle

If your snow blower gives up at full throttle, it is often due to fuel or airflow issues.

The go-to response to the question Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling is to check up on the gas. Unscrew the gas cap and give your snow blower another try. If it does not run, you will likely need to replace the part.

Seasonal Use

Snow blowers are used seasonally, and owners often forget to check up on the fuel filter. If the fuel filter is clogged, it is typically due to the old gas not being removed and separating over a prolonged period. Get a good look at your tank and the gas can.

You can simply overcome this problem by draining the old fuel. There is no need to scrub it down. Locate the gas filter, remove it and replace it with a new model.


A snow blower is like any machine on the market that requires maintenance. The circulation of air inside the machinery can tamper with fuel combustion. More fuel is utilized during full throttle, and the air is sucked into the machine, leading it to stall. Regular maintenance can be a good solution for a stalling snow bowler.

Faulty Fuel Lines

Check your fuel lines for any brakes. If you locate any faults, drain the fuel tank, remove and disconnect the lines and replace them with newer ones. You will no longer question why does my snowblower keep stalling.

Damaged Carburetor

If the gasket below the carburetor is damaged, it can lead to many problems. Initially, the snow blower will give up during load. As the leak becomes more significant, the snow blower will vibrate more vigorously. At higher RPMs, the machine will simply die.

Increased damage to the gasket will cause the snow blower to heat up and stall more often. Fortunately, the replacement of the gasket is easy. A professional is not required, and you can unscrew the pieces holding the piece and replace them with a new part.

Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling 2
Big Snowblower – via Wikimedia

3. Snowblower Keeps Stalling After the Auger Is Engaged

If your question is why does my Snowblower keeps stalling after engaging the drill, then you should check out the carburetor. If it is dirty, then it will cause the snow blower to stall.

Cleaning the Gas Tank

Empty the gas from the tank and fill it up with carb cleaner. Leave it in there for about 25 minutes, and it should be as good as new.

If it does not work, check out your snow blower model. Some come equipped with a feature that turns the engine off if the drill does not turn. Check for blockages that restrict the auger movement.

Remove and clean the blockages only after the snow blower has been turned off.

Auger Belt and Pulley

Still wondering Why Does My Snow blower Keep Stalling? Take a look at the auger belt and pulley. After prolonged use, the belt may wear out or come off the pulley. Since it will not turn, there will be nothing powering the auger. 

Remove and replace the old belt. The process is not complex and can be done by anyone.

4. Snow blower keeps Stalling under Load

Not all snow blowers are same, and each one responds differently to load. Suppose your snow blower happens to die midway while being fully operational. In that case, the following is a list of diagnoses and quick fixes that can be used to overcome Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling.

Exhaust Valve Burn Out

Exhaust Valve Burn Out occurs when there is an increasing carbon buildup in the valve. Often snowblower owners forget to clean the buildup, leading to permanent damage to the cylinder head. So, clean the exhaust valve regularly but in case of severe damage, you will be required to replace the valve and have the head rebuilt from scratch.

Seafoam can be used to remove and prevent any buildup.

Dirty Nuts

Cleaning your carburetor regularly is essential. Take a good look at the bowl on your carburetor if your snow blower gives up regularly under load, and you cannot find a solution to Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling. If the nuts holding it are dirty, they need to be cleaned immediately.

Loss of Valve Leash

Lengthening of the exhaust valve may sound odd. It happens when the exhaust valve in the valve seat shortens. The loss of valve lash will result in the snow blower working fine most of the time. However, the increasing temperature of the machine will cause the valve to lengthen a bit. The valve opens a little due to this, and it can cause your snow blower to stall.

The only fix for this is getting your snow blower checked by a professional and replacing the valve.                                                             


Hopefully, you are now equipped to deal with the question, Why Does My Snowblower Keep Stalling. It does not have to be an expensive repair and can easily be fixed by following some troubleshooting methods.