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Why Is My Basil Plant Wilting – 5 Attention-seeking Factors!

Why is my Basil Plant Wilting? What are the circumstances that cause wilting? Does your Basil plant not give you the same energy and calm?

We are highly certain that you are worried due to your cherished Basil plant, which is not giving you a refreshing feel. And you need to find out the possible factors that are affecting your basil plant badly as soon as possible.  

For your convenience, we have gathered some significant factors that are causing your Basil plant to wilt. In this blog post, you will also find some excellent solutions to your question- Why is my Basil plant wilting? And in the end, we have backed you with some tips to ensure you get a happy and healthy Basil plant.

So, let’s get started.

Why Is My Basil Plant Wilting
Help! Basil is wilting – via Reddit

Why Do Basil Plants Need Extra-Care?

Basil, often called great Basil and Sweet Basil is a fragrant herb that grows in warm weather. Basil is extremely sensitive to cold temperature, and it demands great care.

Like every plant needs a different level of care, Basil is also one of those plants that need your extra attention. If your Basil plant is not thriving and wilting rapidly, keep yourself as energetic as you can to bring back its flourishing look back.

Factors Affecting Your Basil Plant Badly (And Their Solutions)

We have gathered some significant factors to answer your question- “why is my Basil plant wilting?” – Not returning to its comfort zone?

Cold Temperature Is Not Suitable For the Basil Plant

Basil is a warm-weather plant; it cannot bear the cold temperature. Basil is a member of the mint or Lamiaceae family. Surprisingly, the basil plant cycle does not include winter.

At the beginning of winter, basil plant leaves darken and slowly shred. Their seeds wait for the spring in the ground. In the blooming season, they start growing again.

But indoor basil plants can be saved by keeping in sunlight for 7-8 hours. In short, Basil plants wilt in the winter season. That is why it is better to grow them in summers or when the temperature is moderate.

Light Insensitivity

Basil plants need sunlight for better growth. The ideal spot to grow Basil is the place in your home where sunlight reaches the maximum for 7-8 hours.

If you keep your plant constantly in the shade and no sunlight reaches, it results in cold damage; black leaves or insects can attack quickly. Proper sunlight helps the plant maintain the fresh color of basil leaves and protect it against any disease.

Drought and Water Lodge Soil

Soil is an essential component for growing plants. If it fulfills your plant’s needs, you can’t enjoy the happiness of gardening. Drought soil, due to lack of water, is less nutritious.

Such dehydrated soil does not fulfill your plant needs. Consequently, it weakens the roots and affects the food supply badly. And your Basil plant wilts rapidly.

In comparison, the lodge soil causes fungus and elegy in your flower pot. Sometimes it gives a nasty or stagnant smell. It directly affects your plant. Over lodge, the ground is less enriched, spoils the roots, and weakens the stem. This results in an unbalanced food supply.

Why Is My Basil Plant Wilting 2
Thai Basil plant from seed wilting and not growing – via Reddit

Japanese Beetles, Aphids, And Slugs (Pests that are causing the disease)

When you notice that your Basil leaves have holes and their color is turning pale, it means Japanese beetles, aphids, and slugs have a kingdom on your innocent plant.

These are the most common pests that eat basil leaves rapidly and stop the growth of plants. They consume leaves but leave the branches untouched. This disease causes a significant fall in your plant. New leaves are restricted from growing, and stems become weakened.

To save your plant from these pests:

  • Look after your plant by paying extra attention.
  • Cut the affected leaves regularly to keep other parts of the plant.
  • Use an anti-insect spray to protect your Basil plant.
  • Provide more sunlight to your plant when it gets any type of disease.

I hope you must have found the answer to your query- why is my basil plant wilting? If not, we have got you two more factors affecting your basil plant. Keep on reading…

Potting Medium

Basil is a rapidly growing plant. It needs more space to grow freely. Due to its fast growth, it needs full, enriched soil. In limited space, Basil does not produce efficiently.

Basil plants that grow in the ground have a bigger and better life than plants in pots. In-ground, its roots get more space to spread and take a good food supply while the plant in a pot has limited space for root growth and food supply.

Harvesting of Basil leaves

As Basil is used in cuisine and salad on a larger scale, people grow it not only for the sake of gardening but as a source of fresh salad leaves. Its green scented leaves have a good amount of energy for our health.

Harvesting is helpful for the rapid growth of plants, but when small and new leaves are cut with larger leaves, the plant is affected badly. Due to cutting the leaves on a big scale, roots become unable to supply food all over the plant.

Basic Tips to Protect Your Basil Plant

These easy and quick tips can save your Basil plant wilting.

  • Grow Basil in a big flower pot/in the ground instead of a small pot.
  • Don’t keep your plant all day in the shade. Sunlight is vital for the process of photosynthesis.
  • You can save your baby basil by keeping it inside the house in winter.
  • A Small Amount of fertilizer is enough to keep Basil green and healthy.
  • Use an anti-insect spray to protect your plant.
  • Cut off the pest’s affected leaves to save the plant.
  • Harvest the fully grown leaves, and it helps to grow.


To sum up the article, I hope I have covered all the critical factors that may affect your basil plant. You can save your Basil plant from wilting and get back your greenish, happy and healthy Basil plant if you consider the above-mentioned conditions.

But I think taking care of your Basil plant is not that difficult; just giving them a little more attention with love can make your basil plant refreshed again.

Comment below to share your experiences, and let me know if I can help you with more queries.