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Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Turning Yellow – Know 4 Causes!

Everyone loves to have some greenery around their house. And, for this Elephant Ear plant is best. It helps your environment stay fresh and is also good for your health.

It is one of the best plants, with every growing leaf making the plant look even more beautiful. But many among you reading this article might have a common query, “Why is my Elephant Ear plant turning yellow?”.

This is the most common query surrounding a lot of gardeners who own an Elephant Ear plant. Firstly, it is one of the most found tropical perennial plants native to the Australian and Asian continent. Hence, it requires a considerable amount of water to survive to say the least.

This plant has considerable growth in the leaves, making it a leaf-dominated plant. That’s why it is grown for the leaves rather than the flower.

In this article, you will get the answer to your query as to why is my Elephant Ear plant turning yellow. There are multiple reasons for it.

So, let’s start.

Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Turning Yellow
“Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Turning Yellow?” via Reddit

Reasons That Answer Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Turning Yellow

Have you been growing the Elephant Ear plant for a very long time? If yes, you must know it adds a great charm to your home. There are a variety of colours when we talk about the Elephant Ear plant.

From green to multi-colour, this plant adds value with the presence of such variations in colours. But yellow is not the healthy colour of this plant. So, let’s find out some reasons that turn Elephant Ear plant yellow.

1)    Temperature Issues

It is a well-known fact that the Elephant Ear plant can add some excellent value to the indoor looks of your home. But this doesn’t mean that you place it right there without maintaining the right conditions.

It is a tropical plant that needs quite an amount of sunlight. So, your indoor might not be the right place for your plant to place it.

When the Elephant Ear plant doesn’t get a good amount of sunlight or is exposed to the AC rooms, decolouration is commonly seen on the plant.

When the colder months arrive and the season changes, always try to feed your Elephant Ear plant sunshine and keep it outdoors or closer to the window.

2)    Watering Irregularities

Irregularities in watering and improper watering habits commonly cause issues in a wide range of plants. Whenever we talk about tropical plants, it is one of the most important things to take care of.

And it is quite the case for the Elephant Ear plant as well. They need a good amount of watering but not overwatering.

The frequency of watering on the plant needs to be such that it helps in the plant’s good growth. Issues in the plant’s watering first invite the yellow spots in the plants. Later, the plant tends to go all yellow.

Whenever you overwater the Elephant Ear plant, it gets suffocated, and this decreases the ability of the plant to absorb nutrients. Meanwhile, the overall plant can turn pale.

The best way to check the water needs is by putting a finger in the soil, and it will provide you with an idea about how much water is needed.

Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Turning Yellow 2
Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Turning Yellow? via Reddit

3)    Lack of Nutrients

The deficiency of nutrients in the soil where the plant grows is one such reason that answers your query as to why is my Elephant Ear plant turning yellow. So, plant’s nutrients are an essential aspect that needs to be taken good care of. The Elephant Ear plant needs good nutrients, and that’s a reality.

If you don’t know whether the nutrients are less, look at the top leaf of your plant. The top leaf will be yellow if the plant is deficient in nutrients. Even though the leaves are green, the tissue turns yellow, which is quite a serious problem.

The best you can do to provide nutrients to your Elephant Ear plant is to feed the plant food. But always read the instructions before feeding your plant.

4)    Root Rot

One of the most common reasons to answer why is my Elephant Ear plant turning yellow is rotting of the rot. Turn around and have a look at your Elephant Ear plant. Have you planted it in a small pot?

If yes, it is now the time to shift your plant. The root of your plant might have outgrown the pot. This halts down the proper growth of the plant. It will eventually result in root damage. Other than this, poor drainage also is an issue that turns the Elephant Ear plant yellow.

When talking about the potential solutions to all of these issues, you need to plant your Elephant Ear in open land. You should allow some spreading area that’s wide enough for your plant.

This will help in the ultimate growth of the plant. The Elephant Ear plant grows better and faster if favourable conditions are maintained.


Your quest for a quick and easy answer to the query regarding why my Elephant Ear plant is turning yellow has been more or less fulfilled in this article.

There can be multiple reasons why the plant is yellowing. It can be due to unfavourable temperature conditions, lack of efficient sunlight, overwatering, underwatering, and the lack of essential nutrients.

However, sometimes it is due to the age of the plant too. When the Elephant Ear plant gets old, the leaves turn yellow and eventually fall off.

Along with that, sometimes, the plant might find it tough to adapt to the environment. Bringing it out of the nursery and planting it in a new environment might result in the plant taking some time to grow greatly to its potential.

There are ample reasons why your Elephant Ear plant is turning yellow. But with smaller efforts, you can rejuvenate your plant once again and keep it growing freshly. It adds great value to your home as well as the overall garden.