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Why Doesn’t My Christmas Tree Smell? (5 Simple & Easy Ways)

Have you been asking yourself: Why doesn’t my Christmas tree smell?

A Christmas tree is the highlight of the show when it’s time for Christmas.

And so, when you go out to buy your Christmas tree for Xmas, you know you want the tree to be tall, handsome, with that fine smell of pine accompanying it to fill up your room.

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It brings the feeling of celebration, of something special about to happen. But sometimes, Christmas trees often fall flat when it comes to that smell. That good old smell is barely there, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore without it.

If this is you and you want to know the answer to “why doesn’t my Christmas tree smell” and find a solution, then keep reading this article to find out more!  

Why Doesn't My Christmas Tree Smell
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Why doesn’t my Christmas trees smell?

Just getting a tree isn’t enough. You need to look out for three questions when buying and taking care of your Christmas tree for that sweet Christmas scent.

Is Your Christmas Tree Freshly Cut?

A Christmas tree that is freshly cut is bound to have a more vibrant smell than the one cut a few days back. Freshly cut Christmas trees are more hydrated, so their sap has better circulation.

This movement allows the molecules that create that fresh pine smell for your Christmas to release into the air more easily.

Where is your tree located?

The temperature of the place where you’ve kept your tree matters- When the temperature is too cold, the fir’s fragrant molecules won’t be able to diffuse well in the air.

In comparison, it’s better to keep your tree inside. Diffusion is relatively better where the temperature is ambient, something around 68°F.

What Species Is Your Christmas Tree?

Most people wonder, “why doesn’t my Christmas tree smell anymore?” And they don’t realize that the types of trees they have bought could also be part of the reason for that lack of smell.

Yes, trees have different types, and each type has a specific quality.

Where one can produce a different fragrance, the others can retain it better even after being cut for a while. So, it’s important to know the kind of tree you’re buying, especially if you are sensitive to certain smells.

Reviewing the descriptions in the National Christmas Tree Association is a good way to guide yourself and learn more about the tree, its species and its odour.

Is my Christmas Tree Potted?

If you’ve grown your own Christmas tree, and it is still living and potted, then the chances are that you wouldn’t have a strong pine smell around you.

Fewer scent molecules are being released into the air because the trunk of your tree is still intact and undamaged.

These were the reason why the Christmas tree isn’t giving you a strong fragrance for your festivities. But you could always make up for that lack of odour by using certain measures, such as perfuming the room with a Christmas tree scent or placing its trimmed branches throughout the room as an air freshener.

5 Simple and Easy Ways to Preserve the Smell of Christmas Tree

Even if the Christmas tree is freshly cut, it will start losing its punch as time passes. To keep its pine smell throughout Christmas, you may take certain preservative measures.

#1: Buy the Freshest Christmas Tree You Can Get

There are ways to know how fresh buy a Christmas tree is before you sit down to buy it. One good way is by running your fingers along its branches. The needles should be soft but sturdy to your touch.

Another way is to hold the tree a few inches above the ground before gingerly dropping it. If the needles stay where they were, then good news: your tree is fresh, and you don’t need to shop for another anymore!

#2: Cut an Inch of Your Christmas Tree

When you’ve purchased your Christmas tree, freshly cut or from a lot, the first step you need to take is to cut one inch of the tree from its bottom.

This helps your tree to absorb the water in its stand more easily, keeping it well hydrated and therefore aromatic for a longer period of time.

#3: Water Them Regularly

Keeping the hydration level of your trees at its par is important for your tree to smell piny and aromatic.

This is truer for when you’ve just bought your tree because this is when trees absorb the water the quickest, i.e., in the days after they have been cut.

If you maintain a schedule and keep the water levels adequate for your Christmas tree, then it will help them hold the Christmassy smell alive.

#4: Keeping it Away from The Heat

When you think about Christmas, it’s always with beautiful decorated lights, gifts, and an adorned Christmas tree standing near the fireplace. But be wary, because this could be the cause behind: why doesn’t my Christmas tree smell anymore?

Why? Because the heat from the fireplace will cause your tree to dry up quickly. The quicker they dry up, the lesser fragrant molecules circulate, and you know the rest.

So, try to reduce the thermostat in the room where your tree is located, alright?

#5: Use A fan

You can keep a fan behind your Christmas tree to help the fresh pine fragrance spread more readily into your room. Properly aiming it while keeping it at a low setting will also help lower the impact of heat on your tree, especially if your tree is placed near the fireplace.


If you’ve been curious as to “why doesn’t my Christmas tree smell as good as the others”, then hopefully, this article has helped in giving you an answer.

Because wanting your Christmas to be special is reasonable, and no Christmas is complete without a good, fresh smelling Christmas tree in the backdrop.

This is why it’s so important that you know these few tips and salvage your holiday from seeming unfestive.